3 Quick & Easy Fall Hairstyles

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Just because Fall is soon approaching, doesn’t mean we have to get all buttoned-up with our hairstyles. It is perfectly alright to give our hair a break from too many styling products and come up with a style that doesn’t look sloppy yet has that casual vibe we have been rocking all summer. So if you’re like us, we suggest you get your scrunchies ready as we’re bringing you some fun, casual-chic  hairstyles featuring loose waves, casual buns and more. 

Casual Low Knot

This is probably one of the easiest hairstyle you can do in under a minute! Simply brush your hair and gather it into a low ponytail. Tip: Make sure you use an elastic band that is firm enough. Using your hands, simply twist your hair from the elastic band to the ends. Then wrap your ponytail in a coil around the elastic band and secure with bobby pins. To avoid the too polished ballerina-look, pull out a few strands of hair from the knot. Do the same with the hair surrounding your face to frame it and give it a romantic charm.

Image low knot

If your hair is long enough, you can literally tie a knot with it. Just divide it into two to three sections, tie them together and wrap them around. Don’t worry if you have a few loose strands.  Secure the knot by using a few bobby pins to make sure it doesn’t fall apart. You can also add some vintage hair accessories, such as art deco bobby pins or a wonderfully ornate hairclip (e.g. rose gold, bronze, or silver): they are all the rage this fall!  

Lazy-girl Soft Waves

Braiding your hair before going to sleep will give you nice wavy tresses in the morning. However, if you don’t have that much time on your hands or you want your waves during the day, you may want to pick up your flat iron. A curling iron is great, but we just love how versatile a flat iron can be when creating different curls. One of our favorite straighteners to use is our ghd hair straightener as it has amazing performance.

Image soft waves

Now one of the ways to achieve those loose curls is to start with a small section of your hair and clamp the flat iron horizontally, making sure it is a couple of inches from your roots. Wrap your hair around the top of the iron and then twist it forward. Hold it for a few seconds, then unclamp it and position it beneath the first bend. Then do the same, but in the opposite direction. Follow the same pattern until you reach the end of your section. After you do your whole hair, flip your hair back for a slightly messier look with more volume. Don’t forget to run your fingers in your hair to gently loosen your waves. You can skip the last step if you want more defined curls. Once satisfied, apply hairspray to lock the curls in place.

Quick Messy Bun

messy bun is one our favorite hairstyles to do for Fall. As busy gals that we are, we love when are hair doesn’t require hours to do. This hairstyle really only takes a minute of our time and then we are out the door.  To recreate the messy bun look, start by tying your hair into a ponytail. Don’t make it too firm. Next, flip your hair forward and use your fingers to divide your hair. Create a small hole right beneath the hair band. Then grab the end of your ponytail from the front and loop your hair through this hole.

Image messy bun

Just pull a few loose strands on each side to create a desired voluminous look. Tip: Make sure to tighten the hair band so it stays firmly secured. You can leave a few of the loose strands cradling your face to hang freely or secure them with bobby pins. For a boho-style, you can even braid them or add hair accessories.

Image hair band

When it comes to casual hairstyles for fall, you can’t really go wrong. 


Let us know what’s your favorite hairstyle to do in Fall in the comment section below!

  • lexhan

    Male but the hairstyles follow perfect well for fall. Nice styles as well. Guess what? Bookmarked for my girl.

  • Abby Castro

    That casual low knot is amazing! I love that it looks so elegant yet effortless!!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  • Pack Your Baguios

    I love the casual knot. Looks so carefree!

  • Love all of these…..I do a lot of low bun. Messy buns on top always look so weird on me! Plus if I try beachy loose waves my hair never holds them……but I’m determined to get some wave action going on with my hair this fall!

    • Our go to style is definitely buns. They’re so effortless. Have you tried a salt spray to add a bit of texture to your hair? We like mixing a salt spray solution with a lightweight hairspray to hold our curl.

      • NO I haven’t but I do have one of those sprays so I will try that!

