3 Reasons Why You Should Book a Tropical Vacation

3 Reasons Why You Should Book a Tropical Vacation, destination, trip, planning, how to, tips, pinterest, beaches, exotic
How often do you wake up in the morning, walk into your bathroom, turn the neon light on and look at yourself in the mirror only to see yourself looking pale and skin dull?  While you do your best to wash your face and apply a little makeup, your complexion still looks tired. And to make matters worse, the never-fail elixir known as coffee isn’t working its usual magic. Let’s face it, you need a vacation–the sooner the better. And we couldn’t agree more.

Why not consider a Tropical destination? Imagine blue-turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, and delicious pina coladas. The best part is that you will be able to relax your mind, body and soul. Plus whichever way you take it, some sunlight will do you good! Enticing with all the unexpected summer destinations on the rise, and tropical classics like Hawaii.

A Healthier Complexion

Saying goodbye to that terrible dull reflection in the mirror is why you should consider a tropical vacation. You’ll be surprised how sun can do some good to your skin–albeit–with proper sunscreen. Can you imagine lying on a beautiful white sand beach, grabbing a few sunrays and getting a gorgeous bronze tan. The summer sun can also brighten your hair, adding some natural highlights. Ombre is losing its top position in the world of hair-styling to some more natural streaks. Why pay a hairstylist to get faux bohemian waves, when you could simply go the al a natural way and try the “beach hair” approach while enjoying some of the sun’s healthy benefits.

Trying New Things

A vacation can mean a lot of things for different people. It can be a much needed break from stress, a desire to check off a dream vacation from a bucket list or simply a yearly family event. Whatever the case, a vacation should encourage us to try new things, sample new delights and entice the senses. We encourage you to take full advantage of your vacation to try to fit in at least one new thing. You might want to lie in bed all day (we couldn’t blame you), but why not don a swimsuit and go for a swim in that fabulous ocean just outside your balcony. Granted salt is not that great for the hair, but it is surprisingly good for the skin. A nice swim in the salty sea can also help cleaning out your sinuses – thus making those unattractive panda eyes disappear.  Whether you’ve booked a island tour or a diving lesson, the point is to step outside the norm–staying active in the process. You’ll be surprised on how doing so will make your vacation even more memorable.

Free Time For Self-Reflection

The way you look can be a direct reflection of your inner state of mind. If you are tired, angry, or sad – there is no makeup that will cover it. It is really important to rest when you are on vacation, and not get stressed about the little things. You will not only feel better afterwards, but look it, too.  Run or walk every evening across the beach to the sound of the waves hitting the shore, and take in the sunset as it highlights your silhouette. It is small moments such as these that give you the chance to self-reflect, find harmony and, and if you’re lucky…rediscover yourself.

In fact, rediscovering yourself on vacation has lead many to make it their permanent residence. Life in Thailand or even Malta, for example, can be very cheap and fulfilling—enticing young entrepreneurs, designers, teachers and the like to make the move to these amazing places. So rather than dealing with the hazardous games of thrones that is called “corporate careers”they opt to prosper in their career amidst tropical beauty and a more carefree environment.

Have these three reasons enticed you to pencil in a visit to a travel agency or head to a travel site online? We know we are clicks away from booking our own tropical beach vacation because we can’t imagine a better way to recharge and renew ourselves than enjoying the soft sand beneath our feet and the gentle waves.

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Susan Pertierra

A lot of people would love a tropical vacation with all the cold and snow up north!

Jessica Ryles

I’m a beach bum at heart. Don’t have to work too hard to convince me :). And yes to self reflection, the ocean is one of the best places to sit back and really take a good look at your innermost self.

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