7 Quick Beauty Tips to help you look Fabulous on the Go

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As girl bosses, a fast-paced lifestyle does not always leave room for a lengthy beauty routine, especially when we’re on the go. But just because we’re making a name for ourselves out there doesn’t mean our makeup can’t look flawless either. We have seven simple and easy beauty tips and tricks you can adapt to your on-the-go lifestyle effortlessly.

1. Remove makeup before bedtime

Going to bed without removing makeup is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Why? If you don’t cleanse your face regularly, dead skin cells remain on the surface of your skin, clog your pores and cause breakouts. Also, going to bed without removing makeup can lead to a dull and lifeless complexion.

This bad habit also makes skin appear older, increases risk of infections and irritations, and causes that tired look you see in the mirror next morning. To look radiant or fresh and gorgeous at work, you would need to put extra effort into beauty routine. This requires more time, and it’s not practical in the long run.

Therefore, to look gorgeous when you’re on the go (and even when you’re not), you should always remove makeup before bed, clean your face properly, and apply a moisturizer. You’ll wake up feeling and look like a princess in the morning thanks to smooth skin and vibrant appearance.

2. Multi-purpose beauty and skin care products

To keep up with all sorts of demands at work, you have to be flexible and find a practical way to do everything within a specific deadline or until your business trip is over. Use those skills in your beauty routine too. Since you don’t alway have a lot of time to waste on applying a multitude of products, choose wisely and buy multi-purpose items.

Thanks to constant research and evolution of technology, science, beauty and skincare,  women have a wide selection of versatile products at their disposal. For example, you can use cream that will not only treat your face, but neck and chest wrinkle too. Neck and chest tend to be overlooked, but wrinkles and dull complexion affect them just like your face.

Another option is to buy cream that also contains SPF and shampoo that also works as a conditioner (2in1). Multi-purpose products make skincare routine easier and cut down on space–a great thing, especially if you’re traveling.

Look for makeup that several multiple uses such as mascara that lengthens and curls eyelashes, 3-in-1 foundation that primes, covers, and conceals, as well as lip and cheek duos.

3. Use a bold lipstick

You’re on a business trip and don’t have enough time to invest in beauty routine because your first meeting is in 30-45 minutes. Or maybe you have a hectic day at work planned, and you had to rush out of bed, dress and zip out to work. Regardless of the scenario, you can never go wrong with a bold lipstick.

When you’re short on time, just take a red lipstick (or a favorite color) and apply it on your lips. If you have a few extra minutes, use a bit of mascara to add fullness to your eyelashes. Now if you got a solid ten minutes, you apply eyeliner to tightline your upper lash to add fullness,  but this is optional. You’ll be surprised how a bold lipstick color will draw the attention to your lips, and make it look like you spent more than five minutes on your look.

4. Use tinted moisturizers

Forego foundation in favor of tinted moisturizers. Why? They are formulated to look like foundation (hence the name), but they moisturize and nourish your skin at the same time.

Tinted moisturizers are such a great way to decrease the appearance of skin hyperpigmentation (dark patches) without causing irritations or other unwanted reactions. Many tinted moisturizers also have SPF built in to help further protect the skin.

5. Use credit card for cat-eye effect

Creating cat-eye effect can be tricky, but not impossible. The easiest way to do it is to use a credit card (or plastic card) for a perfect angle. Why a credit card? It’s simple. You usually carry it with you in your wallet or purse.

How to do it? All you have to do is to place the edge of the card in line with the bottom lashes and angle the top toward the end of your eyebrow. Then, use your favorite eyeliner to draw a straight line for a perfect cat-eye, winged look.

We love using this method to master that  popular cat-eye look.

6. Matte lipstick isn’t always a good idea

Matte lipsticks seem like a great idea because they are generally long-lasting, but you may want to skip them on those on-the-go days.  Why? Well, matte lipsticks can have the tendency to dry out the lips and make them look chapped.

An good alternative is to use lip tints (or stains) instead. They add a hint of color to your lips without drying them out. You can also add your favorite lip gloss for luscious and glossy lips. The last thing you want is dry and cracked lips.

7. Consider getting eyebrows shaped

According to a study from the Frontiers in Psychology, eyebrows are the key to a youthful look. In fact, one of the best anti-aging tips that can be often overlooked is the impact shaped and groomed eyebrows has on our appearance.

But how does this help busy women who are on the go? If you are running low on time then you may not always have time to fill in the brows or get your eyebrows tattooed. So making sure we keep our brow well groomed is essential to a polished look. Of course, if you have a few extra minutes to spare in the morning by all means use a favorite eyebrow pencil to add a bit of fullness to the brows.

