Fashion Tips for the One Big Statement & Head to Toe Fashionista

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Fashion is a form of art, but unlike most paintings and sculptures, it’s not contained. It’s fluid, it can take any shape and form, and most of all it’s all around us. Every savvy dresser, every innovative fashionista has something unique that she brings to the table. Some are minimalists who choose their style wisely and dresses sharply–focusing on one detail that stands out to complete her work of art. Others are fond of the concept that revolves around every piece of their attire, every garment tells a story of who they are.

Whether you’re the one big statement piece kind of gal, head to toe style goddess or somewhere in between, we have some savvy fashion tips that will help every fashionista own her style.

[large_title title=”Be True To Yourself”]

With so much inspiration that we gather from fashion blogs and Instagram influencers, it’s not that difficult to put together a great outfit. However, don’t fall prey to trends alone. Sure, trends are great indicators of what’s hot here and now, but most of them are fleeting at best. Instead of rushing out to pick up everything that’s popular at the moment, step back and really figure out what works for you and your style. It’s okay to use trends as reference points, but don’t ever be afraid of tweaking it to showcase your personality.

The last thing you want is to be wearing something that isn’t you. Believe us…it shows. When opting for a style, it is fundamental you love what you’re wearing. We are firm believers that once a style feels good, it will definitely look good. Don’t underestimate a confidence gal.

How to Rock the Tip

  • One Big Statement: Summer is a great time to make a big splash if you’re one for a big statement piece whether it’s a cool print jumpsuit or neon sandals. It’s also an opportunity to stay in touch with your style too. Use this opportunity to make your statement piece a reflection of your uniqueness and personality. We opted for  a simple, white skater dress, a tan floppy hat and white sandals. And our one big statement piece was a colorful beach bag with watermelon prints on it. We took our love for watermelon and made it the centerpiece of our entire outfit.

  • Head to Toe: If you’re a fashionista that loves to make their entire outfit into one big statement piece, then we recommend you pick a theme to your outflit, focusing on a cool print and color to really create that wow factor. We chose to go with a zebra print skater dress, geometric flip-flops, a turquoise straw hat and a NYC clutch. All unique pieces, but work perfectly together.

[large_title title=”Embrace Color”]

We get how easy it is to reach for that black maxi dress over and over again, but fashion is about experimenting with styles, cuts, prints, and more importantly, color. Remember, you can still rock your usual while  adding a bit more technicolor to your outfit.

How to Rock the Tip

  • One Big Statement: For minimalists, a powerful pencil skirt could be the one ‘statement’ shade in the sea of neutral hues. If you’re going for sheer tops and skirts in bright shades or prints,  try to reach for accessories and shoes a bit more toned down. We chose to go for a vibrant red pencil skirt and pair it with a white or beige blouse. Tuck the blouse in for a modern feel and style it with neutral pumps and cream colored satchel.

    • Head to Toe: For the head-to-toe dresser, focus on one piece at a time to build up on your look and make it cohesive. We chose a gorgeous pencil skirt in a light blue shade with delicate lace detailing. Next, we styled it with an off the shoulder polka dot crop top. Polka dots and strips are  definitely in, as shown on this years’ runways. To add a bit more color and flair, we paired the skirt and top with a fun pineapple themed flats and headband.

    [large_title title=”Jewelry is a Must”]

    We are so often focused on what print, style or color we’re planning to wear that day that we easily overlook jewelry. But taking the time to pick and choose a great jewelry piece is so essential to completing the look. It literally is the cherry on top of a sundae.

    How to Rock the Tip

    • One Big Statement: Jewelry is a great centerpiece to any neutral look, as it makes a great conversation piece without feeling too outdone.  A colorful, slightly chunkier necklaces are absolutely perfect to dress up a casual outfit during summer.

    • Head toToe:  Now jewelry is just as important to a head-to-toe kind of gal. In fact, picking two statement pieces that complement each other is actually a great way to make the ultimate statement you want. However, avoid adding too many unnecessary glitz and glam pieces to your look. We recommend keeping jewelry to no more than 2 to 3 pieces that way they won’t compete with each other but still add a much needed flair to any outfit.

    • I agree with “jewelry is a must”, but I don’t like to wear it too much. I like to wear the simple jewelry.

      • Jewellery is amazing isn’t it – the way it can really change the whole look of an outfit is just perfect.

    • Shannon Patterson

      I really love these tips! Everyone looks different, so no two fashions should be alike either!

    • Adea Ademi

      These were great tips, especially the one on being true to oneself because I always try to rock every season, in my style. Also jewelry makes every outfit better 🙂 (and a leg bracelet is great for summer – complimenting your “head to toe” theme 😛 )

    • I am a minimalist and would love to wear statement necklaces but I always struggle finding one that can last through seasons or go with various outfits. I have yet to find a lovely monochrome piece that has no gold tones in it and contains no nickel..I hate my allergy. =(

    • kathy

      I do need to work on embracing a bit more color. My mom used to get on me for wearing to much black. It took 60 years but I am now braving more bold colors. Better late than never:-)

    • These are some great tips, being true to yourself is a big one as you want to make sure you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, you will never full embrace something you don’t like.

    • Neely

      Yes to being true t yourself. We all have to do it. We cant just dress like everyone else.

    • Jennifer Kinal

      I love your tips! I agree the biggest rule is to stay true to yourself! That is a must and then have fun! Play with a great statement piece with a jeans and tee or really have fun and make a complete statement with a cute head to toe print. Great tips!

    • Marissa

      These are great tips, especially the first one! You must ALWAYS be true to yourself in fashion. Wear what you like and not what everyone says you should be wearing! And of course, being a jewelry designer, I always say don’t forget your jewelry! 🙂


    • Marcie W.

