A Brand with a Cause: Talia Frenkel & “L.”

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The entrepreneurial spirit often arises from our passions. Those passions are often fueled by a cause or a purpose. Talia Frenkel is that entrepreneur. She is a photojournalist who wants to focus her energies on empowering women. And so the founding of her business called “L.” and the launch of www.thisisl.com, a condom company focusing on safer sex options through a sustainable solution.

Frenkel’s company, “L.” creates high quality vegan condoms manufactured according to high FDA standards. The brand is all about focusing on women’s sexual empowerment, and  joining in the movement of HIV/AIDS prevention. How so?  For every condom purchased on the site, one is distributed in a developing country.

As a photojournalist, Frenkel saw the devastation and the stories of countless women affected by this epidemic, and the need for preventative measures. But why condoms?

[blockquote author=”” pull=”normal”]”Increasingly, women are the face of AIDS in Africa as they are disproportionately affected at a young age.” [/blockquote]

The company’s ‘Our Movement” shares a starling infograph that crunches numbers and shows the benefits that access to condoms would mean. Some of the benefits include more preventative measures against sexually transmitted diseases, more family planning and more students staying in school.

Want to be part of the movement? Internships are available at “L.”  for those who want to support Talia’s life’s mission. Her passion and conscious effort to empower women globally through safer sex options inspires all of us, especially us here at Modern Chic.

Make sure to head over to www.thisisl.com to read more about Talia’s story and her company’s inspiring mission.

Bonus:  If you submit a mailing address to [email protected] now through Valentine’s Day, February 14, L will send you a few of their award winning condoms for free!

  • Vegan, in some places 1 hour delivery and such an important cause…what a wonderful company! We need more entrepreneurs like Talia Frenkel.

  • Wow, would love to try! This sounds like an interesting product to support a very important cause.

  • What an amazing project. My son was born in Ethiopia and we have visited that gorgeous country numerous times and each time the faces of devastated women whose lives are robbed of them at such early ages haunts me. I am behind any project that can begin to give them the help they so desperately need.

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