Liquid Diets, Liquid Detox: Are They Worth It?

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With the warmer seasons just around the corner, we are gradually saying goodbye to all the layers. However for some of us, we might have indulged just a tad bit more than we should of during the winter holidays. Needless to say those extra pounds we gained are a problem. The quick solution to weight gain is to get on a diet as soon. But diets as we have learned through the years and countless studies, are not built the same—working differently for every person. Now if you have been trying various diets for a while now chances are you have come across the “liquid diet” and “liquid detox”.

Although these two can be effective, one helping you reach your ideal weight, the other cleansing your body from dangerous toxins and clearing out your digestive tract, you may need to get all the facts before committing to these two diets. Here we will lay out the advantages and disadvantages to these two interesting diets for you.


As the name says, both are based on the intake of liquids instead of solid meals. Today, this technique has gained immense popularity particularly because of the massive celebrity endorsement it continues to receive.

Some liquid diets are based on replacing meals with fruit or vegetable juices and shakes. Keep in mind you should check with your doctor prior to taking up this type of diet to make sure its the best solution for you.

There are safer versions of the liquid diet programs in which you only need to replace one or two meals with a liquid detox drink. Therefore, you would have at least one regular, healthy, hearty meal.


Both liquid diets and liquid detox have numerous advantages. Most significantly, they bring a mental association to some hospital diets – and it is common knowledge that hospital diets work the fastest, even though they can come with the yo yo effect. The liquid diet can have show almost immediate effects. But let’s talk about some of the more significant long-term benefits.

Every day we fall victim to various kinds of pollution and an onslaught of chemicals in our food, sugar, alcohol and tobacco. The main purpose of liquid detox is to cleanse our organism and help us get rid of those substances once for all. The flushing effect is immediate, and most importantly, it is quite easy to substitute your daily dose of caffeine with a cup of healthy detox tea.

Once the organism has been cleansed of all chemicals and pollutants, a liquid diet can be implemented. However, be warned that this lose-weight-fast diet is easy to overdo, and in fact people can become malnourished. For this reason, all interested parties should contact a nutritionist beforehand. Drinking fruit smoothies sounds like a fun, healthy solution, but we need to be aware of all the nutrients our body requires on a daily basis.

Liquid diets have been known for a while throughout the medical world. Some procedures cannot be performed on a full stomach, and so doctors will recommend their patients undergo a detox prior to the operation for several reasons. One reason is that liquids flush out toxins and prepare the patient’s digestive tract organs for surgery. Liquid diets also help patients lose weight fast, and a low fat index plays a vital role in the process of recovery, or post-surgery adaption.


Of course. Every cure is a poison when overdone.

We continue to stress that liquid diets should not be done without professional supervision, especially the low-calorie ones. These diets cause exhaustion – a symptom of malnourishment. Other negative effects of unsupervised dieting are dizziness, hair loss, fatigue and even heart damage.

Another issue arises when you cut calories as your metabolism slows down in order to preserve energy. That means that after the rigorous diet, it is most likely that you will regain your weight unless you rebalance your nutrition.

This is why the first step you should take before going on any weight loss plan is to contact your nutritionist. They can help design a safe and effective diet tailored to your body stats. Your health will benefit from a good cleanse and a balanced diet, so long as you do it safely.


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