Inside Flora Luna & Their Handcrafted Floral Essences

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June is National Rose Month. So this is the perfect time to introduce Flora Luna, a new brand I have been loving recently. Flora Luna was brought to life by Alisa Gould-Simon, who has studied medicinal plants on her many travels around the world. The company’s mission is to “help find your true essence,” and so Alisa’s tinctures (or essences) have meaningful names like Strength, Focus, and Find Live.

To say Flora Luna is unique would be an understatement. These special essences are handcrafted during a full moon in charming Venice, California. This allows them to be packed with as much healing properties as possible. All the tinctures are completely natural and organic, containing iris flower essence, purified water, and gluten free brandy (the latter can be swapped for an alcohol free alternative).

Now you may be confused about what the differences are between floral essences and essential oils are because I know I was at first. Fortunately, the company has the following breakdown to clarify any confusions:

Floral Essences:

  • Ingested orally (typically not used topically)
  • Works on the emotional body and primarily supports mental and emotional healing
  • Leverages a flower or plant’s vibration or frequency for its healing properties
  • Can be added to food, beverages, or a bath, even pillowcases!

Essential Oils:

  • Used topically (typically not safe to ingest)
  • Works on the physical or mental healing
  • Leverages a flower or plant’s materials and aroma for its healing properties
  • Can be added to skin care products or a bath

Now I hope that cleared some of the confusion. Moving on to what Flora Luna essence I picked. Roses have been used in cooking and healing for thousands of years. In Ancient Rome, roses were often added to meals that celebrated an event or victory. In the late 19th Century, candied rose petals were a popular kind of candy.

To this day, several Middle Eastern cultures incorporate rose petals and rose water in foods and drinks. Medicinally, rose contains a known oil, which consists of tannin, quercitrin, and organic acids. And according to traditional Chinese medicine, roses have beneficial properties that can nourish the skin, bring calmness, and regulate energy.

flora luna, skincare, healing, handmade, organic, all natural, beauty, beauty brand, strength, florals, National Rose Month, Alisa Gould-Simon, pinterest beauty, bellashoot, As soon as I discovered this product, I wanted to share it with a few of my willing clients. My focus was to address restlessness and insomnia. The selected individuals who volunteered were excited! All four of them chose for the essence to be placed on their pillowcases, and so five drops of the essence were placed on the pillowcases 30 minutes before an afternoon nap. The soothing and comforting aroma of a rose garden were shown to enhance their ability to sleep better and ease restlessness. They were also found to be less anxious about losing sleep.

I highly recommend checking out the range of essences Alisa has beautifully crafted, whether you’re looking for more clarity or purpose. There is something for everyone. Price will depend on size, but most of these magical essences start at $20 dollars (1/2 ounce).

For more information on Flora Luna and their products, I highly recommend you visit shopfloraluna.com to learn more.


Disclaimer: Important note, there are no medical claims given in this feature. Make sure to contact your physician for any questions you may have.

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Ivelisse Estes

The name just sounds so exotic! I will check it out lol

Ivelisse | CarnationDreams.com

My Urban Family

I agree that the name sounds exotic! 🙂 Thanks for sharing

The Haunted Housewife

I love that these are ingested orally. That’s different!

xoxo, Sam | thehauntedhousewife.com


Interesting idea! I’m not sure about ingesting oils orally, but it’s unique that you can use it that way.

So far so Sabine

Lovely products. Roses are my favorite. I didn’t know it was the Month of the roses 🙂

Jessica Hughes

Roses are my favorite, I don’t have very much of a green thumb to grow them but I want to check these oils out!

Nayna Kanabar

I did not know the difference between essences and oils so thanks for explaining.I love rose in cooking not tried it Adan essential oil before.

Hilary Urban

Wow this is so interesting! I had heard of Flora and Luna, I’m so glad I read this!


Wow! I’ve never heard of floral essences before, but they sound so neat! Thanks for sharing this great info! I’ll go check out that company! 🙂

Karin Rambo

What a great idea! I love using things that are more natural like this. These would be great during a pregnancy as well!

Bella B @ xoxoBella

I love essential oils!! I use them all the time



Generally, oil and foloral essence really make me calm and rejuvenated. Have to check Flora Luna.


This is very exotic and a great idea


I am glad I read this, I have a friend who introduced me to essentials and she tells me she takes essential oils for a variety of health problems. I’ve just started using essential oils but mostly to add to bath scrubs. Good to know they’re only for topical purposes

Eugenia Nazarova

I love using essential oils and floral essences! I definitely should check Flora Luna shop. 🙂

Jessica Bradshaw

I have never heard of them. Thank you so much for sharing this.


Looks like a great idea! This is very interesting. I’ve never heard about it before.


Very interesting. Never heard of flower essences being use internally.

Sabrina Barbante

I had no idea that floral essence had such effects on the body nor that they can be eat/drank. Thank you for sharing this post I’ll keep o exploring about this and the idea of finding my perfect essence is so interesting!


Interesting post I didn’t know the difference or the benefits of Floral Essences and Essential Oils, I should get some sometime ^_^

Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado
Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado

There seem to be so many uses for essential oils. I got a lavender one and it actually helped with my son’s wisdom tooth. I also love the scents of these oils. I’m looking for sandalwood but haven’t been lucky.

Ana Ojha

Oh I was not aware that June is a rose month and thanks for sharing the review about Flora Luna. It sounds amazing!


How interesting! I love using essential oils, but have never heard of floral essences. Now i am intrigued!

Denni Engelen

I use essential oils all the time , but I heard that Flora Luna ones are something else. I should look for it and add some to my collection

Kusum @sveetesKapes

I love essential oils and use them in so many DIY products. I will definitely check out this one, seems like great product.
xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

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