Health On the Go: 3 Whey Protein Myths

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We might have said goodbye to January, but not our new year’s resolutions. As we continue to encourage and set goals for a healthier lifestyle in 2016,  it’s important to gain a deeper understanding of health topics such as weight loss, nutrition, exercise and more. Today we’ll be talking about weight loss, but more specifically the myths about Whey protein.

But first, what is Whey protein? Now milk consists of two proteins, casein and whey. We get whey protein when it is separated from the casein in milk or when it is formed as a by-product of cheese making.

With this said, let’s look at Whey protein more in-depth.

[large_title title=”They are ALWAYS deadly to the kidneys”]


While too much protein can be harsh on your kidneys, there has been no conclusive evidence that shows a link between whey protein and kidney dysfunction when consumed by those with healthy kidneys.

Consuming High Quality whey protein can actually be a great addition to those engaged in active physical pursuits like resistance training  as it can be excellent for lean muscle growth, retention and balancing macro nutrients to assist in fat loss.

However, for those individuals with existing kidney issues or severe medical conditions, it is best to avoid ingesting whey protein as you do not want to exacerbate it.

[large_title title=”More is More!”] False

Everyone’s body is different and therefore should be taken into account when coming up with a fitness and nutrition plan. For some, following a strict Paleo diet works beautifully in reducing their health risks and shedding the pounds, while others have greater success incorporating muscle building training and a lean protein diet instead.

The same can be said for consuming whey protein, whether in powder or tablets. If you don’t take whey powder the way it is meant to be taken, and in the prescribed amounts, you will not see any results, at least not positive results. Some vitamins and minerals found in whey powder can have health risks if ingested in large doses. Take as much whey as you SHOULD, not more and not less, and be patient.

They key is about moderation and finding what works best for you (with the guidance of a doctor and nutritionist).

[large_title title=”The best ones are labelled as All-natural”] False

There are tons of whey powders and tablets labelled as all-natural, which isn’t always the case as they often times contain enzymes additives or primrose oil.

We have found that doing our research in advance definitely pays off. In this digital era, finding nutritional facts on almost any supplement is incredibly easy to do. There are also plenty of health sites that have compared and ranked the “Best” whey powders that you can use as a reference. Now if you’re more an in store kind of person, bring your notes and do some browsing in health stores, and ask health experts there for their advice too.  The last thing you want to do is play with your health.

[large_title title=”It will cause you to look bulky”] False

Many of us think that by taking whey powders, it will cause us to look bulky. But this isn’t the case. We are taking proteins, not steroids. Whey protein supplements provide our body with a larger amount of proteins and other vitamins that we cannot always obtain with our regular diets. If we are looking to convert body fat into lean muscle mass, whey protein is a great supplement to add to our fitness regimen.


whey protein, fitness, fitfam, health, healthy lifestyle, protein, body building, whey protein powder, blog, modern chic magazine, women fitness, healthy,

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at whey protein and showing some of the myths behind it. We do highly recommend you consult a physician to map out the best health plan for you. Best of luck on your health journey.

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Logan Cantrell

This is very interesting. I did not know much about whey protein, but I feel more informed now. I think it is interesting because a good friend of mine just had terrible kidney stones and her dr. told her it was due to a special diet that made her eat lots of protein and hardly anything else. I guess that goes to show that everything is best in moderation.

Nelo Obi

What the above commenter just said, everything in moderation. Thanks for the article, very informative


Very interesting post. I really didn’t know very much about whey protein, but I used to think that it bulked you up. Thanks for clearing up that misconception!

Heather Gullett Denniston
Heather Gullett Denniston

Great article. I would love to see the resources you used. Also it would be great to see the links to the proteins you recommend. 😄 This is such a confusing subject for many. – dr. Heather xo

Katie Urban

Great article – I don’t know much about whey protein but feel like it is such a good addition to the diet.

​xx katie // a touch of teal

GiGi Eats Celebrities

I don’t do WHEY because of my dairy-allergy. But I say, if the whey is grass-fed/finished and sugar-free, GO FOR IT. If you’re not dairy intolerant!

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