Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadows

[M]aybelline has recently launched their Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadows. The new collection has 10 shades, ranging from neutrals to bright, fun colors. These rich, saturated cream shadows are said to last 24 hours without any creasing or smudging.

While most drug store brands carry different types of cream eyeshadows, the quality has not been as comparable to higher end products such as MAC paint pots and Makeup For Ever aqua creams. Until now.

We’ve been able to get ahold of six shades to test out and see if they’re really that fabulous!

‘Too Cool’

The first is Too Cool, a white frosty eyeshadow. The color looks more opaque in the jar, but it’s less intense once you apply it.

Pro: Great for soft look, but easy to intensify.

Con: A matte version would have made this an even better highlighter.

‘Tough as Taupe’

Next is Tough as Taupe, a matte mid-tone taupe. Of all the shades in the line, this one is by far one of the more versatile ones.

Pro: It's works great as a base or by itself.

Con: A lighter version would be amazing for those with fairer skin.

‘Bad to the Bronze’

The third shade is Bad to the Bronze. Depending on the angle you can really see the slight rose undertones.

Pro: It’s one of the most pigmented shades in the bunch. A perfect way to give some warmth to the eyelids.

Con: None

‘Bold Gold’

Following the warmer tones is Bold Gold. This shade also has a subtle dusty rose undertone with excellent pigmentation.

Pro: Another great shade to use by itself or under an eyeshadow to really take it to the next level.

Con: None

‘Pomegranate Punk’

Moving towards the brighter colors is Pomegranate Punk. This shade is the perfect way to use color without feeling overdone.

Pro: It’s a mid-tone cranberry shade, so it’s easy to wear in the day time.

Con: None

‘Edgy Emerald’

Now the last and brightest is Edgy Emerald. Like Tough as Taupe, this shade has a nice matte finish.

Pro: The matte texture subdues the bright green color a bit. So there’s more room to experiment.

Con: Not as wearable by itself as some of the other shades.

Overall Maybelline has done a great job on giving us wide range of color options and textures to play with. The creamy consistency makes these eyeshadows easy to apply and blend with our hands or brushes. And all six shades have great pigmentation, which is a great improvement from past drugstore cream eyeshadows. However, the lasting power on these depend on the individual. For those with oily lids, be prepared to see the color fade throughout the day. A quick tip to help prevent this is to use a primer beforehand to keep the color as vibrant as possible.


  • Jaime L.

    I got 4 of them today but I did the mistake of getting the purple. Total flop

  • Rhonda

    Just bought them today, so I’m super excited to wear them.

  • Avril Linda

    I have bad to the bronze which I adore! Everyone keeps saying to avoid the bright colors, but i really want the blue and green.

  • Maira

    Hey.. I saved this post to with Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadows | MODERN CHIC MAGAZINE – Maira

  • Alisha Fillingham

    Been loving these alot lately.

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