  • Ashley Stephenson

    I am all about the quick and easy hairstyles! I have not been able to pull off the cute messy bun yet, I think my hair is too thin it just looks like a messy bun and not so cute. That is one of my goals this fall is to be able to figure it out!

    • Have you tried adding a texture spray to your hair? It definitely helps to add some when your hair is wet and then blowdry (or airdry). I’ve also heard creating large loose waves with a curling iron and then doing a messy bun works great.

  • All about the messy bun and long and wavey!!

    Rachel | http://www.theconfusedmillennial.com

  • I love all these hair styles! I always love wearing loose, low maintenance waves, so that’s a style I’ll definitely be rocking this fall!

  • Subhadrika Sen

    The first and the third are my kind of hairstyles in the heat. I love the second one too but I have naturally curly hair and I am tired of it 😛

  • I love the low knot look!! Great roundup!


  • Jolina

    Aw this made me miss my long hair and my messy buns! I cut it from super long to pixie one year and haven’t been able to grow it back (I thick it’s rebelling lol!).

    • I feel you! Cut my long hair when I was 12 and still haven’t been able to get it as long as I want it. Talk about major rebellion.

  • I love all three of these. My buns lately have been super messy and on top of my head but I love the low one too.

  • Melissa Touchton

    I live in a messy bun! Love the other options you shared too – maybe I can change it up finally!

    • The beauty of the messy bun is that you can definitely make subtle changes to create a whole different look. Some of our fav ways is to leave a few loose strands and braid them and then tie it around the base of the bun.

  • Leslie Nichole

    I love these! Ugh, i have curly hair and i suck at doing it. It’s terrible! Maybe if i straighten it and try it wouldn’t be so bad. I’ve pinned the post to give them a try.

    • I have curly hair so I totally feel your struggle. The messy bun is def a great one because the curls just give it that added texture. We have straightened our hair for the top knot and its a great one to do.

  • I loved this post! Great hairstyles. I’ve actually been thinking about doing a post similar. My hair is curly and THICK and it is difficult to deal with most of the time, but these are great quick options! xx, E

  • Anamika Ojha

    All these styles are so cool and will go with most of the outfits! Thanks for sharing some fall inspirations for hairs!

  • Diana Catapang

    Love this post! I am fond of making different hairstyles! I should try some featured with some of my outfits! 🙂

  • Love this post. I love the look f the lazy girl wave – I really need to do something with my hair. xxx


  • Soft waves are my fav! Just did that this morning 😉

    Hannah, http://www.thecatsandcoffee.com

  • I love the loose buns!!!! I also see the half up half down buns are in too!!!

  • Lauren Norton

    The quick and messy bun is my fav! That is my go-to. I love it!

  • Adaleta Avdic

    These are so adorable! I definitely love good tips for my hair 😉 xx adaatude.com

  • All three of these are some of my go-to hairstyles! I especially love creating waves with my hair straightener. I also like the low knot if I still want to look sort of elegant but don’t have time to wash my hair.


  • Pinned several of these for my moms! Love the idea for doing the messy bun as a pony tail and then pulling through the hair elastic! I’ve never tried that technique.

  • Dana Brillante-Peller

    I love each of these hair styles 🙂 I am going to try the messy bun look tomorrow 🙂

  • Messy buns are my life! I feel like there are so many ways to create a messy bun for different occasions.

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    I love the messy knot with the scarf or flower. it makes it look like some thought was put in it. Those soft waves are amazing too but I find them hard to get unless you are a thick-head-of-hair super model. 😉

  • I love all of those! Messy knots are my thing right now since my hair is never clean…

  • Love all the looks!
    XOXO, Amaris // http://www.crumbsandglamour.com

  • Alexis Prieto

    I’m crushing on all of these hairstyles!

  • Sophia Smith

    Thank you girls :)! Messy buns are my favorite choice for every occasion 🙂

  • Wow!! I like these inspirations! All these styles are so cool and chic at the same time!

  • Beautiful and simple hairstyles! Thanks for the post.

  • Tracey Clayton

    Love this article <3

  • Sophia Smith

    As I can see messy bun is the winner 🙂

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