4 Self Love Tips Every Woman Needs to Stay Successful

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In a world that can often be everything but forgiving and understanding, the need to fight for your own ground is pivotal, especially for a woman. Being a woman is difficult enough as it is, but being a successful career woman with a family to look after is no small challenge – a beautiful one, but still a challenge.

It’s safe to say that as women, history has shown us to fight for every great (or small feat) whether it’s for the freedom of speech, the right to vote to the chance for a higher education, and more gender equality. These very feats continue to inspire and motivate us to continue to break down the gender stereotypes and strive to be who we believe we are and not who we are told to be.

But while everything about women movement sounds (and functions) just right in theory, in reality – things are a bit different. No matter how successful in what she does, no matter how busy, overwhelmed, sought after or engaged at her job, a woman is still expected to keep a family, be a good wife, an even better parent and a picture perfect exterior that would never stain a white dress. Being the kickass superwoman is great, but it can also be a bit overwhelming too.

I love my family more than anything in this world. As a mother of three, and a devoted wife, I find it my personal best achievement that I’ve raised three beautiful, smart and healthy kids who are, as days go by, more and more ready to take on the world. I love it that I still manage to sneak in a few romantic getaways with my hubby and be ok to be worry-free. I am proud of myself for being made partner at the firm after only three years working there and that even with all this I am still, well, sane.

However, none of it would’ve happened or worked for as long as it has if I hadn’t found time for myself to unwind and decompress… self-love is the thing, you know? It may sound selfish to some, but you simply must take care of yourself, your mental and emotional health, your physique and well-being in order not to fail on other fronts. You have to help yourself first and then move on to helping others.

To all of you amazing 21st century women out there who are CEO-ing your families, running businesses and still are the life of every social gathering, I get it. It’s tiring, sometimes dreadful, often times alarmingly difficult. Fortunately, I have a few personal self-love tips that has worked for me and that will help you cross that bridge, and learn how to manage it all without feeling pressed for anything.

Sit tight and read on:

Tip #1: The importance of solitude

Having a big or a small family, endless commitments at work and an active social life will leave you completely drained. And while love and constant buzz of the people you love and appreciate can be rewarding, it’s necessary to buffer it with some solitude for yourself or you’ll go insane.

The key to finding balance between your inner world and all-things-outside is to embrace solitude whenever possible. The richer your time alone is, the richer your relationships with others be. Family activities are amazing and a packed workday can be very stimulating, too – but finding the time to get away from all that is key to adjust and regulate your life.

Go for a walk alone, go on a date with yourself around the city on your day off, have a takeout coffee and go see that show in the gallery you’ve been talking about for months now. Banal thrills like going shopping alone (without your friends) or to the park to watch the river flow are life savers. Implement what feels right and make it your personal routine.

Tip #2: The significance of self-love

Loving yourself through nurturing your inner and outer beauty is one of the key ingredients to staying on the path to success and accomplishment. To love others, you first need to love yourself, and that love comes with a lot of work on your psyche and physical health. Apart from going to therapy once every two weeks (I honestly don’t want to burden my friends with talks that they can’t be of any help with), I’ve picked up boxing and yoga and I’ve upgraded my clothes. You’ll be surprised with how an array of fabulous shapewear, quality lingerie and dresses that flatter my figure can boost the confidence levels and make me feel more feminine and in control.

I even write down in my planner a visit to the salon once a week to pamper myself a bit. And believe me it’s totally worth it.

Tip #3: The impact of healthy choices

Pressed for time, we often resort to fried foods, quick-on-the-way-to-work meals, bake goods or sweets to keep our energy levels high. In the long run, such nutrition will bringing about a series of health issues, general feeling of indolence and otiose and before you know it – it’s taking you five times longer to do things you’d normally do in a second. Turn to healthy foods, workouts, yoga and meditation for physical and mental clarity and your overall health boost. Find ways to relax. Buy some yarn and start knitting. Or take on recycling. Not only will you feel powerful for making these changes, but your body, mind and the environment will thank you in turn.

Tip #4: The value of structure and routine

Adding some structure to your day and, consequently, your life will help you get things done easier, quicker and more successful. Now these structures may be insignificant little things like always waking up at a certain time, watching your favorite documentary at another time or using a particular technique to decompress. But they’re effective! In fact, I’ve made it a routine to wake up at 5AM before anyone is up, have my coffee in peace and read the paper. I go swimming every Sunday (alone). Every Friday, I meet my gals for a power-lunch. These routines may seem small but do a lot of good. So find your own routines that fuel your mind, body and soul.

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Tania Potter

Excellent tips! These are such practical, simple and achievable changes to make that will make the world of difference to your life. Great post.


What a great post! As being a mom of five kids I absolutely agree with you. For me your first point is the most important but for example a half a year ago I’ve started running because I felt my body is not the same as it was before my kids.


Absolutely agree, Tracey. Especially, with self-love and healthy eating. These two can make or break it.


This was such a nice read. “To love others, you first need to love yourself”, I think this is one of those advices we all know but few really understands. Thank you for sharing 🙂


As a training mental health provider, I’m a huge advocate on self-love and self-care. Love this post so much. We really need to love others before we love ourselves.

