Chic Decor: How To Turn Your Small Apartment into A Cozy Palace

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Making your space your own is so important, whether you are a seasoned renter with a one bedroom in the heart of downtown or just received the keys to your first studio apartment ever. Your home will be yours to carve out a unique place that matches your taste, personality, and comfort. However, we know that often time apartments will not always be incredibly spacious, and therefore limit you from having that indoor pool we’ve always dreamed of (or is that us?).  But this doesn’t mean we can’t make our home a cozy haven to come home to. And we have just the tips to help spice up your home decor and make the most out of your small apartment.

[large_title title=”Tip #1: Aim for a specific style”]

Your apartment’s overall style is an amalgam of everything inside it. From colors to furniture to decorative pieces, everything has a part to play and will determine how the place will ultimately be perceived by others. For that reason, it is helpful to hone in on a certain style, even if it’s just a starting point for you to pull from and make your own. Georgian style interiors, with their traditional colors and rich textures, have become quite popular in recent years. So if you’re going for that style, you may want to opt for a white and black color palette with subtle accents in mostly chrome or brass adding that opulent touch. But there are so many other amazing styles out there that can be an inspiration for you to pull from.

[large_title title=”Tip #2: Don’t go overboard with furniture”]

Equipping your apartment with the furniture you like is one of the perks of living alone. However, that doesn’t mean you should attempt to cram everything in there, regardless of your available space. Aside from a sofa, a coffee table, some comfortable chairs, a well-equipped kitchen, and maybe a bookcase, your apartment likely won’t need much else to feel like home. In fact, too much furniture can clutter your place and make it seem smaller than it actually is. Opt for adding that homey feel with your accent pieces like colorful, decorative pillows, textured throws, and fun knick knacks that speak to you.

[large_title title=”Tip #3: Invest in mirrors”]

Mirrors can be a girl’s best friend, especially when assisted by complementary lighting and proper placement. They can also help make your home look bigger by creating the illusion of extra square footage–making them a no-brainer for every home. Ideally, you’d want a full-length mirror that allows you to check your entire outfit before leaving the house, but smaller mirrors can work well too if you’re cramped for space.

[large_title title=”Tip #4: Buy one or more plants”]

Introducing some greenery into your home boosts its overall freshness and livens up the space. If possible, try to go with plants that bloom, but don’t be afraid to opt for something low-maintenance if you’re not much of a green thumb. Or if you just don’t want the trouble of caring for any plants, go for artificial flowers in glass vases instead. This will give you that airy, sophisticated feel without the worry of maintenance. Still, whatever option you choose to go for, be careful not to populate your pad with too many plants.

[large_title title=”Tip #5: Keep your clothes organized”]

While every item should have its own place in your household, clothes can be particularly cumbersome, especially if you’re limited with space. It is not a secret that most of us are prone to having quite a few extra items in our closet. This makes having a rigorous clothing system almost mandatory, preferably one that has separate categories for shirts, pants and accessories. If you happen to live in an apartment with a walk-in closet ( #wejelly), investing in a closet organization system from Ikea or from another store, will make living in a small apartment that much easier. No more stressing in the mornings looking for those awesome skinny jeans and killēr boots since they’ll be easy to spot in your new closet.

Now if you live in a tiny studio apartment, you really have to know how to make the most out of your space, so an extensive closet organization system may not be in the cards. But, keeping the bulk of your clothes in a dresser and hanging a few pieces on a clothing rack for you to switch depending on the season or mood. Also, you can donate stuff that you haven’t worn at all in the past year as this can free up some extra space.

Don’t be afraid to try out new things in your small apartment, and see what fits best with your unique style and personality.

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Adina Mera

I agree with the “don’t go overboard with furniture” point! The less cramped the space is, the more larger it feels! Nice post!

Rachel G

This is really good advice! I live in a very small, simple apartment. I think for me, making sure that we don’t acquire too many possessions really helps–as it’s easy for small spaces to start looking too cluttered!

Sharon Brand

I can totally agree for the plant one! I have cactuses in my room and it makes the biggest change!


and keeping the clothes organized – SO important!

Ashley Stephenson

These are all great tips! I just organized my closet and it is crazy how much of a difference that makes!


Great advice. Organization is so important. Thanks

Allison Lancaster

I love this! Mirrors help so much with a small space, I need to get more for our house!


What great ideas! I remember living in a tiny space. I think we did have mirrors, but no plants, because we tend to kill them.

Annemarie LeBlanc

My husband and I are thinking of downsizing once the children have moved out and started families of their own. I will save this article for reference if and when we do decide to push through with our plan.

Bridget@Antics of a NuttyHiker

Love these tips which honestly work for any space =) I am a total believer in plants! It not only helps liven up the place but also helps clean the air =)

Jeana W

Great tips. I need to clean out my closet! And probably my drawers. The smaller the space, the more important organizational skills become!

