How to Boldly Rock the Natural Makeup Trend This Fall

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It’s not unusual that during the summer we use as little makeup as we can and when necessary only the minimum as possible – preferring a low maintenance makeup routine. Now summer might be behind us, and bold lips and dramatic eyeliner the centerpiece of makeup trends this season, but natural makeup isn’t going away anytime soon. And we have just the makeup looks and tips to get show you how you can ace the natural look and still rock those bolder makeup trends.

Natural beauty

Why do we love this glowy makeup trend so much? Because it can enhance our best features and accent our natural beauty, while looking casual and put together at the same time. A great way to achieve this kind of look is to use beauty products that keep the oils at bay, but still give the skin the appearance of skin. Here’s how:

Image natural makeup

  • Preparation.

There might be an emphasis on the eyes and lips this Fall, but prepping your skin is key so you have to treat it well in order to keep it healthy and well-hydrated. If you have a problematic skin or have dry skin, we definitely recommend you do facials and use products specifically geared to combatting those skin issues. The same for those with oily skin. For an extra smoothness, apply a primer, preferably the one that contains silicone which gives a velvety texture to a skin.

  • All About The Base

A base is absolutely key. If it’s lightweight even better! Rather than reaching out for a full-coverage foundation, why not opt for a bb cream instead. Widely popular in Korean and now in the US, bb creams are the all in one beauty product that serves as a moisturizer, base and foundation in one. A great BB cream to consider is the Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream Spf30, which has a built in moisturizer, skin-perfector and HD foundation in one.  Simply apply it with your fingers and rub it well into your skin. You can use a buffing brush to blend away around the edges. If you have oily skin, just apply a bit of translucent powder around the t-zone to keep the oily away without matifying your skin too much.

  • Extend the glow

The next step is to apply highlighter on the points of your face where light would hit naturally like above the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, on the cupid’s bow and under the brow bones. Blend the highlighter into the skin to keep it looking as natural as it can be.  Extra touch. If you have to reboot your glow during a hard work day, carry a facial mist with you and light mist the skin when it’s needed.

Foil Eyes

To get a foil-like effect on the eyelid isn’t hard to do. One way you can do so is by mixing a little bit of unscented lip gloss and a neutral, nude or peachy color (popular shades we are seeing for Fall) eyeshadow and pat it on your eyelids. This will give the appearance of a shiny glow to the lids.  But that’s not all! Here’s how to enhance this look:

Image shiny eyes

  • Preparation.

Define your eye makeup look by applying a black liquid liner with a thin applicator  along your lashline. The next step is to draw a line along the bottom lashes with a brown shaded eye-pencil, preferably one that is the most similar with your natural color to add some balance to the look.

  • Create The Look

Besides the unscented lip gloss, another method to use when creating the foil look is to apply a wax-based, colorless cream on the eyelids, which will give you that desired natural gloss look on the lids. When applying it, simply mix the product together with your preferrred eyeshadow and dab it on the lids. You can again use a small eye brush to blend.

  • Extra touch

If you’re planning to venture with the foil look, make sure to keep the rest of your makeup more on the natural side. We’re thinking a clean, put together complex, making sure to keep the lips neutral and the blush little to none.

Kissable lips

So daring lips are one of our favorite looks to do for Fall. And when we pair it with the natural look, even better! Because dark lip colors are all the rage right now, it’s fair to assume that your lips will be the focal point. Now to ensure they do have that deserved spotlight, try to keep eye and face makeup light and natural.  Here’s how to create the look:

Image glossy seductive lips

  • Preparation:

Just like you would take care of your face and body, the lips are important to care for. So make sure to exfoliate and hydrate the lips every week at least in order to create the perfect canvas to apply your favorite vampy  lipstick.

  • Dress it Up or Down

Casual or Professional. The choice is up to you. If you’d like to keep with the completely natural look, simply apply a lip balm with an extra hydrating effect in some neutral color, like Maybelline’s Baby Lips.  However, if you want to spice it up a little bit, try with a lip gloss (it shouldn’t be too liquidy; otherwise, it could slip around) or that dark plum color lipstick celebrities like Rihanna and Lily Collins are rocking.


