Navigating the Dating Scene Part 3: The Unicorn & Final Thoughts

You’ve now arrived to the final part of the Navigating the Dating Scene three-part series. Here you’ll read more on “The Unicorn” and the final thoughts on the quiz.

I am the first to secede to the idea that a perfect man is a myth.  The very nature of today tends to cultivate self-centered people.  Additionally, everyone is imperfect by nature.  However, these qualities in the Unicorn are truly valuable and most impressive.  Pace your ratio of giving until you can make sure that he is indeed a Unicorn, and not just a facade.  The Unicorn is kind and respectful to everyone he encounters, so it makes sense that he has friends everywhere he goes.  He recognizes when his tastes and opinions differ from yours (or perhaps even a bit “off” or biased), but he acknowledges it, and may even work on changing himself.  The Unicorn is not obsessed with his social media presence.  His contentment in life is so complete that he doesn’t see the need to daily document it on line.  Before you even started dating, he probably got to know you from a short distance, or through word of mouth.  By the time you actually did date, he saw enough about you that he wasn’t gambling with an experimental fling – he was already confident that your relationship as a couple would work out.  The Unicorn is not the type to dabble in questionable or shady conduct, and he isn’t secretive.  It is most likely however, that if you are fortunate to be in a relationship with this special man, your fears about his loyalty will lessen the longer that you both are together.  The Unicorn – like all men – isn’t a mind reader, but he has respect for the concept of intimacy in general.  He appreciates your input and openness when you are ready to advance physically/sexually with the relationship.  The Unicorn is just as busy as you are.  Whether he works in your Industry or not, he doesn’t think he is perfect the way that he is.  In fact, he is constantly trying to improve himself every day, and encourages you to do so as well.  And bravo to this guy for controlling his temper! We are a generation of immediate gratification. (movies on demand, instant text messaging, and buy now/pay later).  So for this guy to exercise some self-control and man-up to the situation by protecting you from unnecessary unkind words, then beautiful, you’ve lucked out! 

Now go back to your quiz and add up your answers for an overall “score” by attributing this formula: A=1,  B=2,  C=3,  D=4.  Include the numbered questions using their actual value.

  • If you have a score under 12, then he’s probably a definite keeper!
  • If the total score is 13-19, then you probably need more time to determine whether your nature as a couple is healthy and mutually-beneficial.
  • If your total score is over 20, in my opinion you shouldn’t put a lot of energy into trying to make it a lasting relationship.  Both partners need to display a selfless interest in their partner, their needs and aspirations.

Identify where you are in your own relationship quest.  A summer fling is very different from searching for True Love.  And being someone’s Sugar Baby can still succeed in providing a satisfying relationship for both partners.  While “Mr. Perfect” in general may be impossible to find, “Mr. Perfect” for your career is definitely out there.

In all fairness, keep in mind that a lot of the answers to this quiz are influenced by you. (Examples: A girlfriend that consistently flirts with other guys will eventually make any partner blow up at them with hurt feelings.  And a complaining or negative woman is draining on anyone – friend or lover!)  So keep enriching yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  The more that you can bring to the table, the better an actual partner you’re going to get.  And the more that you help and encourage each other to develop and enrich yourselves, the closer and more committed you’ll both be.


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