5 Skincare Mistakes People with Oily Skin Should Avoid

pinterest, skincare, oily skin, skincare mistakes, how to, skincare advice, hydration, natural, facial scrubs, exfoliation, cleansers, bblogger, beauty, skin type With summer officially here, narrowing down the right skincare routine for your skin type is absolutely necessary. So this week it’s all about Oily skin. Now having this skin type can definitely require you to give your skin some TLC since we’re not only dealing with a dreaded shiny face brought on by hot weather alone. Oh  no, we’re dealing with an excess of oil on our entire face or T-zone throughout the day, and for some within a few hours. Not cute! And despite the plethora of  oil-free and mattifying products available to us, there are still several common mistakes that people with oily skin should avoid to ensure their skin looks and feels in tip top shape without looking like a greasy ball.

[large_title title=”Washing Your Face Too Often”]

Even though it might seem that washing your face more often will successfully get rid of all the excessive oil, the reality is that over-washing can make the situation even worse, especially if you have acne-prone skin. When you over wash, your skin can become excessively dry and irritated–which are known to incite acne.

People with oily skin should properly wash their face only once or twice a day, no matter how shiny it gets. This will ensure you keep cleanse the skin without leaving it worse for wear.

[large_title title=”Using Harsh Cleansers”]

pinterest, skincare, oily skin, skincare mistakes, how to, skincare advice, hydration, natural, facial scrubs, exfoliation, cleansers, bblogger, beauty, There are many cleansers on the market  with different kinds of surfactants that are designed to cut oil from skin. However, since many of these ingredients found in several many cleansers have a high pH balance, they can often strip water out of the skin, thus creating dead skin cells that are piling up on the surface of the face. Such a process, besides dehydrating the skin, encourages it to produce more oil long-term. Sulfate-free cleansers are the most appropriate for this skin type, since they will not cause irritation or dryness.

[large_title title=” Not Moisturizing at All”]

People with oily skin, usually assume that they don’t actually need one more layer of hydration on their skin, but this couldn’t be more wrong. The reason behind this is simple. Since the skin has temporarily lost its surface oils, it becomes very vulnerable to dehydration, which as we mentioned several times already, does not give us healthy skin.

That is exactly why a moisturizer is so important in any skincare regimen. If you continue to skip this step you will speed up skin aging, and stimulate sebum production, which you will contribute to your face getting shiny. Of course, choosing the right moisturizer for your skin type is crucial. A rule of thumb when choosing moisturizers for oily skin, you want to look at oil-free ones as these are the best.

[large_title title=”Exfoliating Too Much”]

pinterest, skincare, oily skin, skincare mistakes, how to, skincare advice, hydration, natural, facial scrubs, exfoliation, cleansers, bblogger, beauty, Exfoliation is one of the most important steps to add to your skincare, especially if you have oily skin. But overdoing it can, once again, cause dryness and irritation. And if you’re over-exfoliating your face with a facial brush or a scrub with micro grains you could be causing serious damage to your skin. We recommend you not repeat this process on a daily basis.  Just once or twice a week is more than enough to get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and excessive oil.

[large_title title=”Not Using Appropriate Ingredients for Oily Skin”]

As beauty connoisseurs, we get the excitement to try anything and everything in the hopes they’ll work magic on our skin. But sadly, not everything works the same way for every skin type. So it is important for you to do your research and shop for products that specifically target oily skin.

For example, opting for a clay mask is a great middle ground product since it tightens the pores and removes dead cells, dirt and excessive oil. There are also face masks that help with shine control and provide the fresh matte effect. For example, Truly Matte Pure & Radiant Mask by Clarins Australia is a good option because it soothes irritated skin and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

The same could be said about primers and serums. Make sure to look for products that are labeled for oily skin as these are specifically formulated to work with your skin type.

Also, don’t forget at natural ingredients as well.  Mango, for example, is absolutely fantastic for the skin because it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that are especially important if you have oily skin. As an added bonus, it helps remove excessive oil and impurities, while unclogging pores at the same time.


Keeping oily skin under control is not easy, but it is definitely not impossible. A proper skincare routine, a little extra care, and of course, acceptance, will make your life much easier.

Tell us which of these 5 mistakes have you done before or what product do you use to keep the your oily skin on check?

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Emmy Jake

Oh thanks for the tip!