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Tania Potter

I actually want a black or brown liquid liner, I have never used one but am keen to try it. Thanks for all the useful tips!

Rose Mont

I enjoy a natural look throughout the year. I think ladies get in a routine and don’t change their makeup routine up like they could. It would be nice to see more ladies do this.

Chrissy Z.

Love this look and the bold lip colors! Great post!

Alexandra Yargeau

I love the foil eye trend! I agree with you that everything looks 100% better with a good base. I am fond of the NYX finishing powder to top it all off.

Talitha Haynes

I love mixing natural eyes with a bold lip for the fall.

Ruthie Ridley

LOVE the foil eye trend and those lip colors are amazing!! Love it!!

Ryan | A Polished Palate

I’m all about the lip colors!

Jessica Sheppard

Love all the wonderful makeup tips! You are so stunning, you don’t even need to wear it! Great suggestions, especially regarding preparation…it really makes a huge difference!

Fatima Ali

These are indeed some great tips for rocking a natural makeup look. Personally, I love the natural looks more than any other.

Liz Mays

These are helpful tips. I think this trend will be pretty big this year.


I love the contrast of the idea of BOLDly rocking Natural. Awesome article!

Nicole Parise

These photos are stunning! love the article 🙂
xx nicole

Tami - This Mom's Delight

I’m not very experienced with makeup, yet here I am celebrating my 40th birthday. I’m looking forward to working through all these steps.


I am not a fan of foundation but I love BB cream. It’s so lightweight and while it keeps your skin natural, it also hydrates and protects it for the sun rays. It’s the perfect choice for a natural look. 🙂

Tami - This Mom's Delight

I’m not very experienced with makeup, yet here I am celebrating my 40th birthday. I’m looking forward through working through the steps.

Life in ATX

Love this so much! Thanks for the tips and tricks, I love a good natural look 🙂


Lee Anne


Bella Bucchiotti

Love this! Thanks for all the great tips.


Jessica Bradshaw

Such a pretty look! I didn’t know about the lipgloss thing for eyeshadow.

Adaleta Avdic

This is such a beautiful post, but I do love foil eyeshadows! They are seriously so beautiful 😉 xx adaatude.com

Sophia Smith

Thank you 🙂 For me natural look is the best choice especially for business occasions.


Great post! Amazing advice and tricks … Thanks for posting!

Rose Sahetapy

I like these tips. Honestly I learn one or two new things like foil eyeshadows! Natural looks is always the best for any season.

Chrissie M

Im not a big makeup user, mainly because I’m shocling at applying it lol These are some great tips though that my girls will find very useful. Love your photos!


Oh I loved reading your post !! Thanks for sharing such great tips <3

Kristen Carlson

I am a big fan of the natural look! Such great tips and I need to look into the foil eyeshadows!


great tips and photos! the foil eyeshadow is so pretty!

Mai C.

For me, make-up is only supposed to enhance your natural face, so the less make up products the better! I think this is a nice trend. Although, I also love a good smokey eye! Thanks for the tips!


I can’t agree more.. All my outfit pics on my blog are done with natural makeup. I love the foil eye look you mentioned. I should try that.

Anamika Ojha

Great tips shared for fall makeup! I’ve never done foil eye, will give it a try for sure!

Mary Welby

I love natural looking make up and use IT cosmetics. I feel like it gives that fantastic natural look. I”ve never done a foil eye before.

Lubka Henry

Natural glow with a dash on the lips is my go-to makeup look. Very inspiring post!


I like the picture with the hat!

Angelle Marix

These are all great tips!! I’m still learning how to highlight so thanks for the step by step details!!


Nina Bosken

I love simple but polished makeup looks too! I love those eyes and the kissable lips … it’s something but not too much over the top.



All these pictures are stunning! Here in Germany is no longer autumn. I can say it’s winter because here is really cold and I don’t like it at all! Now all I need is red lipstick <3

DhiniNL | Dhinivh

Beautiful pictures and great tips. Love red lipstick


Natasha Smith

These tips are great. I love the subtleness of the looks and how effortless it looks. I feel like I couldn’t pull it off though…due to sleepless nights with baby. My under eye area needs so much love…

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