NP Launches ‘Better Off Red’ Collection

[W]hile bright, glossy lips in shades of coral and fuchsia are trend setters this season, there’s one color that remains as timeless as the little black dress every woman has in her closet: The red lipstick. We saw our mothers, aunts and older sisters wear it, and if we were good or annoying enough, they’d apply a bit of it on our lips.  We’d look at ourselves in the mirrors, and squeal at how ‘grown up’ we looked. So while mauves and nudes have become a staple in our makeup bags, red lips are still classic. But the question is, can we all wear it?

Renowned Make-up Artist Napoleon Perdis thinks so. “Many women shy away from red but they’re missing out,” he says. “Wearing a red lip is the fastest way too upgrade your image; it’s face-brightening, teeth-whitening, and mood altering.” He’s backing up his belief by launching his new ‘Better Off Red’ collection. This brand new collection will showcase seven lip products in varying hues and textures–all to devoted to celebrate the rouge in us all. ‘I’ve crafted a collection of red lip shades for all skin tones and ages to prove that red can be anyone’s color – no excuses!”, says Perdis.

Here’s a look at the upcoming collection, available August 1, 2011. There’s even some great pro-tips on how to make the most of each product.

The Double Agent Rouge Lip Palette

This innovative palette comes with a semi-matte lipstick and a pressed lip powder that’s perfect for the ultimate matte look.

Price: $22

Pro-Tip: Load a lip brush with the lipstick and paint the lips. You can build the color for  more intensity. Next pat the  [lip]powder with the sponge to set.’

DeVineGoddess Lipsticks in Anna, Xenia and Aphrodite
These gorgeous lipsticks are as divine as they sound. They’ve been enriched with natural oils to help protect your lips and come in three  different shades.

Price: $22 each

Pro-Tip: Apply liner after, not before, lipstick to create a more natural and defined look.

Front Row Lip Gloss

This long-lasting lip gloss offers the benefits of  a lipstick and gloss, delivering a burst of color. The smooth, high-pigmented lip gloss is designed to last up to 10 hours, while keeping your lips hydrated..

Price: $ 25

Pro-Tip: Start in the middle, and work the color all the way to the corners of the mouth. Gently press lips together to evenly distribute the color. Line the lips afterwards for some added definition.

Lady in Red Lip Gloss

Following the trend, this bright lip gloss is anything but tame. This long-lasting 6 hour, high-shine gloss applies like a regular lip gloss, but with the finish of a glossy lipstick.

Price: $25

Pro-Tip: Start in the middle and work the color all the way to the corners of the mouth. Gently press lips together to evenly distribute color. Line the lips for added definition.

Undercover Red Lip Gloss

Upon contact with the lips, this unique self-adjusting jelly gloss transforms into the perfect shade. All thanks to the PH-sensitive pigments inside. The result is a gorgeous color payoff that truly complements your skin tone. It’s also paraben and talc free.

Price: $25

Pro-Tip: Apply to bare lips for a gorgeous glossy red pout. Layer over a DeVineGoddess Lipstick for a stunning look.

The ‘Better Off Red’ collection seems to boast some great products. Look for our in-depth review of the products.



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Brandi M.

Oh exciting!. This blog had a lot of information. Keep up the good work this is awesome.


The information on this post is valuable.

Nolan Mckethan

I really value what you’re providing here. Keep working that way. Take care!

Reinaldo Campau

Aloha dude! I completely agree with your thoughts. I’ve just shared it on Facebook.

Jule Strahle

It’s great, It’s likely you have unimaginable site. I’m truly enjoying the blueprint as well as design of the site. Keep it up!!


I second on the contour palette…sort of looks like a nars duo


Great blog post.

Jenny Adams

Heard the collection was really nice. I’m sort of been on a hunt for a red lipstick so might check this out,


How do these compare to MAC lipsticks?


I really appreciate what you’re writing here. Keep posting that way. Take care!


Loving the magazine!!!

Vera M.

Those lipsticks look amazing. I got to get ahold of them like now! lol


Couldn’t agree more!


I WANT THAT LIP PALETTE! its so me. Btw the packaging is so french! AHH


The info on this site is beneficial.

Tomara Ho.

Hear the nailpolish was a fail tho. lipsticks look yummy tho

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