      Love these fun fashion suggestions! I am definitely more of a One Big Statement type and often wear a single pop of color with a neutral outfit or one bold piece of jewelry that is sure to attract attention.

    • Mandy Baker

      Those are definitely great tips! It is so true that you have to be true to yourself! I also love the one big statement. I usually go with accessories to make my statement!


    • This post is great for putting things back into perspective as to what fashion is really all about. I couldn’t agree more that it is a personal thing and it works best when it makes you feel good and confident. I also love the pieces you have chosen to feature here.

    • Melanie May

      I have a red pencil skirt and I have never worn it as I have no idea what to pair it with but your top and shoes look perfect, and are very much my style too! I’m gonna try pull that look together this weekend.

    • tara pittman

      I love love that watermelon bag. It is the perfect bag for summer.

    • Claudia Krusch

      I love to play with color in my wardrobe. I think it is important to stay true to yourself. I need to pick up a few new necklaces for Summer.

    • fashion-mommy

      I love this post, proof you can just dip into a trend with a statement piece rather than hitting something from head to toe.

    • I am all about color in my wardrobe. Red is my favorite, so a lot of my outfits are red.

    • Needa

      Neon sandals are on my backlist !! perfect for summer !! Cool list to follow

    • Chloe

      I need to buy more statement jewelry! When I was younger I used to have a few different pieces but over the years and many moves they have gotten lost. Thank you for reminding me!

    • I am just terrible at embracing color!! I have a whole wall of black and grey clothing and a tiny corner of colors!!

    • Sondra Barker

      I think being yourself is key when it comes to fashion. If your comfortable in what your wearing the confidence shines through.

    • Coralie

      These are great tips. I often struggle with what to wear and pair, but this is great advice – just be yourself. I also love jewelry. I feel it completes the look.

    • Erin Fred

      These are great ideas for switching your daily style up!

    • Shigufa Saleheen

      I’m clueless when it comes to figuring out outfit combinations that work together, but I will admit I’m killer when it comes to jewelry! Really enjoyed this post and all the accessories/clothes options you laid out!

    • Clint

      These are great tips. I need to share them with my wife, I think she would enjoy reading about the differences.

    • Samantha Bye

      So true that it shows if you’re wearing something which isn’t you! I’m not too flashy in what I wear, but I’m comfortable and it works for me.

    • Margarette Puno

      Oh i love all the choices! I am always in fashion so i would love all of these.

    • Maro Akamatra

      I usually wear clothes to fit my gamine style but sometimes I go for the one big statement, usually as a colorful pair of shoes.

    • Nellwyn

      I really need to incorporate more colour into my closet, but I love the simplicity and minimalism of having a neutral capsule wardrobe. I should consider a colourful pencil skirt like you suggest!

    • Heather

      Thank you for sharing this! I have pretty minimal skill in the fashion arena, so this post was super helpful. I especially loved the pencil skirt under One Big Statement. Very cute!

    • Each item on your list makes for a huge statement piece that can take an outfit to a whole new level so I agree with you on that. A well positioned hat or piece of jewelry can make a bigger statement than the outfit.

    • Ali Rost

      I love the tip about having one big fashion piece. In the summer months, it’s usually a colorful dress. I always wear it with a pair of flip flops and neutral sweater.

    • Charity Gorman

      I love this post! I love fashion but sometimes have a hard time putting everything together where I think it looks good. These tips will really help me out so my end result is something I am happy with. I will keep these tips in mind from now on. Thank you.

    • I love sharing fashion outfit ideas and even more so reading about it. I like simple yet confident pieces and love trying new styles but I also know what I am comfortable in

    • Samantha

      I agree with you that fashion is a form of art and sometimes it is so under-valuated.
      I love the outfit you picked, a pop of color is really a must during Summer!

    • Sometimes, I try to be fashionable. Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing or how to dress myself, lol.

    • Laura Dove

      Great tips! I am useless at accessorising with jewellery. I only ever really wear a small pair of earrings and my wedding rings!

    • David Elliott

      Great fashion tips here. Although as a guy I just don’t have the type of jewelry that would match outfits. I know that many consider watches jewelry but they always irritate my wrists.

    • I’m definitely all about the one statement piece – whether it’s a patterned dress, or bright pants, or a giant necklace – I plan the rest of my outfit around that!

      Caitlin • Blonde Seeking Ambition

    • Healing Tomato

      I love those big earrings and the big fluffy hats

    • Vanessa Palma

      love these tips. I’m very simple and usually favor a big purse as my statement piece.

    • Brittany Daoud

      I’ve really been trying to wear more color this summer! Usually I wear a lot of neutrals, but I’m enjoying switching it up.

    • I definitely have to embrace color more!

    • I need to add more glam into my wardrobe. I think it would fall into the remaining true to me statement. I love boho chic however, those pineapple shoes are just too cute and I think I could pull them off.

    • David Elliott

      I do like the notion of you embracing the use of color in fashion. I do love black too though. 🙂

    • My wife has been looking to “glam up” her wardrobe and i must say this post is helpful. I will share with her as a reference as I personally have no experience in women fashion. My wife will agree greatly with that statement lol.

    • I’ve never liked wearing jewelery myself, but It does look nice on some people

      . As you say, it adds a nice bit of colour.

    • Denice Joyce Diaz

      I often have a statement in mind whenever I wear something. The one thing I am not really fond off though, but would like to explore, is wearing jewelry. On a day to day basis I only have my watch, given by my husband, and or wedding ring.

    • Marceline Dementori

      I love these tips because I’m not really sure how to use statement pieces to make an outfit stand out. I think the necklaces are simply beautiful.

    • Melissa Chee

      LOVE the rings! 🙂 So much fun stuff.

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