Drop Dead Diva Season 4 Premiere

Our favorite diva is back at last!  Drop Dead Diva finally aired on Sunday, June 3rd on Lifetime channel. But in case you missed it, check out our recap of the season 4 premiere.

Last season’s finale left Jane (Brooke Elliot) heartbroken after seeing her best friend Stacy (April Bowlby) kiss Grayson (Jackson Hurst), the love of her life. Jane decides to runs off and take a trip to Italy. While on the plane, Judge Owen French joins Jane. Stacy ends up telling Grayson that Jane is Deb. In case you don’t know Deb is Grayson’s dead fiance (after Deb’s soul is put in Jane’s body). Jane tells Fred ( Jane guardian angel and Stacy’s boyfriend) that Stacy kissed Grayson. Upset and broken hearted, Fred leaves.

We begin Season 4 with Jane conversing with Owen in Italy. Out of the blue, her assistant, Terri (Margaret Cho) shows up, after being sent by Kim. We learn that Kim has been taking care of the law firm, while Parker is searching for his ex. Now the firm is broke and they need Jane for a very important case. Terri tells Jane that Kim is willing to give her her parking space, gym room membership, executive washroom and first class flight back and other goodies in exchange for Jane’s return.

Grayson admits to Stacy that he hasn’t stopped thinking about Jane since she left. Sadly, Grayson goes to the airport with flowers to meet Jane, but instead he sees her kissing Owen. We move on to the case of Mrs. Horn and her murder charge. Mrs. Horn is someone Jane has helped and knows from the past. Now Jane has to prove her innocence.

With every ounce the diva, Jane tells Stacy what she saw and why she hadn’t been in touch. Stacy tells Jane what really happened, that Grayson kissed her and she told him she wasn’t Deb. As Jane and Stacy make up, there’s a knock on the door. Guess who?  Fred’s back, but he’s brought Ally, his new girlfriend. Desperate to get Fred back, Stacy talks to a relationship guru named Nikki Lepree (Kim Kardashian).

Meanwhile, Grayson thinking about what Stacy said to him earlier about Jane being Deb.  He begins to slowly  put things together, starting with the fact that Deb and Jane were in the hospital on the same day. To add to the excitement is Stacy’s love confession to Fred.

The episode is packed with suspense, a little heartbreak and a whole lot of diva. We’re looking forward to watching what unravels in season 4 of Drop Dead Diva. Hopefully, we’ll get the Grayson and Jane happy ending we’ve been rooting for.

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I have never watched this show, but after this spicy review….I think that I will check it out


AWESOME!— Makes me want to see it!! OMG– I think I will!!!

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