Drop Dead Diva Season 4, episode 5: “Happily Ever After”

Ever the lawyer and judge, Jane and Owen are fighting over whom will pay the restaurant bill. But Owen wins at the end. While he pays, Jane heads to the restroom. There she hears a woman crying and becomes concerned. Turns out the woman in the stall is Leila, who is hiding from some bodyguards put there to stop her from running off. She is also set to marry the Prince of Bhutan, who happens to have two wives already. Wanting to help the poor woman, Jane decides to defend her and fight for asylum on Leila’s behalf. But it’s not going to be easy for Jane, inside and outside the courtroom as the question of commitment and marriage come to play.

DDD fans are in for a surprise as Jane finds out Owen doesn’t believe in marriage. Apparently, he thinks it’s an “archaic institution”. Of course, this doesn’t make Jane happy since she believes a relationship without a contract will make it easy to walk away from when troubles come.

Continuing with Leila’s case, Jane decides to try the case in the Bhutan Beverly Hills (the Bhutanese consulate). Grayson advises her to do what she does best and play to the magistrates’ emotions. She asks Grayson if he really believes in true love. He says of course he does and asks: don’t you? Right here we catch a glimpse of the deep connection Grayson and Jane share. Not so much in Jane’s relationship with Owen, but we digress.

As Jane tries to show Leila’s patriotism to her country, the case takes a hit when the Prince fibs about Leila’s refusal to come to America to promote his ‘Goodwill” tour. The Bhutan Judge then refuses to hear Leila’s case and ends up getting accused of sedition and arrested, where Leila will be sent back to Bhutan. However, Grayson comes to the rescue and shows Jane the court transcript. It shows the Prince of Bhutan admitting Leila didn’t want to come to America. And with that information they ask the Judge to file a T-visa to keep Leila in the country.

Elsewhere, Parker gets a phone call to pick up his son at school. It turns out his son’s teacher has been fired from his teaching position because someone leaked to the school that he made a porn video. Kim and Parker decide to take on the case and defend him so he can get his job back. The teacher tells them that he made the video with his wife two years before he became a teacher because they needed the money. He believes a disgruntled parent is responsible because they’re upset their child was not cast as Lucy in the school production of ‘Charlie Brown’.

Kim and Parker try jury modification, making sure the jury knows the only reason the tapes were public was because a parent is subjecting them to it. The judge isn’t very interested in the case. He has an agenda and doesn’t let them voice their case. So Kim decides to rest the case. But, Parker figures it’s time to do something drastic so he takes off his pants and presents himself in front of the juror. He tells them he wants the teacher to get his job back. Of course, he gets arrested, but lucky for Parker the plan works. They win the case, and the teacher gets his job back. A bit too extreme, but that seriously was the worst judge ever. Plus we got a laugh out of Parker’s bold move.

Teri tries to help Stacy with the Pakery since business has been slow. She ends up tweeting that Taylor Lautner has been seen eating at the Pakery. Of course that gets her business, but she gets in trouble for using false advertisement. An investigator lets her know she can’t do that and she promises not to use it again. But then Teri gets mistaken for Sandra Oh, and instead of denying it, she happily plays along, gaining some customers for the Pakery.

Jane and Owen meet at the bar, where he is seen carrying her overnight tote. Jane thinks they are going to break up since they’re values are different. Meanwhile, Leila tells Grayson to go after Jane and tell her how he feels. Luke hears everything and stops Grayson from entering the bar to speak to Jane. Now this is upsetting! Luke might be Jane’s guardian angel, but must he get involved in her love life? We get that Jane can’t confess that she is Deb, but if Grayson is naturally falling in love with her, Luke shouldn’t stop it. These twos are soul mates! But let’s get back to Owen. If we thought this was goodbye for these two, we’re wrong! Wedding bells are on the horizon, as Jane opens Owen’s gift only to find a ring. Next we know it, Owen is on one knee and proposing to Jane. She is pretty surprised, but accepts the proposal. He tells her he sees marriage through her eyes. Question is  how long will Owen’s newfound belief in marriage last?

Coming out of the bar, Jane finds Grayson standing there. He congratulates her after hearing she’s engaged to Owen. But for those of us who ship Jane and Grayson, it’s definitely a sad moment. Probably even more so as we see Jane and Owen about to get on the horse and carriage Owen’s rented for the special occasion. It should be Grayson there. Not Owen. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what the writers have up their sleeves for the Jane, Owen and Grayson triangle.


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