10 Home Decor & Accessories for an Organized Home Office

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Having an organized office is crucial for your productivity and business success, especially if you’re working from home.  And while the comforts of home can be great (who doesn’t love rocking their pjs all day), it definitely has potential distractions as well. Your home office should encourage creative thinking and inspire you to make the most of your creative process, which is why we are sharing some of our favorite home decor and accessories that you can use to design a chic yet ultra organized office and have an even more productive year. 

# 1: An inspiration board

Surrounding yourself with creative materials can spark your own creativity and problem-solving skills.  Have you ever had a great idea and forgotten to write it down somewhere? You’d be surprised with how many times an “inspiring” idea goes undone simply because we keep it inside our head. This is why creating an inspiration board with your ideas, different quotes and lovely images is so important for the creative process. It can help you brainstorm new ideas, keep track of key moments, and overall just stay on track on any yearly goals. 

#2: Desk organizers

ZGpOYFQ.jpg (1089×607)

Keeping your desk surface clean and organized will boost your productivity significantly. Many of us have the tendency to overload our desks with cute accessories, but this can often lead to unnecessary clutter. We recommend you just keep the essentials on your desk and consider using a desktop organizer. And with so many different ones on the market, you’ll be sure to find one that works best for your needs. 

#3: Inspiring artwork

Decorating your home office with art will help you express your personality through design while also surrounding yourself with inspiring pieces. You can create a gallery wall using your painting collection, which will add character to your office, as well as elevate its décor. Another great and affordable DIY project is to print out a few of your favorite inspirational quotes, and put them in frames and hang them up. You can find frames at your local dollar store. 

#4: A stylish clock

A beautifully designed clock can work as a stunning accent detail in your office. But more importantly, it prevents you from losing track of time and motivates you to stay focused on work. Now we know we have phones for our time, but there is something about having a physical clock that makes us more accountable.

#5: Drawer dividers

The beauty of drawer dividers lies in their functionality. These items will keep your drawers clutter-free, enabling you to keep everything in its place and reduce the time you spend trying to find something you need. From plastic dividers to small wooden boxes, you’ll easily find a style that fits your desk design.

#6: A label maker

Labelling is a simple yet effective habit that will make your office, and your life, more organized. You can use labels to categorize things and store them away. And if you ever need them again, you can easily find them. You can even find colorful label makers and keep your office supplies and documents organized by color. Labels can come in different shapes, styles and designs whether it’s post-its, paper and tape, stickers or tags. The options are endless. 

#7: A desk lamp

Adding an intricately designed desk lamp to your home office will provide you with plenty of light while also adding to the general style of your work area. Since lighting is one of the crucial elements for work efficiency, this is a must-have accessory. You can explore different designs and choose one that fits your personal taste.  

#8: The Beauty of planners

Being organized is essential for work efficiency, so it’s important that you keep all of your notes and plans down in a secure place. Planners continue to be all the rage from creatives, bloggers, students, and girl bosses alike. And there are so many fabulous planners on the market that can offer you a great way to write down your plans, ideas and to-do lists. You can also write down yearly goals, list of books and movies you want to read, and capture important memories.  Having insight into your progress can boost your motivation and keep you on track.

#9: Chic storage

Storage is yet another important element on the list of important home decor that can help you create an organized ambiance in your office. From stylish boxes and wicker baskets to hidden compartments and open shelves, there’s plenty of different storage designs and ideas that can elevate your home office décor and eliminate clutter. Feel free to use vertical space or improvise with different types of storage. Metal racks for example, are not just for inside kitchen cabinets. They can work as lovely notebook holders.

#10: Greenery

Welcoming nature into your home office will help you create a healthy and inspiring work environment. By increasing indoor air quality, houseplants will create an open ambiance in your office, as well as improve your work efficiency. In addition, they will add a stylish splash of soothing green that will help you feel excited to cross of that to-do list. 

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I love this! Your photography and ideas are awesomeee, I think my favourite is Defo the inspriation board!

Joan Cajic

Great tips and I love all the accessories I think I need to add more greenery and storage.


These all ideas are great. That clock is so cute. I love the idea of art work.

Damond Nollan

All great tips and ideas. I love the quotes in frames and more plants around my workspace. I can tell you that I don’t have enough of either.

Lynn Woods

I love all of these! My desk doesn’t have drawers, but I definitely have the greenery, a bit of fur and really bright colors. My home office is my favorite room in our house!

Amber Myers

Gorgeous ideas! I so wish I had a home office but we don’t have the space. I tend to do all my work from the couch. I do try to have a clean area around me though!

Jae (@gorjaeous)

You have no idea how much I love this list! It’s like you picked on my brain, and wrote a post for me! Hahaha! I’m going to save this for future reference!


I absolutely love label maker, it is a must for my work and I carry them while travling them as well.


yes yes yes! i’m currently working on making my desk productive while still be cute! It can be a challenge but a happy space = getting more work done

sarah emily

organized drawers and greenery are two musts for me! I agree with labels as well. I use them all around the house from my sons play area to the kitchen.

