5 Modern Home Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

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Have you ever dreamed about creating that perfect modern feel at home? If for some reason the look and feel in your home has never seemed to inspire you, it might just be time for you to change things up a bit. Probably hard right? Wrong! What if we told you that you could express your style, your ideas and everything you want through home décor? All it takes is a few fresh, modern home decor tips to get you started.

Fresh Coat of Paint


Are you sick of that same old color you’ve been looking at for the past couple of years? Now is the time to change it… for good. We know changing color schemes can be tricky, but it is definitely the first step towards expressing your style. The key is finding the one that isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also makes you feel comfortable at the same time. One of the popular choices is to go for the perfect shade of white. It is the ideal backdrop to play around with color and texture. Painting the ceilings, for example, in cream tends to create the feeling of additional spaciousness. If you’re looking to step out the norm, while keeping it modern, try going for a combination of vibrant reds, nudes or plums.

Lighting & Ambience

You may not be a production designer, but it’s important to work on your setting. Imagine your home as the star stage. And what is one of the first things we should be thinking about as we enter a room? Lighting! Your living areas need to be perfectly lit, for light is the essence of every room. So express yourself and play with it; create an ambience that resembles you, and makes you feel unique and comfortable whether you have guests or not. Once you have your color scheme locked, finding fixtures that give off that fresh, modern feel should be easier. Tip: Try finding ones in a golden tone with a touch of white. Oh and don’t forget ones with different shapes if you’re looking for that urban feel

Accents Matter

You don’t have to change all furniture. All you have to do is simply rearrange it or cover it in different colors. For instance, adding a pinkish cover over your couch could add that romantic vibe to the place. A few extra pink pillows are a great addition, as well as a flower vase, candle holders and other similar themed accessories. Having art pieces hanging from your walls is a nice addition to almost every home and living space. If you cannot afford famous painters, look for art that blends in perfectly with its surroundings in both the color and the framework. Add a cherry wood coffee table and a few trinkets and you’re good to go. For those living in the Land Down Under, style and elegance seem to be at hands reach. We like ordering from Jonathan Adler when we’re on the hunt for some amazing accessories, plus there’s free shipping for order of $150 and up. But if you’re on a budget, a great way to cut on cost is to take on a few DIY projects and repurpose some of your furniture. Give a wooden table a fresh new look with a coat of white paint. Sand down a few old chairs and give them a nice varnish.

Comfort at Its Finest

If you have managed to rearrange and set up your home to the point where you feel completely relaxed in your space, you know your job is almost complete. However, there are almost always a few touches you can add to any space to make it as “homey” as possible. One of the last things we like to do to finish off any room is to light a candle or two. Candles, especially those grouped up together in glass hurricanes can give the impression of vintage romance without dating your place. They’re also one of the decors  you can use year long, whether it’s fruity scents in Summer or spicy and sweet scents in the Fall. We also love pillow throws to give any couch or sitting area that signature piece that shows off our style and taste.

Whether it’s creating a themed wall or placing a luxurious mirror in a particular room, find a way to express your style in a modern, vibrant way is more than possible.  So we encourage you to change it up this Fall.

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I love the first point. We chose the white on the walls and bought colorful accessories.

Marta Nightingale

Wonderful tips! Before I started travelling 3 years ago, I was lucky to rent a flat I could redecorate as much as I wanted. So I turned into a multicoloured, cushioned “princess’ castle”, as my friends called it. I never owned a flat of my own and so didn’t feel fully ‘at home’. That last decor helped me a lot to feel the place was reflecting myself.

Ashley Stephenson

We moved into my dads old house 2 years ago and we had the entire house repainted. It was amazing how much just a coat of paint changes everything! Candles…I have them everywhere! I love them, they really do make things a little more cozy!


I need to figure out some ways to get my room looking better. It’s a hot mess right now. I wish we could paint, but we are renting.

Candy Kage

Love the table, would make great addition to a room in my home.

Jessica Hughes

Lighting is so important! We are working on updating our lighting right now

Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine

This post has so many great ideas! It’s crazy how much a fresh coat of paint can do.


great post! I agree, lighting is one of the most important things!

Jessica Sheppard

I love your tips for a minimalist look! Especially lighting and ambience…nothing better than natural light coming in a room!


Great tips! We are in the middle of a major remodel right now. I can’t wait to decorate and turn my house into a home!

Tessa Lynn

These are all great ideas. Especially lighting and accents–I don’t think people realize how big of a difference they can make sometimes!

rowena diciembre

This is a very nice idea…specially for those who are having their new homes ( am one of them 😛 ) its a space saving but stylish way to decorate.. I will try that soon on my new house.. Thanks for sharing you ideas

Mai C.

We just recently moved to a new house and we’re in the middle of decorating. I could really use these tips! They’re so helpful!

Mimi Rose

Great ideas! I think lighting for me is one of the most important aspects for me in a living space, whether that be natural or artificial. It makes all the difference for having a clear mind and free creativity for my line of work. 🙂


I just tought about this…we need some wall painting & furniture touch up. Thanks for the advice! 🙂

Julies Dresscode

Love these ideas! Need to redecorate my home soon and I want to have more white for a comfy and clean place 🙂

DrDaisy Sutherland

Great ideas! It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to a room 🙂

Carrie R

These are all such great tips! 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how a fresh coat of paint in a great color can totally transform a room??

Dana Brillante-Peller
Dana Brillante-Peller

I agree that a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference in a room! I am thinking of updating the paint in our guest bathroom – making it a bit brighter in there.

Mary Welby

I needed this! I rent so paint is not exactly the best options (that means I have to paint it again when I move). lol. I’ll have to do some shopping for new accents!

Natasha Smith

I definitely have a few spaces that could use some paint! Like everything else, I just don’t have the time right now…I love the ideas that you’ve shared, they all look very clean and inviting!


Ahh I love candles too, they make a space so much more homely especially this time of year.

Nayna Kanabar

I love candles and throws and cushions to create a homely feel.


I would love to improve my home that way, that looks amazing. Mine is not even close to that lol!, thanks for the tips.


I love your ideas. I’d add plants. Oxygen.

Carrie Chady Rundhaug
Carrie Chady Rundhaug

I am trying to convince my husband to let us paint our bedroom. It would make a world of difference and since winter is coming make the room a bit brighter when it is dark outside all the time.


Great post! Simple ideas but very effective 🙂

Ruthie Ridley

Wow, this is so helpful! Love your ideas!!!


These tips are great! I love the feel fresh paint gives to a room or even just rearranging it can make the biggest difference.


I think that little splashes of color really do give a room a nice subtle pop! Great tips.

Kristen Carlson

Great tips! I love the pallet table on wheels!

Claudia H. Blanton

I need you to come over once we moved and decorate! I really like what you are showcasing here, absolutely stunning!

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