4 Beauty Tricks to Help Every Gal Travel Light

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So you’re just a few days away from going on that amazing vacation trip you booked months ago when you realize that you have a beauty dilemma on your hands. What beauty products are going in your carry on? Any gal knows that condensing her entire beauty regime into no more than one makeup bag is tough, especially when you consider that the products and tools you choose will have to take you through any and every occasion you’ll need while on vacation. While this may be difficult, it’s not impossible. We have a few beauty tricks that will definitely help simplify packing and your beauty routine while you travel.

[large_title title=”A Pre-Healthy Hair is a Happy Scalp”]

Traveling isn’t all glamorous.  Besides the physical exhaustion and stress it can cause, travel can be just as rough on the hair. One of the ways you can combat this before travelling is by using a hair mask and a good leave-in conditioner. Apply a good hair mask the night or day before you’re suppose to fly out. Don’t forget to apply a good leave-in conditioner or an hair oil such as Argan Oil or Coconut Oil. Afterwards, throw your hair in a top knot so it’s out of the way. This way your hair is going to be in its healthiest state, and the style will keep you looking more put together and keep your hair from looking flat. Tip: Take a travel-size bottle of your leave-in conditioner or hair oil to apply at your ends every other night while on vacation. This will cut down on how many hair care products you’ll be packing in your suitcase.

[large_title title=”Samples To The Rescue”]

Most of us do not want to take our entire makeup collection with us on vacation, so we will have to make do with just the essentials. But what if you’re in the mood to change up your beauty look for your trip? This could lead to some spontaneous beauty purchases, which is not a bad thing, but may have a few misses. One way to go about satisfying your need to try something new and not get stuck with an unflattering baby pink lipstick, is to explore the free samples you’ve been accumulating from your trips to Sephora and your monthly beauty subscription services.  It’s incredible how many sample packets and deluxe-size products of skincare, hair care and makeup we accumulate throughout the year. This way we can try something new on just a single use or for the week we’re there without feeling committed to it either. Plus, samples and deluxe size products will help you save space in your carry-on.

[large_title title=”Reduce Heat Damage”]

Traveling light anywhere means you’re going to have to plan very carefully on what you need and don’t need on a trip. This can mean you leaving behind your favorite hair tools at home. Sure, you could pick up a curling wand or flat iron where ever you are, but that’s just an unnecessary expense. Why not give your hair maintenance some time off by styling your hair in fun styles like braids and natural curls. And to really give it a healthy boost, a good hair sunscreen like our favorite one the Sachajuan Hair In The SunMassage a small amount on your hair (wet or dry) for a much needed heat protection. You’ll be surprised with how healthier your hair will look and feel; trust us it’ll thank you for it too.

[large_title title=”Eat Good & Eat Well”]

As foodies, we definitely believe that a great way to immerse yourself in a culture is through your taste buds. So feel free to explore whatever the city or country you’re visiting has to offer. Just don’t forget to incorporate some good healthy choices as well. Besides drinking plenty of water throughout your trip, we suggest reaching for those delicious veggies and fruits whenever you can. Not only will it give you the good energy you’ll need for a day of exploring the city, but also prevent some skincare issues too. You have to remember that you are traveling light so you can’t easily reach out for your trusted acne blemish cream to tackle on that pesky pimple that’s just appeared. Eating fruits like papaya and coconuts are a great way to get the good enzymes to help nourish the skin and prevent any acne flare ups. By all means indulge in the local delicacies, just make sure to balance it out with some good tasty fruits and vegetables. 

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Robin Rue

Samples are a great idea. I never thought to do that before. Love it!

Nina Bosken

It’s always challenging to pack because of the airline restrictions. Sometimes I just leave my shampoo at home and figure it out when I arrive or hope wherever I stay has some. I like the idea of a hair mask before I go. I travel next week, so I might try that.

Allison Lancaster

Great tips! We are traveling next week and I’m struggling with what/how to pack.

Jessica Jacobowitz Weinberg
Jessica Jacobowitz Weinberg

I have been trying to find a good leave in conditioner just for this purpose!
xo Jessica

Raine Spencer

These are some good tips. I know my wife always comments that packing all that stuff is hard because it’s bulky and often doesn’t hold up well on long flight (broken, damaged, etc). I’ll be sure to point some of these tops out to her.

Chiara Lisbeth de Lisi
Chiara Lisbeth de Lisi

Good tips! I always try to travel light, but it’s so difficult sometimes! Using samples is something I always do!

Amanda | Maple Alps

Great tips! Traveling light is so freeing, and this tips will help!

Millie Sanders

Wow, I really enjoyed reading this! These are really good tips:D I look forward to your future posts:D Maybe you might like some of the things I write about on my blog.. feel free to have a look!


Mary Crowther

I always save my samples for travel. They are easy to carry and you don’t have to cart them back home.


Samples are life savers, not only for travelling. I used them while I was in the hospital having my babies!

Kristen from The Road to Domes

Great tips! I love the one on the samples. Why don’t I ever think to use them for traveling?! So smart!


I try to travel light but it rarely works out that way. I will keep this post in mind the next time I travel!

Jessi Joachim

I love samples. I always save them for when I travel too because they are the perfect size and I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything or toting huge products around.


Ugh! I always use my samples so I don’t ever have them for travel — if it were up to me, I’d travel with almost nothing! I hate packing and I’d much rather just get everything where I’m at. But that’s totally not practical! Lol im just soooo lazy!

