Gotham Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: Penguin’s Umbrella

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On this week’s episode of Gotham, Gordon faces the consequences of his decision to spare Penguin’s life.

Recap of Previous Episode

Last week, we saw Montoya and Allen walk into the precinct to arrest Gordon for the murder of Oswald Cobblepot. Just as we thought our favorite detective was going to get hauled to jail, we get the biggest shock: Penguin walks in with the biggest smirk on his face.

Here are our Highlights of the Episode:

Back to Work

Gordon returns to the precinct. And although he’s trying to get in the swing of things as usual, the tension is thick as everyone there is looking at him or trying not to look at him. Yup, something is about to hit the roof.

Falcone and Mooney Battle Continues

Mooney is upset about Gordon. She wants him and Penguin dead. However Falcone isn’t keen on the plan. He tells Fish from Maroni to politely to hand over Oswald. Niko offers to do the job. Falcone decides to send Victor to get Gordon. Mooney is worried about Falcone’s sudden interest in chickens and his carefree attitude. Plus, Falcone hasn’t made any moves on Mooney’s inside girl. She tells Niko that Falcone is acting as if he knows something the rest of them don’t know.

Charges of Conspiracy

Essen wants to know what Gordon is doing. Gordon just calmly says it’s his shift, and proceeds to type up an arrest warrant for The Mayor Aubrey James and Carmine Falcone on charges of conspiracy. Got to love how nonchalant Gordon is. Essen thinks he has gone insane as no one will help him, but Gordon still believes there are good people out there. He refuses to be forced out of his home. Essen says she can’t help him…no one will.

A Shootout

Victor Zsasz is sent by Falcone to get Gordon at the precinct. A shootout breaks out there with Falcone’s men at the helm. Gordon gets shot and runs to the parking lot only to have Falcone’s men in close pursuit. Suddenly Montoya and Allen pull up, and just in the nick of time, drive him away. That was a close call!

At the Restaurant

Mooney meets with Maroni. She wants Penguin. Maroni on the other hand, knows he should hand Penguin over but he finds him too amusing. Mooney doesn’t see the humor.  She wants respect. Maroni calls Penguin out, where he tells him that Mooney and Falcone feel Penguin has disrespected them. He then tells Penguin to apologize, which Penguin does. Always the viper, Mooney threatens them with bloodshed. She tells Penguin she is going to torture him, and she proceeds to slap him. Yikes, that’s going to leave a mark!

Heartfelt Conversation at Bruce’s Home

Montoya and Allen drop Gordon off at Bruce’s home. Tired of being treated as a kid, Bruce wants Gordon to tell him if all that’s occurring right now is connected to his parents’ murders. Gordon says it is. He then introduces Montoya and Allen, and tells Bruce that they will take over his parents’ case, if anything were to happen to him. Alfred wants to help, but Gordon says he has to do it alone. Bruce then hugs him.

Maroni and Falcone Talk

Falcone wants the fighting to stop, and offers his condolences. He says if you like Penguin, you can have him but he wants something in return. Falcone wants real estate, and Maroni offers Indian Hill. Mooney says it’s a waste dump on top of an Indian burial ground at Arkham and it’s worthless. But Falcone doesn’t find anything worthless, and accepts.

A Team

Bullock pays Gordon a visit. Gordon tells him about his plan to arrest the Mayor and Falcone. Bullock thinks it’s crazy, but he’s in. Together they get in the Mayor’s car and tell him he is under arrest.

A Visit to Falcone

Gordon and Bullock grab The Mayor and then go to Falcone’s home to arrest him. There Falcone says Gordon has something to lose if he does this.  Gordon is in disbelief until he finds out Barbara came to Falcone, pleading for Gordon’s life. So now they have something on Gordon. Bullock says he’s lying, but Falcone doesn’t lie. They show Barbara (Zsasz is on watch duty). She is then brought out. Falcone insists he’s not the enemy. He decides to let them go. However, Gordon wants to know what’s the catch. Before they depart, Falcone tells Gordon that someday he will know that Falcone was right.

Surprise Revelations at Falcone

Falcone goes outside to check on his chickens when Penguin shows up limping with his umbrella. They greet like old friends. Here comes the shocker. We find out it was all planned out from the moment Oswald was supposed to get killed by Gordon.

With Oswald’s brilliant mind, it’s obvious he had everything planned out to perfection Oswald tells Falcone all about Nikolai and Fish, and their plans to take over. Falcone is not sure about letting Gordon live, but Oswald believes he will come around.

Join us next week on Fox for more Gotham.


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