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Pop culture has a day to day impact on our lives, so it’s no surprise to see it’s hold on the fashion world. Many times our own fashion sense is inspired by what we see on Instagram, blogs, T.V, or in real life.  However, I will be concentrating solely on television. Plus, there’s a few fashion recommendations inspired by some of pop culture’s finest T.V shows. After all, it’s what we physically see that has the most impact on us. You know what they say: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And I’m about to flatter the heck out of these shows.

Mad Men:

Also known as the show that inspired this article. This writer will admit to something—I am late to the Mad Men game. When it premiered in 2007, and steadily gained rave reviews, I wanted to watch it out of curiosity but could never find the time. Then, when I did have the time, I got turned off of watching because it was one of those zeitgeisty phenomenons that I always tend to steer clear of. Confession time: when the majority raves about a show, and tells everyone that they need to see it NOW, I refuse to tune in out of spite. It’s why I’ve never seen Breaking Bad. Vaguely hipsterish of me? Possibly. Oh well.

Anyhow, Mad Men continuously topped my Netflix recommendations, so, bored one rainy day, I decided to try it out. After three episodes, I instantly became hooked and even paid (gasp!) to watch the new season on Amazon Instant because Netflix didn’t have it yet and my Mad Men awakening didn’t occur until after the finale. After every episode, I found myself on Mod Cloth perusing all the adorable sixties-esque dresses, skirts, blouses, and shoes. Even Banana Republic and makeup conglomerate Estee Lauder have taken the Mad Men plunge, debuting their own fashion and beauty lines respectively that are reminiscent of the lovely ladies and handsome devils on the show. Though the Banana Republic Mad Men collection is currently sold out, you can still view the past items here. There are curve-hugging empire waist dresses that are quite Joan Holloway-Harris. Slinky little black numbers that Megan Draper would adore for a night out on the town with her philandering hubby. Sophisticated cowl-neck coats that the Betties in your life would adore. And for the guys, many streamlined charcoal suits, vests, and fedoras. Likewise, the Estee Lauder collection is mostly sold out, but a pretty multi-hued blush compact in a sort of mosaic pattern remains, as well as their Rich, Rich Lipstick in “Pinkadelic” in a gold-plated tube and baby pink nail lacquer. For anything else, like their Cherry Red Joan Holloway-esque lipstick, you’ll have to venture into the catacombs of Ebay.

My personal suggestion? Hit up Mod Cloth and peruse their endless selection of dresses and jewelry. I just bought the Rosette on You Dress, an eye-catching orange party dress that is also somehow sophisticated enough for a bridal shower (which I wore it to; I stood up the bride, if I may say so myself), and the lovely Never Too Jaded Earrings that are very Audrey Hepburn.

Because of Mad Men, I’ve become fixated with looking like Jackie O. With Mod Cloth’s help, I’ve managed to obtain that goal. At least for one four-hour bridal shower.

Orange is the New Black:

Have you heard of Orange is the New Black on Netflix? Well, of course you have because every media outlet won’t shut up about it. However, in their defense, it is actually very good, and I for one am glad that I managed to devour all thirteen debut episodes available before the hype set in and I refused to watch it (see the above entry). Orange follows Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling, whose character is based on real-life Piper Kerman, the author of the book on which the show is based), a pretty, blonde yuppie type whose past as a drug lord for her then-girlfriend, Alex Vause (Laura Prepon, who may be leaving the show or maybe not or NO ONE KNOWS IS IT SCIENTOLOGY?!), catches up with her and she’s sent to prison for fifteen months. There, she meets a whole cast of wacky but still true to life characters—including her ex who may have given her up in the first place. Dun dun dun!

Trying to take fashion inspiration from Orange, which is a show about a lady prison, may seem next to impossible. But have no fear! It’s totally doable in a not orange jumpsuit way. I suggest this orange cap-sleeve dress available on Pink Mascara or this neon maxi from LuLu’s. Pair them with simple black pumps or flats as a chicer nod to the boring black boots the inmates have to wear with their uniforms. If you don’t want to look too Halloween, try nude (the shoe color; not suggesting you go naked). Keep the jewelry simple with a chain necklace or these cross earrings as a nod to crazy Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett.

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