[W]ithout a doubt, Whitney Houston was the ultimate queen of pop. Her incredible talent reshaped the music industry forever and inspired countless people around the world with her unforgettable voice. So it is with a tremendous sadness that we say a tearful goodbye to the legendary superstar, who passed away on Saturday, Feb. 11, at the age of 48.

And while no longer in our amidst, Whitney will continue to live on in our hearts and in her music legacy. As we mourn the loss of an icon, let us look back at the memorable songs the late star left behind.


The Greatest Love of All
Album: Whitney Houston

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I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Album: Whitney

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I’m Your Baby Tonight
Album: I’m Your Baby Tonight

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Whitney sings the national anthem at the Super Bowl XXV in Tampa.

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I Will Always Love You
Album: The Bodyguard Soundtrack

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I Have Nothing
Album: The Bodyguard Soundtrack

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Album: Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack 

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I Believe In You and Me
Album: The Preacher's Wife Soundtrack

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It's Not Right But It's Okay
Album: My Love Is Your Love

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When You Believe sung by Whitney & Mariah Carey 
Album: The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack 

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Try It On My Own 
Album: Just Whitney

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I look to You
Album: I Look to You

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