Abby Castro

Self love is most difficult, especially in the society we live in today wherein we are always compelled to question whether we are beautiful enough, or good enough. But it truly is a powerful tool you can have when it comes to achieving your goals in life!

Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

Brandy Burke

#2 – I just need to set some focus on #2 but it’s always the first to bump from my to-do list and it shows on me. Loved reading this, good reminder to me to pencil in some self love.


Thank you so much for your thoughtful reminders and tips! These steps are all so important for women to understand and practice daily, and of course are those we push to the side most often. Women constantly struggle with the need to put others before themselves, but as you said, we cannot truly care for others if we don’t care for ourselves first. Thank you for the post!


These are all such great tips!
xo Jessica

Lauren B.

GREAT tips! I need alone time, I dont know if it is because I am on only child.. but I love me some solitude! 😉


Great post! I think the most important ones that I need to integrate into my own life are more self love and some extra structure to my routine. Life is busy, but we can’t forget to care for ourselves!


Brilliant post! I am all about the solitude but totally fail in other things. Got to work on it soon. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Chrissy Z.

Self-love is something I definitely had to learn. But getting older I found it more and more easy to love who I am and what I stand for. This is truly a wonderful post filled with lots of amazing tips for us women! Thank you!

Ana De Jesus

Your so right, taking time out to practice self-love and making sure you get me time is very important. You need to strike a balance between the two.


I agree with you 100%! I value my alone time like it’s priceless (it is!) – I can actually feel myself recharging and recovering from the day’s events. And I always get teased for having regular mani pedi and salon appointments but that is so important too!


I agree with you! These are great tips!

Jennifer Burby

Love this! I used to feel guilty setting time aside for my own solitude, and now realize they are essential.

Liz Mays

These are wonderful ideas. I do need to make sure to take more time for myself and I can’t neglect my health!

Claudia H. Blanton

the power of solitude and a solid routine can not be overstated. I always make sure, that I have time to myself, despite the fact that I homeschool two children, and run my own business, as well as my husbands. I don’t think I would have the energy to do that all, without these two – great post!

Megan Ogden

Such a great reminder to all woman! Self love is something that I’m struggling with now. Thanks for sharing

Logan Cantrell

Solitude is what I have struggled with most since becoming a mother, but I am a introvert and it is so important to me to have some time to myself every now and then. Great tips!


These are all great points that I neglect at times. I have not had much of a routine lately and can feel it impacting me negatively.

Sidney Aldaine

Just 1 thing- not woman, but everybody 🙂 I completely agree with you on every point. I myself am still looking for the right way to live my life…This helps

Alex @ Life Well Wandered

These are all so true! I’m struggling the most with making healthy choices. I know how much better I feel when I make them, but I don’t have the best self control. Thank you for sharing!

Valerie Robinson

I love this post! So timely at a point where I’m feeling completely overwhelmed!!

Life in ATX

This is such a great post! I love all of these, and they’re all so true and important. Thank you for sharing.


Lee Anne


Lauren Norton

Great tips! I value solitude when I’m feeling stressed. It is nice to take a moment for yourself to relax.

Carrie Chady Rundhaug
Carrie Chady Rundhaug

These are great tips! Especially pampering yourself as well as taking time away from your family to be by yourself. I try to take time to myself at least once a month.

Mai C.

These are spot on. The most important for me would be self love, because it allows you to appreciate and make an effort to improve everything else in your life, especially your health.

Marta Nightingale

Your tips are very powerful, in fact I’ve been living that way for some time now. You’re right about the routine and structure thing, this is really what keeps me sane, and btw, I wake up at 5 am too, before anyone else, to have my workout and pampering in peace 🙂

Freya Farrington

I’m definitely in the process of working on Tip 3 although I think I have tip 1 and 2 sorted (most of the time!) and being a very organised person, Tip 4 is fairly accurate for me too! Diet and healthy eating is my working progress

Courtney CJ

I love this and definitely implement some of these routines myself. Routines are definitely Important and my “me” time is non-negotiable. I’m definitely introverted in that regard. Definitely will share this.


Absolutely love this post. I definitely feel the best and happiest in my life when I’m eating well and taking quality time for myself. A weekly trip to the salon sounds amazing!

EG Green

These tips are awesome in general. As a man, I can say that I enjoy my alone time and a weekly trip to the spa as well 🙂

Tammilee Tips

These are amazing tips!! It is so important to practice self love, I know I am guilty of letting it slip some time and can tell the difference in my life.


Tip #4 is very…very important! Very powerful post! Thanks for posting!


What a great post! Very useful for multitaskers! Great tips!

Amanda Love

Having a routine is important to keep you on track of the things that you need to do. I love the self love tips that you have here because they allow you to love as stress free life!


I think that it is very important to love yourself. That’s the base and from there everything starts. Once you love yourself then other will love you too. And you feel so much better, building a career and taking care of all the things that people are expecting you to, as a woman.

Alison Rost

What a great post. As an introvert .. I can really relate to the importance of solitude. Sometimes the world is so busy that I don’t have much time to even think. A few hours by myself at the end of the day always does the trick

Divyanka Krsna

Hey, Your content is amazing. Is there any way we can talk? Need to discuss something beneficial for our blogs.

Scott Hernandez

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