Fashion Chic: The New Way to Rock Your Gym Look

rock you gym look, articles, blogger, fitness, fitfam, gym. workout gym, sport clothing, fitness clothing, clothing line, fashion, style, trends, The world of fashion is constantly changing, and we are often witnesses to different trends that simply don’t live up to fashionistas’ great expectations. You may think that this would be the case with wearing sportswear outside of the gym, but actually this fashion trend is still quite popular. And with more designers and celebrities launching fashion forward styles, gym clothes have never been more attractive. So for those of you who love this sporty trend just as much as us, keep reading as we go into this awesome trend, and share a new way to rock your gym look.

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If you are into fitness and working out on a daily basis, you have probably noticed that many things have changed – starting from the concept of training, all the way to carefully picking what to wear for it. Gym enthusiasts are well aware of what we are talking about – fashion is having a huge moment in the world of fitness – serving as a great motivational push to work out.

The whole process of gym attire has been upgraded. In fact, you no longer have to settle for a pair of sweats unless of course you want to (we don’t judge). There are so many options to go for so why not try color-coordinating an outfit along with fun trainers and accessories.

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As we have already stated, Activewear has become a massive hit all around the world and only grows more momentum. A fact which was cemented when the trend was featured in Vogue Paris – one of the Holy Grails for many fashionistas out there.

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Gym clothes could even be seen on the runways in the past few seasons, and they weren’t marketed solely for the gym either. We saw fabulous active wear be used to create everyday casual combos and stylish weekend outfits.

In fact, A large number of ready-to-wear brands have come up with new collections that feature sportswear items. What is even better, some of the world’s most prominent designers and fashion houses such as Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott, Stella McCartney, and Givenchy, have also designed a line of clothes and footwear specifically with that purpose in mind – either for their own collections or in collaboration with some other brands, such as Adidas and Nike.

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Even some celebrities, such as Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams, Rihanna, Kate Hudson, and Rita Ora have taken the role of a designer and created some best-selling workout pieces. Whether it’s new fun prints, textures, styles or performance, we definitely recommend taking a peek at what brands are offering and seeing what type of Activewear you will enjoy the best.

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Finding the perfect balance between comfortable gym clothing and style can seem tricky, but this is actually very possible to achieve. It all depends on your unique style, your comfort level and your level of activity. For those wanting to celebrate their curves, we suggest a bright sports bra  (with support of course!) with a pair of black leggings or yoga pants as this style combo helps elongate the body and adds a bit of slimness. Simply add a loose jacket and this outfit works perfectly for running errands on those casual days.  You can also try fun graphic prints that are absolutely perfect for spicing up your gym look.

Now we do suggest that you pick out one main clothing piece to make it your centerpiece and work from there. A good rule of thumb is to look at opposites. How? Take for example a loose pair of sweats. Matching them with a large, loose blouse may make you appear boxy. But finding a more fitted T-shirt that still gives you room to move around, but follows the contours of your body can make you look more put together. This is absolutely a must if you’re rocking your gym look outside the gym.Image stylish Gym Look

As for the accessories, they are a must when it comes to a stylish gym outfit. The first easy accessory can include colourful headbands that perfectly matches your outfit. If your’re heading to the gym (or simply outside), this is a great opportunity to bring your ultra colorful gym bag and wear your bright neon sneakers. No one said you couldn’t sweat up a storm on the treadmill and not look fabulous doing so.

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Although you may have thought that there was no way for gym clothes to become something more than simply comfortable pieces to wear for a workout at the gym, the Activewear trends are definitely disproving that. So go through your closet and rock your gym look proud!

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Amanda Kushner

Love these suggestions! I’ve been trying to update my gym/athleisure wear lately 🙂
XO Amanda | http://www.glitterandspice.com

Jessica Hughes

Great suggestions, you can look cute and go to the gym!


Love the picks as a fashion addict this is important lol

Jenny B

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE that fitness wear is fashionable because I pretty much live in them. What is your favorite brand? Such a great post!!

Shann Eva

I love that gym clothes and fitness wear are now becoming trendy. I go to the gym a lot, and I like to have cool stuff. It’s nice to be able to wear it everywhere.


I am such a lazy person when it comes to going to gym but whenever I plan, the first thing I do is get new gym clothes! I think it definitely adds to the motivation! I love bright neon sneakers… and love to see them when I am on the treadmill!

Lubka Henry

I also think that being comfortable is the most important aspect of good gym wear. Great tips and I do enjoy a good and well designed gym gear 🙂

Pack Your Baguios

Gym clothes have come a long way since my “flashdance” days! Love the new looks.

Irina Tchenkova

I really like this article, very interesting! 🙂

Bombshell Drawer Blog

I always make sure to get good quality ad comfortable workout clothes! It reflects on my mood and performance. Sketchers have been and always be my gym shoes.

Борка Шаула

I love gym fashion! Even though I started going on Zumba dance now, my fashion rules haven’t change. Only two days ago I bought new hot pink leggings from Nike and I love to pair them with black Nike sneakers and completely black top.


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