4 Smart Ways to Increase Your Home Value

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There might be a time when you simply cannot stand your own home anymore. Maybe you have outgrown the space or simply want to move to your desired location.Whatever the reason, you know it’s time to sell up and move to that dream house you’ve had your heart set on for months now. But before you can stick up a “For Sale” sign on the front yard, you need to consider the possibility of a renovation to your home to add more value. Learning ways to increase home value demands smart, practical choices.  We have four great home improvement tips to consider when putting your house on the market.

Mind the Hood

First of all, if you want to increase the value of your home, it is of greatest importance to be aware of the neighborhood you live in. For instance, residing in a fancy neighborhood where the number of cars per home equals the number of daily meals of a middle-class family means that you cannot install a baby inflatable pool in your back yard and expect that the overall value of your home is going to increase. On the same token, showing off your cars or yard items  just might not be the best investment you can make if your house is in a simpler area. Now that you’ve taken your location in consideration, put the focus mostly in the curb appeal, whether it’s cleaning up the front yard or simply adding a few flower pots. These are small (and inexpensive) touches that can work incredibly well no matter the location.

Renew the Driveway

No matter who decides to buy your house, there is a likelihood they will own a car or two. This is why investing in the driveway is a good option. Usually driveways are located in the front of the house, and therefore, one of the first things many home buyers look at. Now there is no need to go too extravagant in this area because you can no clear idea who your home buyer will be, and so the more neutral the design the better it is for resell. Sometimes adding a seal to the asphalt to make the driveway nice and smooth is more than enough to attract potential buyers to your open house. It is relatively affordable to seal your asphalt or concrete, but can add to your overall curb appeal.

Whitewash the Porch

If your house has a porch, then take note on whether it needs to a little redo. Like we have mentioned prior, curb appeal is important, and this extends to your front door and your porch. A nice, welcoming porch can set a great first impression for a buyer. Most porches are generally constructed with a combination of wood and concrete, and therefore can wear over time. So it is important to freshen up (and even redo) your porch space. Now concrete can be easily repainted or given a luxurious touch with decorative stones or add fancier materials like marble or granite. Wood, on the other hand, is more sensitive and has to be treated with special care. It still seems the most appealing porch is the most neutral one – the whitewashed porch. Opting for different colors and adequate varnishes limits the buyer pool.  So stick to keeping it elegant, but neutral.

Interior Spruce-up

While the exterior matters, it is clear that without a proper interior spruce-up, your home will not get the value you are looking for. Like we have mentioned before, you have no idea who your buyer is so over investing on the interior is not always practical. However, there are some changes that are necessary. First thing to do is to declutter the entire house. Get get rid of all the junk you have been collecting over the years. We suggest having a yard sale to sell off  all the excess; thus getting a little capital back to offset some of the renovation cost.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most affordable ways to spring up your interior. Maybe those royal purple walls were a great idea when you painted than a year ago, but they are not faring too well now. Keeping the walls neutral can work wonders on making the rooms look bigger and more spacious than they really are.

If you have a basement, make sure you inspect and remove any damp and mold there. Often times, bad odors from areas like the basement or attic can steer potential buyers away. You want your buyer to feel secure in the house.

Also, start with the basics when it comes to room redecoration. Buying an entirely new closet to impress future owners of your home isn’t always sound, especially if there are other faulty issues going on in your home. Instead, invest on the more urgent concerns like plumbing. Call a professional plumber and let them check the whole plumbing system. Just make sure if you do go ahead with the work that the plumbers (and any other companies you use) gives you a certificate for all the work they have done. This gives solid proof on any house improvements you have made in your home. If you have any chronic issues, such as leaks in the roof, that should be settled before you call the future buyers. Water leaking from the roof can lead to unrepairable damage to the rest of your house, say reputedSydney-based new home builders, even if owners do not notice it at once. That is why such issues should be solved immediately. Making these improvements can better the chances of you getting your asking price. 

Making your home a more valuable place is achievable so long as you use smart practices. We suggest talking to several realtors to get their suggestions on how you can add more value to your home when you’re ready to make that big move.



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