How to Recreate Celebrity Hair Expert Michael Dueñas’ Heart Shape Fishtail Bun

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Celebrity hair expert and founder of Hair Room Service, Michael Dueñas has just launched his new YouTube series, which will feature weekly hair tutorials spotlighting some of the latest red carpet hair trends. With his undeniable passion, talent, and charming personality, Michael has made a name for himself in the industry–working with high profile celebrities like Lady Gaga, Shilene Woodley, Lea Michele and many more.  The first tutorial in his new series is his popular heart shape fishtail bun. This gorgeous hairstyle is perfect for Fall, and the best part is Michael has shared with us step by step instructions on how to recreate this look.

Step by Step Instructions

>>>Start with smooth, dry hair.

>>>Secure the hair into a low tight ponytail. Texture can be pulled into the top and sides later.

>>>Create a fishtail braid. If you’ve never done a fishtail braid, you can refer to the fishtail braid section in the tutorial here to learn how to do one step by step. Once you’ve done your braid, it’s time to secure the end of the braid with a small elastic.

>>>Spray the braid with R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hold Hairspray, to smooth flyaway and add longevity to the style.

>>>Fold the base of the braid up against the head, securing with a 3 inch hair pin just above the elastic of your ponytail.

>>>Spread the top part of the braid out for width and to emphasize the heart shape. Making sure to keep the end of the braid small.

>>>Fold the braid flat against the head, tucking the ends under themselves to hide them. Pin to the head so it is flat as possible, and shape as desired.

The Heart Shape Fishtail Bun Video Tutorial

Need a visual of this hairstyle? Michael has you covered with a full length video tutorial on his heart shape fishtail bun from start to finish:

Make sure to check out Michael’s Youtube channel “Michael Dueñas Hair” to see his recent video, along with other fabulous hairstyle tutorials.


[step by step instructions & photo credit: Michael Dueñas / Melody Joy PR]

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