A Heaping of Comfort Food

[W]hile spring is in full swing, we haven’t quite shrugged off our winter cravings. Normally, we’d be more than thrilled to dive into the typical spring fare, but  we’ve  been reaching more for our favorite comfort foods this time around. And nothing quite says comfort like a heaping serving of mac n cheese, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s double fudge or in our case, a nice bowl of posole. That’s right, a steaming bowl of homemade posole is the perfect way to sooth the mind, body and soul.

This hominy-based stew is an authentic culinary dish from Mexico. It’s often served at special occasions or get togethers because it’s one of the easiest meals to make for large crowds. Now there are many different recipes out there, so  the dish can differ depending on the cook. A popular one is using pork or beef , as well as red chilies. This is for those looking for a more hearty and spicy posole. If you’re not too keen on spice or want something more mild, there is a a lighter version, which substitutes the pork for beef and reduced the amount of spices. As far as toppings go, chopped onions,  cabbage, cilantro, radishes and a lemon wedge are usually the standard. The aroma of meats, corn and spices is intoxicating.

If comfort food is the nostalgia for heatfelt foods and home cooked meals than posole pays homage in the most simplistic manner possible. From the first spoonful you can really sample the rich history of the dish. It’s truly a delicacy worth trying.

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