‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 4 episode 2: ‘Home’

The episode begins with Jane lying on a hospital bed as Grayson and Owen are ready to operate. The two men start fighting over her. Luckily, it’s all a dream.

As Jane tells Stacy her dream, Stacy believes Jane is going through a transition, like a caterpillar. Jane admits she hasn’t been thinking about Grayson. Stacy tells her that Grayson might be thinking of her since he’s been asking  questions about Deb and her. But Jane doesn’t really believe he could think Deb is her since he’s too “rational”.

As if Jane doesn’t already have enough problems, Luke (Carter MacIntyre) wants to live with her. However, Jane declines and starts to complain about how she’s the only one who remembers Fred. She also points out the fact that Stacy was in love with Fred. Luke replies, “It sounds like a complaint and he only takes complaints on alternate Mondays”. Let’s hope Luke can win Jane over with his witty humor.

Then we have Kim case, she has to help her Dad (John Ratzenberger) who was fired from his job and is now living in one of his employer’s homes. The EKV insurance company claimed bankruptcy leaving Kim’s dad without a retirement plan. That doesn’t stop Elliot Rollins from getting his 2.6 million dollar bonus. The break in the case comes when Kim comes back with $900 dollar faucet from the bathroom. It proves that EVK was using corporate money to furnish Rollins’ homes. Rollins is accused of grand larceny. At the end, Kim and Parker win the case and EVK is forced to reimburse every employee they ripped off.

Jane’s case is Sam Forman (Jake T. Austin), a sixteen year old who happens to be the CEO of a computer game company, worth millions. He’s also Jane’s new client. Sam wants to sue his dad because he won’t let him attend a game convention in Buenos Aires. Jane decides mediation would be best. With Terri (Jane’s assistant) they discover the kid had been kidnapped 15 years ago. His real name is Adam Gates. His dad Detective Bruce found him in a basement Meth-Lab, the one year old was abandoned. He called protective custody but no one came, so with his wife they raised Sam as their own. Now Sam asked Jane to represent Detective Bruce. Grayson suggest an emotional plea, but that doesn’t work. She gets her diva burst of knowledge and goes for Statute of Limitation for an unreported kidnapping. It serves well and wins her case.

Nikki Lepree ( Kim Kardashian) calls Stacy and says she wants her phone back (they both have the same pink bedazzle phone). They agree to meet at Stacy’s home to switch phones. When Nikki shows up, Stacy has been baking. She confesses to Nikki that she feels like something is missing. Nikki asks why the cake has a crust. Stacy doesn’t know since she followed the recipe. Nikki notices Stacy had the pages stuck together and end up combining a Bundt cake with Pecan pie. It ended up tasting really good, so Nikki tells Stacy to name it. Stacy calls it Pake. Nikki suggests they partner up and open up a Bakery together. Stacy wants Jane’s input first. Jane samples the “pake”, but before she can even finish, Stacy asks for ten thousand dollars. Jane is surprised and who wouldn’t be. Nikki meddles in and tells Jane she’s not being supportive. This is unrealistic considering Nikki is a total stranger. Nikki and Stacy end up deciding to put $5000 of their own money to start this business. Every penny Stacy saved up.

Jane and Grayson meet for drinks. Grayson remembers Deb used to cry the minute she heard “Unchained Melody” from the movie Ghost. So he asked the piano player to play the song, but Jane tries to acts indifferent by claiming she doesn’t like the song. He mentions a drink Deb liked, Jane asked for a different one. While Grayson is getting the drinks Owen shows up. Luke has texted him (pretending to be Jane) in order to prevent Jane from saying anything to Grayson. Jane starts crying and tells Owen the song makes her cry. We see Grayson standing by the piano looking over at them. But the question is, did Grayson hear Jane tell Owen how she feels about the song? Guess we’ll find out in the next episode.


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