Just because you’re busy and constantly on the move, it doesn’t mean you have to axe your beauty regimen completely. We hope these beauty tips  will help you look flawless with minimum effort every day.

Author Bio:

Kathy Mitchell is a Travel & Beauty Blogger. She likes to Go Out with her Friends, Travel, Swim and Practice Yoga. In her free time, you can find Kathy curled up Reading her Favorite Novel, or Writing in her Journal. She is regular Contributor at ConsumerHealthDigest. To know more about her follow her on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Joan Cajic

These are really great tips to look great fast and efficiently, I will be trying the cat eyeliner trick with the card . Nice to know.

Kathy Mitchell

Thank you!!! Joan Cajic for stopping by and am so glad you liked it.

Amber Myers

I had no idea you could use a credit card to help with make up. Honestly, I don’t wear it that often. If I’m in the mood I might put some foundation on to cover the dark circles and call it a day. I rarely bother with lipstick!

emmanuel damian

I think the most important thing is to remove your makeup before bedtime. It helps rest your skin. It also ensures that you’re fresh the following day.

Kathy Mitchell

Yes emmanuel damian, absolutely correct.
Washing your face at night is a hard-and-fast rule when it comes to caring for your skin


Incredible tips, I always wash my face before bed and have loads of multi purpose products I use especially when traveling. You’ve reminded me to get my eye brows shaped

Jessica Taylor

I just started using tinted moisturizer and it is heaven sent. It gives me a natural look even when I don’t feel like doing a full face!

Jeanette Radmall

These are all such wonderful and simple tips. Many of them I haven’t thought of. The credit card to create the cat Eye is genious!!

Kathy Mitchell

Thank you!!! Jeanette Radmall for stopping by and am so glad you liked it.

Ann Snook

The bold lipstick tip is so true! It’s amazing how put-together a bright lip makes you look in just seconds.

tara pittman

My eyebrows need help. I need to try the credit card tip.

Crystal Carder

These are all great tips. I have never heard of the credit card eye tip, but it sounds genius. Thanks for sharing.

Cathleen @ A Taste of Madness

Agree. ALWAYS remove makeup before bed!! Also, that credit card trick? I had no idea!!

Sarah Bailey

These are some awesome ideas, I have to admit I don’t sit down and look after myself as often as I should. I like the idea of using a multiuse balm, I need to get one of those.

Kathy Mitchell

Thank You!!!! Sarah Bailey


Yes to always removing your makeup! It’s so important and a lot of people neglect to do it.


These are all such wonderful and simple tips. I have never heard of the credit card eye tip, but it sounds genius. Thanks for sharing.

Angel Enero

I agree on the eyebrow grooming, I help more beautiful with my well-groomed eyebrows. I am not a everyday makeup person but having my eyebrows groomed and lippie of the day, I look and feel confident already.


You’ve got some great tips here. I’d never considered using a credit card to create a cat-eye effect – what a brilliant idea!

corinne & kirsty

I don’t put on makeup often but when I do, I have to admit I am the worse as I don’t remove it before bed ahah


Great tips here! I love my mascara, takes two seconds and really makes a difference.

maria magdalena

i never do make up until my daughter said mommy i want you to wear make up like other mommies. Fine hahaha

maria magdalena

i don’t use make up. but your tips are worth to try because it saves time.

Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

These are fantastic tips for people on the go. I am going to have to use some of these as they would totally make my life easier.

Angela Milnes

These tips are really great. BTW I think your hair is super cute.

Kelly Hutchinson

I am so bad about forgetting to take my make up off at night. I also love to use a tinted moisturizer.

Ruth-Ann Ridley

Removing all of the day’s makeup before bedtime has got to be one of the things I need to work on. Sometimes I am just so exhausted that I totally forget!

Alison Rost

Loving all these quick beauty tips that makes everything more convenient. It’s really important that we remove all of our make-up before heading to bed. That’s the best beauty advice!


Great makeup tips, I will show this to my niece who wares makeup regularly. I would never think to use a credit card.

Terri Beavers

The less I have to buy is better for my budget. I love multipurpose products and glad you included them.

Kathy Mitchell

Thank you, everyone, for reaching out here and read my article!!!

besties notepad

Loved the credit card idea for cat-eye effect..next in my to-do for makeup .
Thanks for sharing!

Leo T. Ly

It’s quite interesting to learn about the different daily routine between males and females. Now it really helps me understands my wife’s routine. I think I just need to adjust my expectations when waiting.

Ankana Slva

Some easy beauty tips, I would surely implement specially doing my eye brows.


I am totally guilty of not always taking my make up off, but do opt for bright lipstick.


I love this brand of makeup. I also found your tips to be very helpful

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