5 Cool Wedding Venues You Can Actually Get Married At

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So you just got engaged and are now ready to start planning out the perfect wedding with your partner. There is so much to do starting from finding the right wedding dress and tuxedo to figuring out what a color scheme. On the top of that rather large to-do list is narrowing down a fabulous wedding location for your special day. A daunting task we know, especially if you consider that this can and will set the foundation for your wedding planning. But to ease some of the stress for you newly engaged couples, we are sharing five of the coolest wedding venues for you to consider booking for your special day.

Private Island Wedding

Nothing spells excitement and romance like a wedding on the beach in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. For a few thousand dollars, you and your partner can have an amazing tropical wedding that really captures your ultimate love story.

Cool Wedding Venues Places such as Baros on the Maldives, Palm Island in the Caribbean, or Big French Cay near Honduras are perfect for such occasions. If you’re okay splurging a bit, you can have your dream wedding here, along with hotel accommodations. What better way to commemorate your big day with stunning ocean views, while also getting a taste of the island. Feels good to have your own private beach, doesn’t it? Check out our Beach Style Wedding guide for tips.

Outdoor Wedding

If you are looking to have one of those movie style weddings, surrounded by friends and nature only, then you should be on a lookout for great outdoor locations. Many National Parks offer exactly this.Cool Wedding VenuesThere are many great places that fit this description. The most famous one is probably the Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii. This ancient sugar plantation has been transformed into a perfect wedding venue, surrounded with fragrant jasmine and gardenia blossoms. The elegance and the beauty of this venue are the main reasons why it is among the most popular wedding venues.

Golf Course

It doesn’t matter if you are a golf fan or not. Golf courses continue to be a great wedding venue option for those who want something a little bit outside the box. Some golf courses will even have stunning picturesque views.Cool Wedding VenuesOne of these places includes Sydney’s North shore golf club. Besides being Sydney’s finest beach golf course, it is a magical backdrop your wedding.

A Medieval Castle Wedding

Have you always wanted a Cinderella-like wedding? If so, you may want to look into castles as an option. Drenched in romance, castles can help set the mood and feel of a wedding without needing too many bells and whistles.Cool Wedding VenuesNow unlike private islands, castles are rarer and require an upfront booking for at least 6 months to a year. But it is definitely worth the wait. Some famous locations to consider include Villa d’Este at Lake Como, Italy, Bojnice castle in Slovakia and Ashford castle in Ireland.

Historic Theater

If you always wanted a dramatic entrance, curtains raised and the musicians playing on stage, then the theater is the right place for you to get married. Cool Wedding VenuesNot only will your wedding be entertaining, you will get to be in charge of its production. Also, if you’re looking to mesh the arty feel of the stage and the great big outdoors, why not check out outdoor amphitheaters. Talk about putting your big day on the spotlight.

There are many great places offering dreamy wedding venues. As long as you do your research and consider the option that best suits you, you’re wedding is sure to be absolutely amazing.

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Via Bella

Castle, outdoor, or theatre all the way! Thanks for sharing!

Ivan Jose

This is a great list. Very nice for themed and creative weddings.


These venues are all gorgeous!
xoxo, Jenny

Charlotte B

Wow this is insane! You should also check out Durham Castle as you can actually have your wedding there and have you and your guests stay in an actual Castle! Insane!

The Blonde B


Great list! I can’t decide if I like the Private Island or Outdoor Wedding. All very good suggestions! Thanks for sharing (:

My Urban Family

These are so fun! How cool would it be to send invites to your castle wedding?!

Tania Potter

Love the variety of fun ideas, and the spots are all gorgeous, depending on your character. Lovely selection!

Kari Guastella

I love the historic theatre option!

Mostly Simple Life

I need a vow renewal! I’ll take the private island or the castle. So amazing!!!

Danielle Greco

Wow these locations are stunning!! My husband got married at a Golf course and omg it was so beautiful. It was in Colorado and had huge red rocks in the background (looked like the lion king)!

Danielle | AccordingtoD.com


These are all dream locations for sure. We eloped on an island, but I would have loved to been married in an old castle!

Courtney Connolly

Those are all amazing ideas, I particularly LOVE the idea of a castle. I’m getting married next year in a mansion from the 30’s with a huge outdoor garden.

La Belle Sirene

linda spiker

All five are stunning picks for a wedding!

So far so Sabine

Very beautiful places and ideas how to get married. Since I’m a bride to be, this is lovely to see.

Renee Alexis

Ohmygosh these are gorgeous! I love the idea of having my wedding at a medieval castle or in a historic theater! Very chic!


Mai C.

Very cool! I have always dreamed of a wedding outdoors, in a beautiful garden! These days, people get married pretty much anywhere they like.

Tiina Arminen

Lovely spots for weddings, all of them! I was actually in a wedding party last weekend. It was probably the most chaotic and funniest weddings ever been to! It was like straigh from a comedy show, yet the atmospher was cosy and happy – just like the couple themselves 🙂

Jessica Sheppard

These are such fun wedding spots! Unconventional and I love it…especially the historic theater idea!

Karla Pitzen

We got married in an art museum, which was pretty cool. I really like the theater idea.

Laura Hartley

Ooh I’d never even considered a historic theatre before but that’s quite an idea!


Last year someone asked me if I would ever get married in a cemetery!

Falon Loves Life

I love unique wedding venues! I especially love the idea of getting married in an historic theater, that would be so cool!

Ivelisse Estes

I would have loved to get married in the Caribbean but that was waayyy out the budget lol

Ivelisse | CarnationDreams.com


The photos used to illustrate this post are gorgeous. I think it would be cool to get married at a medieval castle…just the history alone would be interesting.


The private island oh my and the medival castle is cool as well especially because the clothes actually match the place! Just great!!


Wow, these venues look awesome. The golf course is my favorite, with the water backdrop, so pretty.

Pack Your Baguios

So pretty and romantic! I love the pictures.

Jessica Hughes

Love all of these but the midevil castle is probably my favorite1

Anna Baun

These venues are gorgeous! I love the idea of the historic theater! So stunning!

Anna || A Lily Love Affair

Lily France

I’m ony 18 so a few years off getting married yet but oh my lord these are so cute! Might have to start that Pinterest board already 😉 I love the idea of an outdoor wedding, it’s just such a shame that we can’t rely on good weather for it in the UK!
lily kate x

Jordyn Upchurch

These are all beautiful! I got married at a beautiful plantation/barn venue and it was perfect for my husband and I…although now I’m wishing we could’ve swung getting married on a private island instead 😉

xoxo, SS

Southern And Style

Sarah Jean

These are all gorgeous. I always wanted to get married outside facing a lake and that’s just what we did!


the medivial castle and the private island makes my taste for the kind of wedding i will wish and want for… thanks for this.

Ali Rost

These are absolutely amazing. At first I thought “the beach all the way” .. but then I scrolled down and thought “no, I’d choose the castle” .. and then I scrolled yet again and the theatre was calling my name. It’s a good thing I’m already married because I’m awful about choosing! Thanks for a fun post

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