Holiday Makeup Looks Your Man Will Love

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Now you might have already picked out which outfits you plan to wear throughout the holiday season with your beau, but have you thought about what makeup styles you’ll be rocking? If the answer is no or you’re in need of some makeup inspirations, we suggest a few of these gorgeous, elegant makeup looks we are sure your special someone will love.    

Light & Natural

You might be surprised to find out that a good majority of men love the natural and no-makeup look, so if yours is one of them, you should go for a subtle and gentle look that will highlight your features without covering your natural elegance. 

How to Make It Your Own: Since it’s the holiday season, you can spice up the everyday natural look with a bit of shimmer on the eyes. And to add a touch of glow, apply a light highlight to accent the best features of your face.

Image natural makeup

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For the rest of the makeup, opt for copper, bronze or gold shades for the eyes and combine it with a nude or deep berry shaded matte lipstick. For the final and delicate touch, apply a bit of light gloss on a lower lip and blend it gently with a lipstick.

Smoky eyes

With their sexy and mysterious vibe, it’s no wonder smoky eyes are one of the go-to makeup looks to do for any occasion, especially for the holidays. It’s timeless classic appeal makes it ideal to work with any outfit.

How to Rock this Look: Creating a smoky eye may look tricky at first, but there many useful makeup tips and tutorials on the internet to help you pull off the perfect smoky eyes just like a pro. 

Image smokey eye

Nothing completes a smoky look like some killer eyeliner, whether you go for a dramatic line or opt for a classic winged liner. If want to soften your lower liner, smudge a bit of  bronze shimmery eyeshadow on top of your lower lid to create warmth and dimension. We suggest keeping the lips neutral with a nude lipstick or a lip gloss to keep the eyes as the focal point. 

Wild Ruby Lips

One of the easiest ways to create a festive and sophisticated look is to reach for a red lipstick. Like smoky eyes, it’s also a classic that men tend to adore because it lends a playful, self-confident, and slightly flirtatious air to a woman. You’ll be surprised with how quickly a swipe of a red lipstick on the lips can help boost a woman’s confidence.

How To Get the Look: The most important step to do before you apply your favorite red lipstick is to run through a good lip care routine. Red lipstick or stain can be unforgiving to dry, chapped lips so it’s essential that you create the right base. 

Image red lipstick

image source: 2, 3

Now you can choose a bright or a dark shade, opt for a glossy or matte finish, or go for something trendy like an ombre lip. The options are numerous, so be creative. However, we do recommend keeping eye makeup on the minimum. One of our favorite ways to pair a red lipstick is by sweeping a creamy shimmering nude eyeshadow on the lids (unless we want something overly dramatic) and a pair of falsies and high volume mascara.

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lianne hempsall

I love a red lip and a smoky eye! Tbh if I’m on a night out I do them both together! My nights out, and therefore my opportunity for glamourous make up are limited as a mother so when I get the chance I go all out!!
here is my url if you want to visit and say hi http://www.makesbakesanddecor.com


I love the light and natural look x

Elizabeth Johnson

I love a dark rich color on the lip during the holidays! So gorgeous.


I love doing smokey eyes! Definitely the perfect look for when you go out!

Aish Padihari

Smokey eyes and red lips are so much in trend.

Crizzy Kiss

Such an awesome idea with the smokey eyes and red lips. Most of my friends are using red lipsticks this season too. 😉

Sophia Smith

Thank you 🙂 I recently discovered that red lipstick actually looks good on me and I am so happy about that 🙂


These are gorgeous looks! I rarely wear makeup but I might wear some on Christmas.

Tina Horton

Nice post – I love the ruby lips! It’s my go-to on date nights! I need to try my hand at smokey eyes… it’s so hard to do if you can only see so much out of one eye… hello glasses! Ugh!

I enjoyed reading what you had to say! 🙂

Ana De Jesus

I love a smoky eye ( normally purple and gold) and a berry lip. That is definitely my festive go to look!

Sabrina Barbante

I’ll go with the smoky eyes… I love it. Even if this year I’m temped to dare with a red lipgloss. 🙂

Eugenia Nazarova

These are all such gorgeous makeup looks for the holiday season! Love smokey eyes (especially gold) with red lips!

Mary Gui

love the ruby lip look, so festive and holiday ready!


Thanks for the great suggestions!

Cătălina-Iuliana Nini
Cătălina-Iuliana Nini

That burgundy lips color though ♥ ♥ ♥ ! Light & Natural is my favorite approach.

Rochelle Valle

The ruby lip is what I’ve been liking lately. I go through different phases.

Ana Ojha

The combination of the smoky eyes and ruby lips look perfect for the holiday season!

Karlyn Flores

Wow, such a good Holiday looks, I love the simple make up look


I love that wild red lips! looks fab

Christel Hansen

I love nothing more than rocking a smokey eye and nude lips, or wearing a nice festive red or berry lip with a more natural eye and winged liner!

Mai C.

I love all the suggestions! There’s nothing better than a natural look everyday but it’s also nice to have smokey eyes especially when you’re going out for dinner with your man. Bold red lips will always be sexy for me!


I like the holiday season when you can add shimmer together with your daily makeup. I also love red lips, they are really sexy, especially while waiting for Santa 🙂


Both of these are such great looks for the holidays or any time for that matter! I love a great smokey eye.

Emma White

I just love the smoky eye look but so frustrating that I can do it on others and it looks amazing but can never do it on myself

Keith Haney

Being a man those are really cool colors. Make-up should help to bring out the natural features and those do a nice job of highlighting those.

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