DIY Basics: 5 Hottest Trends in Tiling

DIY Basics: 5 Hottest Tile Trends, modern chic magazine, diy, project, tips, home improvement,

We all know that housing trends tend to come and go. Take tiling for example. It is neither quick nor cheap, so there’s no point choosing tiles that are all the rage right now only to look outdated in a few months. But how can you get the freshest looks and still keep them relevant? Here are some of the hottest trends in tiling that can allow you to achieve a lasting look in any of your future DIY projects.

All Glammed Up

Modern glam is rapidly making its way into the interior design industry. Advances in technology have brought about changes where old world meets new—with bold swirling patterns printed on tiles and fired in high gloss finishes. Coupled with vintage pieces, plenty of bling, and a chic chandelier, this look is bound to take you to the future whilst paying homage to the past. Visit this page for inspiration.

That ‘70s

The ‘70s are back in style, baby! Cutting-edge techniques such as ink-jet printing and digital imaging allow manufacturers to produce funky tiling that certainly makes a statement. Rather than going for expensive wood, timber, stone or marble, you can now get this splendid look for less. Picking printed tiles in gold, bronze, brown or taupe to lie across your walls and floors will let you transform any area in home without the ‘tacky factor’.

Bling, Bling & Bling

Hello sparkle and glitz. Tiles have become as stylish as the pieces of furniture placed on top of them, with prints that reflect light—creating a posh look for less. How so? Think dazzling metallic tiles placed behind a bold dark headboard, used on the feature wall in your dining space, or on a normal, bland wall behind your fireplace. Gold and bronze are also great neutral colors to match with most furnishings, so you’ll be able to use them for years to come.

The New Rustic

If bling simply isn’t your cup of tea, you might find industrial chic appealing. Roughed up tiles and rust, striking steel is currently making a splash. The trend’s popularity could be owed its multipurpose adaptability. What was once popular only in vast warehouse spaces now is sure to suit a great many inner-city pads. In case you feel that the rustic look you achieved with, say, Boral indoor retaining wall is a bit too rough, you can soften it with velvety cushions, plush rugs, and colorful fabrics and throws.

Punk It Up

We have seen some rather surprising tiling trends emerging from Europe in recent times. One of the most prominent is undoubtedly graffiti-like tiling, which allows you to create a genuine work of art in your modern home. Designers are breaking up huge tile blocks with street signs or individual text-printed on tiles. Visiting your local stone tile suppliers or online stores may give you more ideas for you to play with.


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