Cuisine Bites: P.F Chang’s China Bistro

Hidden inside the popular Paseo Colorado is a dining experience worth all the hype. For years, P.F Chang’s China Bistro has offered an elegant Asian-inspired menu in a sophisticated, modern bistro setting. And the Pasadena location is no exception. Spicy chicken and wok-seared tofu lettuce wraps,  sweet and sour pork, and double pan-fried noodles are but only a few of the tasteful delights on the menu.


While the famous lettuce wraps are a must eat for people new to the restaurant, we opted for a steaming cup of their wanton soup. The soup has slices of mushrooms, spinach, water chestnuts, chicken and shrimp in a hearty chicken broth. There is nothing overly done about the wanton soup, but there’s a lightness and a tad bit saltiness ( from the broth) that complements the pork wantons and fresh spinach. It’s the perfect opening for the main entree to come.


Chang’s is known for its selection of dipping sauces, including the chili paste, homemade spicy mustard and soy sauce placed on every table. Each designed to be mixed together to concoct a sauce based on your preference. So it’s no surprise to find the same concept applies to their noodle dishes.


Like most of the noodles served at Chang’s, the sauce is the star of the dish. The Dan Dan noodles is a great example of how important a sauce is for creating the perfect yin and yang. The dish is prepared with stir-fried  scallions, garlic, chili peppers, ground chicken and served over egg noodles. Strands of julienne zucchini and Chinese bean sprouts garnish the plate.  At first glance the noodles seem non existent, especially given that we only see the sauce. So it’s hard to appreciate the dish, that is until the server combines all the ingredients together. Voila! What looked like a big glob is now an interesting blend of flavors and textures.


Overall P.F Chang’s China Bistro offers an appealing menu, great hospitality and a friendly ambiance. And with a lunch menu available from Monday thru Saturdays, even the frugal diner will appreciate the reasonable prices.


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