Chic DIYs: 5 Common Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Neglect

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Common plumbing issues can often be ignored by homeowners, but there are serious drawbacks that can occur when these issues are overlooked. Something as simple as a dripping tap can lead to increased water utility bills or a broken water line. The best way to avoid these potential problems is to know what things you need to look for first. Here we will discuss five of the most prevalent plumbing issues and how you can prevent them.

[large_title title=”Pipe Leaks”]

A leaking pipe is clearly a sign that there is something wrong with the pipeline. It’s imperative that you have the pipes fixed immediately. Neglecting the pipe problem for a long time may cause pipe bursts. The last thing you want or need is water coming out from the broken pipe damaging your house and forcing you to spend thousands of dollars on repairs.

Besides the potential property damage that might occur from a pipe burst,  leaks can also produce molds and mildew. These molds can in turn impair ceilings, floors, and be hazardous to your health. What is worse is that sometimes the leaks are hidden deep behind your walls, and therefore be difficult to detect it until it’s too late. We highly recommend having a home inspector come to your house to run a general inspection on your home to make sure everything is up to code.

[large_title title=”Obstructed Drains”]

A blocked drain is one of the easier plumbing issues to fix, but it can also be troublesome if left ignored. There are instances where the obstruction is formed in the sewer line, which leads to a lot of problems. Leaving a drain clogged is not only unhygienic but also a breeding spot for drain flies and other pests. It can take a lot of work to unclog these obstructions on your own, so regular and diligent plumbing maintenance is one of the easiest ways you can save yourself a lot of headaches in the long run.

[large_title title=”Main Water Valve Issues”]

The main valve controls the water supply that goes to your whole house. This valve is very important, especially during plumbing emergencies like a pipe burst. Shutting off the water supply from the main water valve is going to be essential if you want to avoid your bathroom or house from becoming a pool. However, do be warned that althought you might have turned the main water valve off doesn’t mean you will shut off any water from seeping through the burst pipe. It just means you’ve stopped the leaf from having unlimited water supply.

So imagine what it means if you happen to have a broken main water valve. It would stop you from having any control over your own water supply. So it’s crucial you not hesitate to get a professional to replace your main water valve immediately.

[large_title title=”Garbage Disposal Problems”]

One of the best ways you can decrease the amount of clogs you get is by installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink drain. But that doesn’t mean maintenance isn’t necessary. Problems can occur if your garbage disposal has technical issues like being jammed. If you ignore it, it can only lead to more complicated drain issues later on. Not to mention the unprocessed food wastes can be foul smelling, and worse, harbor pests.

[large_title title=”Toilet Malfunction”]

Running toilets or weak flushes can be considered serious plumbing problems–even though some homeowners do not always take them seriously. Clogged toilets or toilet overflows may occur if you ignore these toilet issues. Some of these complications can damage your toilet, rut your pipes and even create burst pipes. And again, it can also lead to a very unhygenic environment for you and your family.

  • I’m always having to clear the drains on my shower as I get so much hair caught up in it. I’d have no idea about these things and would just end up calling my dad x

  • Jo

    I can certainly relate to the toilet malfunction. Every time we flushed ours, water started coming up into the shower – yuk! Plumber got it sorted eventually but took a while! Luckily we have two bathrooms so we could use the toilet in the other!

  • Candy Kage

    I think it great and very needful and useful information that everyone should know. Just knowing the basics can save money.

  • Kristina Wiggins

    These are the things you wish theyd taught us in school!

  • I honestly think I’ve had most of these problems in my last 4 years as a homeowner. Perks of a house that’s over a hundred years old.

  • If you have leaking pipes then it is definitely a good idea to check them out before it leaks fully and causes damage, which obviously would not be a good idea!

  • Brandi Kennedy

    This makes me glad for my choice to rent for the time being! Any of these problems? Not my problem – I have only to inform maintenance of the issue.

  • Thank you for this! We own a home now so I’m always worried about the plumbing. My mom had her toilet malfunction and it flooded everywhere!

  • Toni Jones

    The last home we rented had most of these problems and we had to call often about problems with plumbing. This move I made sure we rented a newer home. Thanks for sharing these tips. I will be using these when we buy a home.

  • Ivanna

    I’m far from being a homeowner, but these are the kinds of things I know I need to get educated on. This was really helpful; I had never been exposed to several of these potential issues.

  • This is a big problem here in Korea. The plumbing is so old in some buildings you aren’t allowed to put TP in the toilet. You have to throw soiled TP in a basket and take it out.

  • What a helpful post. These are things you just don’t think about until the expense is much more costly than it has to be.

  • Marcie W.

    The plumbing is the worst feature of our home, so knowing the basics is important. Our toilets get clogged easily, which is no picnic with three children.

  • This is very helpful post. These are the kinds of things I know I need to get educated on and it is really very helpful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Thank you for the tips! To be honest I leave all the fixing to my husband.

  • Plumbing can be a real headache when it starts having issues. Most of the time it can be gross as well. I think these are all so helpful.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    A clogged drain and a weak flush is a major cause of worry in my house. Oh my goodness, I do not want that experience of having the toilet bowl overflow! It is better to pay for maintenance than to pay for repair!

  • Anton Listov

    I had an obstructed drain pipe problem recently and boy was it a pain. Took almost a day to get that fixed but glad i did in the end. Wasn’t pleasant! 🙂

  • Marceline Dementori

    I hate having to deal with plumbing issues! It’s such a hassle when the pipes are the ones that need attention. I think these are great tips.

  • kathryn Maher

    Yes these are all important plumbing issues to look out for and repair as soon as possible. I live in an old house and there are always problems.

  • Hmm. We have a obstruction in our sink. We can’t figure our where or why it is obstructed though. I guess we should look more into this!

  • Hannah Palamara

    We live in an old apartment building and run into these problems often. It is super important to not ignore them!

  • Ayana Pitterson

    I bought a book when I was a new homeowner about fixing everything around your house without the need to pay an expensive repairman. BEST book ever. Glad to know that women are being alerted to the fact that these things are important and that they should definitely be aware of the ramifications of letting it go unchecked. Great post.


  • Ashley Rose

    It is so important to stay on top of minor repairs before they turn into bug repairs. I know so many people that just stick their head in the sand because they don’t want to deal with it and then it turns into a major problem.

  • minor things we ignore turn out to be huge with time! i really should be more careful!

  • Plumbing issues are always a headache. This is a helpful tips. I’m glad that my hub takes care of plumbing issues.

  • 9 buckcrossing

    We ended up fixing a toilet on Christmas Eve last year. This is a perfect article and reminder of the main items that could go out at anytime. A quick check can save both time and hundreds of dollars!

  • sajad ahmad

    These kind of problems can occur at anytime and you said well these issues shouldn’t be neglected

  • So far so Sabine

    Oh that must be a headache to fix a toilet, I understand why you should not neglect those plumbing problems. Good article!

  • Plumbing problems are the most annoying issues in the household. This is a very good article

  • Plumbing! Oh dear .. pluming troubles are some of the hardest for my husband I to repair. We laugh that we’re cursed. Thanks so much for your post!

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