3 Style Tips On How To Master the Day to Night Look

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Choosing the perfect outfit that works for all-day meetings at the office and is appropriate for a special dinner date or a night out in the evening can feel like a mission impossible. Think about it. You have to find the look that shows you’re in an ultra Girl Boss “take me seriously” mode, but still transition seamlessly to celebrate your flirty side after office hours.

However, before you call defeat, think of us as your fashion godmother. We have three amazing style ideas and tips on how to spice up your formal office wear and make it work for a date night.

Work The Suit

Image figure-flattering blazer

Many women have a strict dress code where formal wear is mandatory at the office, often including suits. But don’t let a the suit fool you into thinking it’s plain and boring. A killer suit is a must have in any gal’s closet, especially if you’re look for a great transitional piece for day to night.  Depending on your workplace and your personal preference, you can go for the classic white or black suit, or opt for a suit in a bold color.

We Suggest: The key is to pick a figure-flattering blazer and pants in the same shade, and combine these with a white button-down shirt. Add a structured tote (with an evening clutch in it for later on) and a pair of classic black stilettos will complement your day look even more!

Image statement jewellery Day to Night: Once your working hours are done, take off the blazer and put on a nice tailored leather jacket, and add a statement jewelry to your assemble. A chunky necklace will be just fine. Leave your tote in the car and reach your the evening clutch instead. Just refresh your makeup, spritz yourself with a sexy perfume, put on a red lip and you’re ready for a cocktail hour!

The Little Black Dress Magic

Image black dress

The iconic little black dress (LBD )is a classic for a good reason – you can pull it off with any combination and for any event you’re attending. If you don’t already have one or two in your closet, get one as soon as possible. The little black dress will offer you the perfect base to transition from day to night.

We Suggest: A desk to dinner outfit requires a classic, knee-length LBD without any unnecessary details on it. Make sure the dress follows your body line as this will ensure it complements your body the best. Match the dress with a pair of pointed toe heels to elongate your legs, and to finish off the professional look, a big black tote.

Image professional look

Day to Night: As for the night look, you can always add a blazer in a bright color like ruby red, sapphire blue, or emerald green. All will look fabulous! Simply add some big crystal earrings for some glitz and you’ll be good to go.

When In Doubt Layer

Image jumper

One of the trends we have been noticing is pairing a jumper/sweater over a dress. This look is fairly simple to achieve, and can add a soft, sophisticated feel.  Plus, we’re all about coziness, especially around the fall and winter season.

We Suggest: For a more structured look for work, you can always add a leather belt that’ll emphasize your waistline in the best possible way. Don’t forget to match your shoes and/or your bag with the belt. Who said you couldn’t bring your business AND fashion game.

Image match shoes and bag

Day to Night: Layering an outfit is one of our favorite ways to transition from day to night. It’s also the perfect way to prepare for any occasion you may have to go to after work, whether it’s grabbing dinner with a date, a few cocktails with friends uptown or an unexpected business dinner with a potential client. Play around with patterns and textures when it comes to belts. A solid color may be more appropriate for the office, but there’s no reason you can’t carry an extra in your handbag. Floral print belts are absolutely wonderful for giving you that slimmer waistline and offers a nice, flirty feel to your overall outfit. Also lace sweaters are wonderful ways to spice up a boring office outfit. And it beats overthinking on accessories given the lace detailing adds the necessary something you’ll need.

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Rachel G

Good advice! Layering definitely helps for easy outfit transitions–just today, I was wearing a tank top dress, but I had to go take care of some business at the bank, and I was able to simply throw on a nice jacket to look a little more professional and put together.

Tania Potter

One of the joys of not working in an office is not having to worry about things like this. I hadn’t thought about it, but it isn’t always possible to change outfits so these tips are great.


Great tips. I love layering. One of the reasons why Fall is my favorite season. Scarves, jackets, I love it all!

Lanae Bond

Excellent tips! I love outfits that can work from day to night without having to add to many other components to it!

Sarah Jean

The little black dress is such a staple.


I love fashion and this is why I love everything about this post!!! <3 Great tips, amazing pics!

Julie Maloney

Great style tips. I love the idea of layering, you really can’t go wrong there.


I LOVE that necklace! So classy. This post has some great tips 🙂

Cara Owens-Kindly Unspoken

These are really great tips! It’s honestly amazing how you can change up an outfit’s total look with accessories!

Christy Fleener

These are wonderful tips! When in doubt I always love wearing the little black dress!

Nina Bashaw Photography
Nina Bashaw Photography

I love the accessories!

Fatima Ali

This is such an awesome post. I love all the photos and the ideas. Perfect for the holiday season too.


Great ideas! I really like that purse too.

Our Family World

I totally love these looks! They’re gorgeous!


The black dress and red heels…stunning!

Chantal Bernard

Layering has always been my secret weapon! I am all about pieces that can be added to in order to not have to change.

Ana Ojha

Great tips shared! I liked the idea of using bold colors for suits and creating signature style!

Shirley Warren

Great tips. I love all the photos and the ideas. I love your outfits very much. Thanks for sharing.



Sonya Maachou

Some great looks here. I love how a piece of jewellery or handbag can completely transform a look.


great looks and ways to go from day to night


Love this post! These are very useful tips for working women.


The little black dress is my go to when I when I need day to night fashion. Great tips!

Eugenia Nazarova

These are all such amazing and helpful style tips to take an outfit from day to night! So don’t underestimate the power of accessories!

Veethee Dixit

These are some really useful tips totally worth a try!

Nicky Peters

Great tips! Love the looks you pulled for your post! Thank you for sharing!

Carrie Chady Rundhaug
Carrie Chady Rundhaug

These are great tips! I always worked the LBD one whenever we had to go to a dinner after work. It was the easiest and simplest. Plus I love to wear black!

Marceline Dementori

There’s nothing like the classic black dress! I really love these ideas! I like day to night look because they’re convenient!

This Chic African

The little black dress is the best thing to grace a womans closet. I love a cosy sweater as well. Perfect list.

Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls)
Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls)

everything is so pretty

Claudia H. Blanton

great suggestions, especially the layering. It makes it easy to change your look on a moment’s notice. I also loved the idea of having a clutch ready in your larger handbag. Will do that from now on. Blessings!

Mai C.

Lovely ideas for day to night looks! I’ve always struggled with the day looks since my default outfit is normally black. Thanks for the tips!


I’ve been wanting to focus on mastering the day to night look and you nailed it! Great suggestions on changing your look with the perfect accessories!

kathryn Maher

Layering is always an invaluable way of making the transition from day to night time wear. Clever combining of feminine additions like lace and florals make the transition to nighttime super easy.

Ana De Jesus

I agree that layering can create a great transition from day to night wear i.e a dress with a shirt layered underneath for a day look. By night wear without the shirt and stilettos to create a night look x

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