3 Healthy Tips to Boost Your Confidence

3 Healthy Tips to Boost Your Confidence

Most of your mornings start off with the same routine: wake up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and then out the door. During this time, you’ve probably looked at yourself in the mirror at least a handful of times and often times notice all your flaws. How many times do we as women hone in on any wrinkles or blemishes we spot on our faces, a scar on our body, worry about outfits, or worse, our weight?  Let’s face it. We often wake up with the overwhelming pressure to always look better.

From an early age, society places a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way: skinny, toned abs, flawless skin, the perfect smile, and an ass you can bounce a quarter off of; and those are just the basics. I’m going to be honest with you, I wasn’t born with ANY of those qualities! These societal ideals are sometimes so unrealistic that it can be easy for young girls to quickly lose self-esteem and feel as if they don’t measure up.

Nevertheless, we press on trying our very best to reach these sometimes unrealistic expectations. The pressure in doing so only adds to our anxiety, and our effort to lose weight and stay in shape turns into this never-ending burden instead of a beneficial process to redefine your life. Getting in shape should be about the desire to live a healthy lifestyle and making yourself feel better, not about trying to replicate the airbrushed model we see on the magazine cover.

Here are three ways to empower yourself to be the best you can be and love the way you look.

[large_title title=”Get Rid of the Word “Can’t””]

Words are the most powerful weapons we have, and unfortunately we’ve grown accustomed to use them unconsciously against ourselves. In other words, your mind believes what your mouth says.

Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of the popular motivational best-selling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad said it best, “The word ‘can’t’ makes strong people weak, blinds people who can see, saddens happy people, turns brave people into cowards, robs a genius of their brilliance, causes rich people to think poorly, and limits the achievements of that great person living inside us all.”

So, the next time you catch yourself using the word “can’t,” try to figure what you really mean by that. Chances are you really mean one of these three things:

  • 1. I don’t want to… [“I can’t do 100 burpees.” = “I don’t want to do 100 burpees. I would rather go home.”
  • 2. I don’t know how to… [“I can’t do dive bomber pushups.” = “I don’t know how to do dive bomber pushup. I’ve never even heard of them.”
  • 3. I don’t believe I can… [“I can’t run five miles.” = “I don’t believe I can run five miles because I have never tried.”

You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. There is no such thing as “can’t.”

[large_title title=”Practice Positive/ Gratefulness “]

It’s so easy to focus on the undesirable aspects of ourselves and get caught up with what’s not going right. And the more we talk about our problems, the bigger they seem to get. So, a good way to combat our negative thoughts and feelings is to actively highlight all of the positive things in your life. BE GRATFUL! It could always be worst. Whether it’s keeping a gratefulness journal or a gratitude jar, writing down a few positive things that you are appreciative of every day can really make a difference and change your perspective on life.

[large_title title=”Conquer New Challenges/Do Something New”]

Sometimes you get tired of your normal exercise routine—that’s natural. The best way to overcome that feeling is to try something new: run a marathon, do a Spartan race, try that boxing class you heard about. Conquering a new fitness challenge contributes to feelings of pride and accomplishment that extend to other areas of life and will leave you feeling more capable and able to take on new tasks with more confidence.

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Dana Brillante-Peller
Dana Brillante-Peller

I totally agree with you that we need to remove the word “can’t” from our vocabulary in that manner. What’s crazy is that I always correct my boys when they say they can’t do something but I catch myself saying it too…I need to police myself as well!


You’re right practicing gratitude is so important! I will practice not saying can’t.

Kari Jonard

My best friend and I live by being positive. We couldn’t imagine a life without it.

Joanna Malefaki

I like this post. I really need to conquer new challenges and try for new things a bit more!

Emma {Emma's Little Kitchen}

Fab tips! Not saying “I can’t” can actually make you change your thinking!

Emily | Rainbowdelicious.com

What a great list! I feel like gratefulness is so key! It is so simple but provides such great results!

Clare Speer

Very positive and encouraging post! Gratefulness is so so important! Whenever I start off reciting things I am grateful for and pondering on those things… it immediately puts me in a much better mood!

Heather @ Simply Save

Getting rid of “can’t” is the best advice! Even thinking that word to ourselves is self-defeating!


Great post! <3 I have trouble with the word can't ! I am working on getting rid of that word in my life!

Kim L

I write in a gratitude journal every night before bed…I list 5 things I am grateful for

Adaleta Avdic

Definitely some excellent tips here! xx adaatude.com

Betsy Glenn

Man the first one is probably the hardest thing ever. I’ve been working on trying to eliminate can’t from my vocabulary but it’s definitely difficult!

Jessica Reyna Brogan

This is just the little goose I need to get back on track. I’ve been feeling blah all week, but next week is going to be better!

Leslie Nichole

These are great and I will be pinning them. I’m trying to find my confidence and self worth, I’ve totally forgotten about myself over the last few years trying to make and keep everyone else happy.

Claire and Rosemary

These are indeed great practical tips.Thanks for sharing them. The one thing that I would probably add is “fear” with the idea of facing the fear and not letting it stop us. Love the reminder about “can’t”, really do need to eliminate it from my vocabulary. Cheers

Hil D

Trying out something new is a great way to boost your confidence and see new skills you never even knew you had! You should link this up at the #bloggerspotlight


Michelle@Lovely Imperfection

I love the quote about how the word can’t destroys us! I’ve been somewhat good about incorporating more gratitude, it’s definitely an ongoing practice and challenge:)

Mayara Moreira

Doing something new and outrageous definitely is a confidence booster! I made it one of my 2016 goals to become more confident and I ended up signing up for an effective speaking class. Totally scared, but still going through it! haha

May from http://www.mayliving.com

Aarika Chilson

Beautiful post! I love you blog. I am a big fan of boosting confidence and treating ourselves with love and compassion. I start my day with loving affirmations, meditations, and writing in a gratitude journal. I absolutely adore your suggestion to get rid of “Can’ts” in our daily routine. Yay! And Kiyosaki is one of my favorite writers. Have you also read “Be Yourself”? Another great read. Keep on being amazing. You are an inspiring writer!


Get rid of the word “can’t”. I love that! I shamelessly read “The Secret” several years ago and the one tip I can remember is removing the thought of negative words like “can’t”, “don’t”, “not” from your language. By sharing those words (“I hope I don’t have to answer a ton of emails when I get to work”) casts those negative feelings in the universe. The book shares the practice of spinning those thoughts into more positive versions of the statement “I hope I have an empty inbox when I get to work”.

Jordyn Upchurch

This is so funny, but I just wrote on another blog post about achieving your goals to not use the word can’t. I just recently got my own classroom (& my own students!) and we’ve had several talks about how we aren’t going to use the word can’t in my classroom. It’s limiting and I don’t want my students to be limited!

xoxo, SS

The Southern Stylista

GiGi Eats Celebrities

There is no need to stand in front of the mirror and point out your flaws. Pointing out “flaws” doesn’t do ANYTHING and it’s just a waste of time. Instead, be HAPPY that you’re alive, and have all your limbs and remember the amazing support system you have!


3 seemingly simple but powerful tips. I completely agree about the power of our words having a big impact on our mindset and confidence. Great post. thanks!


These are powerful tips! I love staying grounded by being grateful for all that we have. I think that is so important for all people. Also I think when you conquer something new your self confidence rises!

Missy-Getting Fit to Find

Awesome tips! I have really been practicing gratefulness and it keeps me very grounded. I would say the since starting I do have more confidence.

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