Inside Breakups to Makeup + Q&A with CEO Angelique Velez

breakups to makeup, clutches, love made me lipstick saved me, angelique velez, apparel, beauty, makeup, makeup clutches, modern chic magazine, cosmetics, bblogger, pinterest, all dressed up and ready to glow, entrepreneur, women entrepreneur, girlboss Look out beauties, there is a new makeup clutch in town!  Breakups To Makeup has just released there new Jelly Clutch for Summer in a couple of scrumptious colors, red and purple.  They feature the original “ Love Raised Me Lipstick Saved Me” design and “I’m Only Helpless While My Nails Are Drying.’   These new additions come in the classic 8.5” x 8.5” similar to the brand’s original clutch, but are made of a durable jelly fabric that is easy to wipe off and will not unravel when put to the test.

As a fan of the brand, I cannot be more thrilled about Breakups to Makeups’ new launch. Their catchy phrases on the front of their clutches are wonderfully clever and witty with a little bite to them too. It is no wonder why these amazing clutches have grazed print magazines and Sephora stores alike.  They have quickly become a cult favorite for many.

Angelique Velez, the witty and wise New York City based CEO and founder, makeup artist, designer, and writer of Breakups To Makeup launched the company in 2013 so she could spread her message that makeup is more than just a product, but also a form of art. To this day, the company takes pride in their products appealing to the person whose heart was broken and buried themselves in the darkest of places, to the cancer patient who has lost all her hair yet finds comfort in that perfect shade of lipstick, to the person who has a genuine love for makeup. While known for their amazing clutches, Breakups To Makeup has an extensive selection of accessories and apparel as well.

I recently had the chance to chit chat with Breakups to Makeup CEO & Founder Angelique Velez  on the vision behind her products, advice for future entrepreneurs and even dating advice.

Q. Now I love all 7 of my B2M makeup clutches! How did you think of the wonderfully creative name for your product line?

(Angelique):  The line itself as well as the name came about after I personally went through a difficult breakup and turned to makeup as my release. I had already been a makeup artist and going through this I realized how many others could relate to whether it was a “break up” with a relationship, another career or a difficult time in their life; makeup has the power to play such an important role for so many–hence Breakups to Makeup. Also, I wanted people outside of the beauty industry to really understand that makeup for us as artists is a form of art, it’s not just a mere product, but a way that we as artists express ourselves. It is so powerful.

Q. Where does your inspiration for the clever and witty quotes on your merchandise come from?

(Angelique): I find my inspiration every where but mostly from personal life experience and experiences from my friends. Girl chat serves as a huge inspiration! Each chapter of my own life also inspires me with different quotes and ideas.

Q. What is your advice for future entrepreneurs?

(Angelique): My best advice is to never give up. If there is something that you want to do and you can’t go a day without thinking about it then do it. Be persistent and hard working, but most importantly don’t ever let anything or anyone deter you from pursuing it.

Q. What are your 5 must-haves in your makeup bag?

(Angelique): Dior show mascara, Lucas’ papaw ointment, Mac Cherry Lip liner, Eve Pearl salmon concealer, Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand.

Q. And finally, please share your best dating advice?

(Angelique): My best advice is to have fun! Don’t take things too seriously and make sure to do the things that you want to do. Focus on yourself and your interests and everything will fall into place. Be yourself because the people you should be surrounding yourself with, whether romantically or as friends, wouldn’t want it any other way.

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Creativity with Kay

Those clutches were so cute. Are they availble to purchase online. The interview was a good one as well. Love how simple moments in people’s life ends up being the steppimg stones go successful business

Emma Spencer - The Emasphere

Fantastic Q&A babes! I’ve never heard of Breakups To Makeup before but will definitely look into them now. I absolutely love your blog lovely!!! Xx


Subhadrika Sen

I loved this post. It was innovative and made me learn about something new. thanks for the share. 🙂


I love those bags! Yes it’s so hard to keep going but never giving up is the only way to make it.


The bags are very cute. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

Klauss Kinkle

It is necessary to show this post to my wife, she was exactly like it!

Rodanthi Dimou

Beautiful makeup bags! I like the quotes written on them. I also enjoyed your interview. A great example of how you can turn a bad personal experience around into a positive inspiration! Thank you!

The Graceful Mist

Interesting brand name! I like the wordplay. I like her advice for future entrepreneurs because I agree.

The Graceful Mist

Interesting brand name! I like the wordplay. I like her advice for future entrepreneurs because I agree.


Katie Brown

I love that she draws on her personal experiences for the merchandise quotes!

Rose Sahetapy

I love how you wide the range of the question up to more personal things (dating) as to give a little idea about the personality of your interviewee. The brand name is quite interesting, and the clutch is gorgeous!.

Sidney Aldaine

What? Breakups to Makeup? Awesome idea. I really enjoyed reading the answers 🙂 I mean all of them.


A great example of how a personal negative experience can turn into something beneficial, and help other people in the process.


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