5 Edgy & Glam Looks to Rock on New Year’s Eve

fashion, style, lookbook, beauty, eyeshadow, glitter, nye, new year's eve, 2017, glam, edgy, trends, style guide, style tips, how to, outfits, oftd The holidays are around the corner, and if you’re anything like us, you’re on a mad dash to cross off all the items on your holiday list. One of those items is finding the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit. While this might seem like a piece of cake, it can actually be quite stressful (and overwhelming) to find the ideal look that  reflects your love of all glam but also celebrates outrageous prints  with a bit of an edgier flare. Now before you go running for the hills, we have created a style guide for you that shows you how to use a few edgy essentials to create a killer NYE outfit we know you’ll love.  

Leather up for some rock ‘n’ roll

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Raw and untamed – that’s the spirit of a biker girl who rocks her awesome rugged leather jacket with a bold red dress or stunning golden pant and a black silk blouse tucked in. This look would be perfect for a party at your friend’s place or a NYE bash.

Tips on Rocking the Look: Your leather jacket is your star piece so you have to accentuate the look. One of our favorite ways to do so is to opt for the Rihanna-inspired street style by pairing a leather jacket with ripped jeans and designer boots. Finish off the outfit with a  smokey eye and ombre red lips. 

Shimmery Eyes

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Nothing sings festive like some glitter and some glow! And if you’re already a master of the glam look, then this will definitely be right up your alley. But even you’re usually a more natural makeup type gal, you can still rock this look by adding just a bit of glittery eyeshadow on the center of your eyelids for a pop of glam. 

 Tips on Rocking the LookForgo your boring matte eyeshadow for a touch of silver glitter on the eyelids instead.  Emphasize those glittery eyes with fabulous accessories like a silver clutch purse or a pair of daring silver boots.

Awaken your inner goth princess

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Some find the long backless dress and a pair of leather ankle boots enough edge, but for the boldest among you, there’s a dark, sexy goth that lurks behind that sweet smile. And what better way to unleash your most confident self, than with the help of gorgeous gothic costumes that will leave everyone in awe!

Tips on Rocking the LookThis is something you don’t wear without an accompanying assertive attitude, and that will be your best accessory with such a lush, daring outfit. So, pick your favorite pair of Morticia-worthy pantyhose and festive choker of your choice. Let your inner goth prevail!

Be a velvet queen

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For those of you who prefer a more delicate, but equally sassy take, velvet is going to be a great style you’ll love

Tips on Rocking the LookA velvet dress is a powerful way to make a statement, but it isn’t the only velvet piece sure to make a splash. One of favorite ways to wear velvet is to rock velvet shoes or jackets. Not only do they add a bit of unique flair, they go deliciously well with anything and everything – from ripped jeans, classy suits, to your already rebellious leather jacket.

Suit up with style

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One of our favorite things to do is to get inspiration from the men’s wardrobe. Remember Harvey Specter? I mean, who doesn’t? Now that man can pull off a suit like no other, and we’ve picked up on that sleek look vibe for a fun, unique take on the NYE get up.

Tips on Rocking the LookPantsuits are all the rage this season. The best part is that there is no rule that stops you from choosing one for NYE. However, if you’re going to go this route, we suggest you opt for one that is tailored to you. And if it has any small quirky embellishments even better. 

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-Joan Cajic

Loving the velvet and metallics these days, they look so good and not that difficult to create and outfit since they usually stand out fairly easily.


Nice! you gave me an idea on what to wear in NYE. I already have a leather jacket. Might learn how to do that metallic/sparking make up. And I hope I can pull it off wearing a pantsuit.

Corinne & Kirsty

I love glitter so i’d go for the shimmery style but at the same time, I have grown to love velvet! hard choice then!

Rhian Westbury

That middle print in the goth princess images is stunning, I always tend to opt for boots or a leather jacket with all of my looks x


I am all for velvet. My new love. Although i haven’t tried any velvet footwear yet. Great idea, will checkout.

Patricia-Ann Que

oh my! i love all this style and will actually wear them regardless the occasion lol! my fave is shimmery!

Katrina Jean Carter

Edgy Glam is definitely my favorite look to rock. Love feeling badass and sexy at the same time! It’s actually my mantra! Lol


I’m all about those metallic pants! Love the spin you put on these outfits.

Denay DeGuzman

What fun and fabulous rock and roll ideas for NYE! I love the stunning red dress and gold heels.

Claudia Krusch

I am looking for a velvet dress to wear for New Years. I love the beautiful burgundy colors they have this year.

Shraddha Tripathi

I like the velvet for 2018 eve. I love this look and you really made very trendy lists of looks. Thank you for sharing.


I always loved the velvet and goth eyes. It does look attractive. Have you tried mixing them both? I feel it will turn out great.

emmanuel damian

I love the velvet styles! It’s perfect for the holiday season and for new year!


New Years Eve definitely calls for a bit of glitter and sparkle if you ask me 🙂


Velvet is always best outfit to wear holidays. I do like the shimmer fabric that is perfect for New Year’s Eve party!

Ruth I

These are faboulos look! My favorite here is the suit up style. It looks stylish and elegant.

Sarah Bailey

Hands up I definitely have an inner goth princess and that would be my pick from here – I could definitely enjoy that.

Ali Rost

Our neighbors host the most wonderful New Year’s Eve party every year and it’s the one holiday I really love to dress up for. I’m loving everything velvet this year and those heels are to die for! There’s nothing that says Happy Holidays more than red velvet. x

Savannah Pham

Oooooh I love this outfit suggestions! I’m more of a shimmery and velvet type of person but I’m digging the leather jacket. Decisions decisions!

Erinn Sluka

The goth look isn’t me, but I am loving the suit look. I don’t dress up much and those are cute styles

AMber S.

I love the idea of going edgy for NYE and wearing something to other than the usual bodycon dress! Love the leather jacket addition, and the velvet looks!


Such brilliant ideas! I love leather so I think the first outfit will be perfect to rock on holidays! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Puneet Kaur

All looks are amazing, liked the shimmery eyes…………… keep writing 🙂


I’m glad that I read your post. Adding just a bit of glittery eyeshadow to my make up would be nice in NYE 🙂


I agree about pants suits! I have been seeing them everywhere. I need to create these looks!


Waooo…I just loved it and will surely opt these rocking ideas on the celebration of new January.Shimmer style is going save in my mind. Thanks so much for sharing the post.

Renata Green

Great ideas and styles for parties, indeed. Your pictures are great – you are lucky that you can use them for a post.


These are all great looks and I love the goth look actually. I think it could be great for going out on New Year’s.

Angela Bethea

These ideas are definitely helpful on choocing what to wear on New Years Eve. Looks chic and fabulous!

Ingrid Rizzolo

Everyone likes t to ring in the new Year in beautiful clothes. The collection you present gives us wonderful suggestions as how to obtain that New Years Night look. In particular I like the leather jacket as it could be worn with any of the out fits to make them stand out.


I just love the velvet and the metallics…. they re just perfect as they stand out easily at any occasion ☺️👍🏻

Rachael Burow

Yes! metallics are my favorite…and I agree its perfect for new years! Love the photos you included with this wonderful blog post!

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