Cassie S.

I have just recently created an inspiration board! It has really brightened up my office. I do want to invest in a stylish clock soon as well. Thanks for sharing your pieces!

Chelsea Elizabeth

This post has come to me and the most perfect time. Both of my jobs are working from home so an office is a must. Mine has become a bit of a dumping ground and really needs a makeover and some organisation introduced. Thanks for sharing and inspiring

Leo T. Ly

This is so sad, I have none of any of the items on the list in my office. I am going to go to Ikea and make sure that I get some sticky notes and an inspiration board.

Sarah Bailey

I absolutely love these ideas, I wish I had room for a home office but I have to admit I just work from my sofa, greenery is definitely something I could do with adding to the room.

corinne & kirsty

I don’t have a home office yet but rest assured that when it happens, I will make the most of it! board, greenery and stationery!

Sarah Bailey

I am so with you on this one day I will have a home office and it will look amazing!

Laura Dove

Oh I love all of these ideas! We are currently decorating our home office and I really want some decent art work for the walls!

La Shell

I have a couple of these items in my home office and it encourages my productivity. My job office however needs some serious sprucing up. So I’m looking to see where I can get nice wall art. We just got a place.t and it’s made such a difference already!

Sami | The Classic Brunette

Love having all of these things in my work space! I think desk drawer organizers were a saving grace though for me, haha!

The Classic Brunette

Lena Juice

everything looks so beautiful! great ideas 😉 and I really love planners, I have a few right now and always want more 😉

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

I have a perfectly good desk and area set up and always end up flopping down on my bed with my laptop. These are great ideas, I love planners and my computer has the sticky notes app! 🙂


My desk is a mess but if I cleaned the area I would love some greenery and the artartwork is cute. I do not have an inspiration board but that would be fun to have too.

Stephanie Jeannot

I love the desk lamp. Such a good idea to have to keep your office area lit.

Cathleen @ A Taste of Madness

These are all such great ideas, and I have NONE of these!! I really want to try the inspiration board and the drawer dividers!


These are all so great! I am getting ready to move and plan to redo my home office! Bookmarking this so I can reference back to it later!

Emmanuel Damian

I’m an OC person so a desk organizer is nice. I think an inspiration board would also be helpful.

jenn @ EngineerMommy

I recently re-organized my home office and these are great tips on what you need to get a chic, tidy space. I Love using those drawer dividers in every drawer in the house.

Wendy Polisi

I really love hanging up artwork. I just recently hung some autographed posters.

georgia boanoro

Awesome ideas! I need and inspiration board, some drawer dividers and a stylish lamp! I’ll go to Ikea tomorrow !

Nikki Gwin

I need an office. LOL and I wish it was organized. The chic storage is awesome.
🙂 gwingal

Angela Milnes

These are some really great office space ideas. I need to revamp mine to stay organized.

Rose Sahetapy

I love the idea of organized office at home. Greenery is important and beautiful at the same time perfect to add as a room decor. The tips you share are absolutely amazing to organize or re-organized home office.

Annemarie LeBlanc

I share a home office space with my husband. I would love to decorate my part of the office with an inspiration or vision board. I will have to start working on that soon.

Savannah Pham

Love these ideas – they’re very trendy! I’ve been looking for a bit of inspiration for organizing my desk since school is starting back up but I can never really decide. Maybe I just need a little bit of everything.

Ophelia T

These are all great accessories for a home office. I want to set up a home office soon, and these ideas are giving me new ways to decorate my office. Thanks for sharing.

Takara Ayana

Great tips! I’m working on my office area now and need to clean some clutter. Love the artwork!

Kristen from The Road to Domestication

These are lovely and excellent ideas! I can’t function unless my office is organized, I’ll tell you that!

Siti Aana

Loving the list. I have everything from this post except for artwork. Need to get some soon!

Hannah Marie

I love all these tips! I will to my best to be organized this year. The inspiration board is my fave!

Leigh Anne Borders

I love the ideas for the home office space. It is about time I spruce up my own little space.


great list, i think i am going to add chic storage among my collections . thanks for sharing this great ideas


Great tips and I love all the pictures and especially the no 7, great quotes. few of them I already picked up. Thanks for sharing.

David Elliott

All of these are great ideas of how to create your own home office. I think the one I need to put up personally is the inspiration board. I have never done it before but I think it would help with organizing ideas and thoughts.

Wanda Lopez

I love this post. I have a home office and have been adding and taking things out. Making it mine and evolving it as I evolve.


These are fun items! I totally need an inspiration board in my office.


These are all really great ideas! I couldn’t live without my planner and organizing accessories! However, I do not have any greenery, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Thanks for sharing!


I llove all your ideas!I really do need to get myself a little work area!I mainly work on the bed or at the dinner table. Hopefully soon I can get myself a little desk and then I can use your ideas to make it look all organized and pretty.


I think you need to be organised in order to be productive. Only geniuses work in chaos.

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