Emmy Jake NYC


Right?! I have oily skin and struggled for so long to get it under control. I found switching to certified organic products also helped immensely, as they didn’t have all the junk that the usually products have that clog up your pores.


I donot have a oily skin fortunately but I have a friend who does have and these are some great tips for her. I know washing your face often and too much of exfoliating are a no no. I would definitely pass on these to her.


I have fairly dry skin but these are amazing tips 🙂
xoxo, Jenny

Ivana Jeknić

Nice post, i am dry skin type, but reading about this is really informative xoox


Amanda Kushner

Definitely sending this to my mom and my sister – they both have oily skin.
XO Amanda | http://www.glitterandspice.com


I have super dry skin and can’t moisturize enough, it just sucks it in. I definitely need to pay more attention, will keep an eye on my exfoliation 🙂

Fatima Ali

This was a useful post. Can you do a post on the best products for those with oily skin please.

Sandy Segur

I would love to learn what would be the best products to use on oily skin. I have always had to deal with. Now my daughter does. She breaks out worse than I ever did.

Liz Mays

This is great advice. I need to do some research on moisturizers that would work well for my skin.


It’s ironic isn’t it? It’s one of the things I learned early on (I have combination skin) – don’t wash your face excessively and moisturize! Thankfully my skin has…learned to chill (lol!) and I’ve settled on a pretty reliable routine.


I suffer from dry skin and ever since I started using Korean skincare products, it has transformed my skin 🙂 I highly recommend them to all skin types.

Ana Ojha

Great tips shared! Thank God that I don’t have oily skin but I’ve dry skin! I try to keep it moisturize as much as it’s possible!

The Graceful Mist

I have a combination of dry and oily skin so I exfoliate only once a week.

Freya Farrington

This post is very relatable for me! Not moisturising enough if definitely something I’m guilty for as like you say, it doesn’t feel necessary!

Sabrina Barbante

Very interesting, I have atopic skin and this causes a lot of issues… Do you also have tips for atopic or dry skin?

Laura Hartley

I think I’m guilty of over cleansing and over exfoliating and it has caused my skin to get even more oily! Wish I’d seen this post sooner 🙁

Ana De Jesus

I have very oily skin I hate it but I really need to moisturize my skin more because my routine is non-existent lol.

Laura x Loves

Great tips. I have really dry skin and found it surprising that people with oily skin should moisturise more (just something I never thought of, having dry skin). X


I had quite a lot of acne as a teenager and definitely treated my skin wrong – especially the no moisturizer & excess exfoliation applied to me!

Lizelle Cruz

I really have oily skin so I buy tons of oil absorbent papers in the market. Good thing I don’t do any of the stuff you mentioned in your post. Guess I should tell my mom that I was right about not washing too much haha

Rosie Heather Roman

Great post! I have fairly oily skin and by following these rules, it helps keep it in check. Also, I was advised by a dermatologist that using oils is great for oily skin (sounds weird right) but it’s actually very true!

Rosie | http://www.rosieromance.com

Kayla Cruz

Yep! Absolutely! I have pretty oily skin and I definitely make it a habit to not wash my face all the time. I’m using a microcellar water these days to remove my makeup and that’s helped my skin out a lot. Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Kayla

Mai C.

I really love using scrubs, but you’re right too much of it can do more harm than good to your skin. Moisturizing during the summer it important too.


I need to start looking after my skin, I think my main problem is I don’t moisturize enough, but i’m starting to get into the habit of applying it almost everyday, I’ll try out the other tips maybe they might help as well ^_^


I have an oily skin and I am guilty of washing it often. I’m still at a lost on how to deal w/ my oily face, I just buy over the counter oily skin cleansers. And yes, it did not make my oily face less oily 🙁

Sonnie | ASKSonnie.INFO


Decent post! I have oily forehead, it’s every annoying because I when I’m filling with my YouTube MCN (maker), the studio put make up on me, especially during the summer it’s runs down my face lol , but ill follow those and try out this products hopefully this will help thank you for sharing ox

Subhadrika Sen

I have oily skin and i understand and relate to all the points above. i just wash my face with a sunscreen cum face wash twice a day in summers and a normal face wash during winters. I try and go for medicated skin creams / moisturizers in winter.


Great post! About a month ago, I added serums and oils to my regimen (I apply only small amounts) and once-weekly exfoliation. I don’t know of it’s just me, but my skin has become less oily over time even despite the humidity we’ve had in my area! I’ll make sure to keep up with this regimen. 🙂

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