ღ Stephanie Rose ❧
ღ Stephanie Rose ❧

I have a really small house with not enough clothing space, keeping it organized really does help! I need to look into getting an organization system! and some mirrors! Great tips!


Thanks- some helpful ideas


Organization is key! Totally agree on that. I wish I put more effort in our little apartment lol

Floortje van Cooten

I love these tips dear! Great room inspo!






All of these tips, ON POINTE!!!! I have lived in so many different places, and big or small, these pointers apply.

Mom Noms

I have been talking to my partner about how we need to make our apartment feel more like home. These are great ways! I can’t wait to test out some of these tips, especially the mirror one.


Perfect timing for my daughter who is living in her first apartment. I would also love one of those tiny homes for a vacation place so this is good advice for that too. Thank you!

Shevy Bee

I need to invest in some nice mirrors but omg they are so expensive. Not really a green thumb so I won’t mind doing small artificial plants. I don’t like clutter so I keep furniture to a minimum. Thanks for sharing these tips though. Really helpful

Ana De Jesus

I agree. Even the smallest room can be given character and organization is definitely key, especially if it is smaller than average x

Anne Markey

I find organization is key in a small space.

Brandi Kennedy

I love the idea of using mirrors – I’ve tried that myself and found it to be incredibly helpful in opening up a small space. I also liked the idea of sticking with a simple main color palette with just little focal touches here and there!

Gina Ritchie

Some great ideas! Keeping clothes organized is my priority right now.


This is right on time. I bought my home 5 years ago and I’m just now decorating. Well i need to purchase first. I know what colors I want, but my problem is not over doing it


I always loved living in small homes/ apartments just for the challenge of decorating it and making it feel large/homey/ chic. I think you hit the nail on the head with how to do just that! Mirrors are so important for making any small space feel larger, while giving it great lines. Thank you for sharing!

Mary Gui

these tips are great, i need more mirrors in my apartment!

Rachel @ STCL

Great tips! Making an apartment feel like home can definitely be a struggle!

Michelle Catallo

Love these tips ~ I am big on all of these except the plants. I have wanted indoor plants for decades but, have never gotten around to them. One day I shall but, most likely after all kids are gone and I don’t have dogs that like to dig LOL

Anmaria Djong

Great tips. I feel like our home is too clutter with too many furniture. Wish to see more pictures here so that i can imagine it. Thank you so much.


When I lived in an apartment, I lived by # 2 too much furniture definitely makes a space look much smaller than it is. Great post

Anton Listov

I just bought a tiny house and it’s so true about the furniture. It’s come down to measuring the inches (depth) of the bed-frame and every inch counts.

Ali Rost

I love these tips. Forwarding your post to my son and his wife. They just moved into a little apartment and were thinking “ok .. what now?”

David E

These are great ideas to accessorize your small living quarters. It does get difficult with such small spaces sometimes. Thanks for the advice.


With a small space less is better. And yes to mirrors and plants. Great tips!

Mai C.

This is why I like the modern/minimalist theme or decor because it doesn’t require you to overcrowd your space with all the furniture. I think these are awesome tips! It’s nice to have a home that’s cozy and looks good as well.

Sandra Crespo

I am a total minimalist love this! It is so important to make our places cozy without adding too much. Love your tips!

Christine Martinez

I definitely need to get some mirrors to open up our home. I also want to redo my closet in the next couple weekends. 🙂

Nazy Nazy

yes i do agreee, too much furniture will definitely makes your place looks smaller

Anvita - TheBellyRulesTheMind
Anvita - TheBellyRulesTheMind

These are awesome tips, not just for an apartment for for any home. Small furniture and mirrors sure do make the rooms seem bigger than they are.

Marlynn [UrbanBlissLife]

These are SUCH great tips for any space, but especially for small apartments! I remember my first few studios and one bedroom apartments – my roomies and I always had too much furniture and it made it feel so cramped. Awesome suggestions!

Doris Martin

These are awesome tips! Sometimes small places are better because you can avoid clutter. Great post!!

Raluca Lo

Great tips, I will try to put them into practice! We have a really small apartment and I constantly try to learn to use this space better!

Laura Hutchins

After 2 years in an apartment, that was rather sizeable I’ll admit, I can safely say I will never live in an apartment again. I need a back yard and to be able to go outside. I might like to admire a cute apartment, but live in it, no way.

Taris Kendricks

I don’t have my apartment yet but, these a re good tips. I love your blog by the way. Very simple to read.


these are really great tips specially for city apartments that are mostly tight on space, i couldn’t agree more with being organized and thinking before buying furniture!

Cassidy Slockett

The mirrors one is the best tip for making a small place seem bigger. And I love the one about plants. Add flowers and everything is okay 🙂

Claudia H. Blanton

how awesome is that! I am inspired to use some of those tricks in our new apartment – it is not exactly going to be small, but hey why not make the best out of the space we have. Blessings!


Some great tips, especially about the mirrors. I know what I’m shopping for this weekend

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