Shirley Warren

These are the helpful tips. We are travelling next month to see Disneyland and these tips will help me for sure.


Brandi Kennedy

For me traveling light is traveling REALLY light. I tend to go bohemian when I’m traveling, with my natural waves, minimal makeup, and versatile, easy to wear clothing. I find that going easy in that way not only makes my travel less stressful, but it also helps me combat all the other stuff – different food, different weather, different climate, etc.

Kelly Hutchinson

I always pack my entire makeup kit when I travel. I would not have thought to pack samples instead. Brilliant!

alicia nicole 💋 ✨
alicia nicole 💋 ✨

I use the sample philosophy most often. I stock up on the sample and travel sizes from the front end of Sephora haha! Great post 🙂

Mai C.

It’s really important that you bring products that are appropriate for the place that you’re going to. These are all great tips! I also don’t like the idea of bringing a lot of products so I choose them carefully.

Courtney CJ

Sample sizes are amazing! I always keep extras with me in my toiletry kit because you never know when you will need them, or will run into someone else that does. I hardly ever throw them away because if anything, we will donate them to shelters.

Leigh Anne Borders

I love going to the store and getting the travel sizes,. They make things so much easier.


Samples and travel size beauty skin care products are certainly the way forward in lightening the suitcase or bag load.

Marceline Dementori

These are brilliant tips! I just bring small containers for the products that I use to make it more compact. It’s important to take good care of your hair and skin even before you travel.

Belema Ronabere

How do I travel light? I don’t. I pack up all the unnecesaries, forget the important ones and then fill my handluggage with shoes for a three day flight itinerary after paying for excess luggage. Lol. I’m a mess.

Sarah Bailey

I like buying the smaller versions of my favorite products. I have experienced excess luggage more than once. I had to unpack my luggage and threw a lot of stuff at the garbage bin at the airport. I have learned my lesson so I am always trying my best not to overpack.

Siobhan Murphy

I always have this problem when I’m travelling! This tips are so handy, samples are always the saviour!

Annemarie LeBlanc

Thanks for these reminders. We will be going on a trip by July and I need to find travel sizes of my favorite essentials. Eating well and getting enough sleep really does wonders for your skin and hair.

David Elliott

I guess I don’t think that party of eating healthy and well is how it contributes to beauty and skin. These are good things to think about when having to pack for a trip and wanting to minimize what you have to bring.

Brittany Strawbridge

Great tips! Totally agree with the samples! They are a lifesaver! Thanks for sharing!

Ana De Jesus

I never thought of taking samples with me but that is a great way of reducing your travel load, especially when it comes to make up. I definitely need to eat better as well x

Bea Alvarado

Seriously this is my current dilemma and this is beyond helpful! Samples?! Why didn’t I think of that! Thank you so much for sharing! xo

Brittany Daoud

Yes I always bring samples with me instead of full size products! When I travel, I like to just bring one small bag of beauty products and one small bag of makeup, so samples are a must! I also travel with a travel size straightener because I can use it to straighten or curl my hair!

Oyinkan Ogunleye

Samples are soo much easier to travel with. Takes away from the weight of the suitcase.


I try to bring samples when we travel! It’s much easier when it’s just me as opposed to my whole clan!

Hannah Marie

I like all the tips you gave, they are really helpful! traveling light is possible with proper planning 🙂


Great tips! It definitely can be hard to figure out what products to bring with you when you travel.

erin fesperman

I loved that you mentioned samples, they are the best for trips! Sometimes I’ll save the little shampoo bottles and fill them with my own for the next vacay!

Angie Rose-The Freckled Rose

I am a huge hoarder of samples for travel! They are the perfect size. I definitely need this, because I will be going on some trips soon. I’m excited to go away, but not looking forward on packing. Thanks for the awesome tips 🙂

Jojo Vito

Great tips for a travelling lady. But even for men for example. whenever, I travel I just use the toiletries offered by hotels,

Kristen Carlson

These are some great tips for traveling. I also use samples when I travel. Makes it so much easier!

Michelle VA

These are great tips!! I never thought about using samples for when I travel! I usually just lug my makeup bag around with me.

Alison Rost

My husband and I have been doing a lot of traveling lately and these are get tips! Especially taking samples .. I’d never thought about that. Also the tip about feeding ourselves well. It makes the biggest difference for me .. no matter if I’m at home or on the road

Hey Sharonoox

This is such great tips! Will be travelling more this summer so I’ll be bookmarking this.

Albert Santiago

Would be dependent on how many days. Sometimes I never bring anything at all.

Wendy Lee

This would be great! I love these tips. It would make traveling a lot easier in many ways.

CourtneyLynne Storms

I try to dress in similar colors. That way I can pack one color of makeup, one hand bag that matches everything, one pair of shoes that matches etc

Angela Milnes

What a good tips for travelling! I will keep this in my mind when we are on travel next week.

Echo (The Mad Mommy)

These are great tips! Travelling light is the only way to go, in my opinion!

Monika || Violet Roots

It’s near impossible for me to travel light but I do always make an effort to go through my luggage a few times and eliminate unnecessary things. Staying hydrated is really important and it’s always a good idea to try out the local cuisine.


Violet Roots || Instagram

Frosted Events

Absolutely sounds a great tips for me, I will keep this in my mind for our travelling next week.

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