Styling Tips on How To Revamp Your Work Outfits

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While life can get busy with schedules, endless paperwork, and a long list of errands to take care of,  sometimes the need to express our awesomeness through fashion can really give us the incredible outlet to let out the stress and express our creativity. And let’s not forget what a great boost of confidence it can give us when we put on those new Jimmy Choo strappy sandals we treated ourselves to last week or the amazing crochet blouse from TopShop that we bought on sale. One of our favorite ways to bring out our inner fashionistas at work is to take current (or past) trends and adapt it to our lifestyle. And today, it’s all about offering styling tips on how to revamp your work outfits.

First impressions do make a lasting impression so it’s very important to make a great one at your job interview, through your first day at the office, all the way to that important presentation with some of your biggest clients. Your personality and skills are the foundation of that impression. Your style, on the other hand, is the expression of it. So let’s look at the classic business attire and see how you can spice them up.

Now the classic business attire generally consists of some arrangement of a pencil skirt or elegant trousers, blouses and even two-piece suits. And there is nothing wrong with those combos. However, you can take it up a notch by adding a few interesting pieces here and there to fresh your work clothing.

Monochromatic Combinations

outfit fashion, fashion, clothing, trends, work outfits, monochromatic combination, heels, jeans, styling tips, fashion advice, fashion tips, lifestyle, fblogger, trends, stylist, pinterest fashion

Now monochromatic simply implies shades of a single color. So how it would work is that you would essentially hone in on one color as the base and use different tints of that color for a complementary feel, while still adding a touch of contrast at the same time.

Monochromatic combinations are often a good choice if you are going for a business-like elegant look. Bright color combinations in particular, are usually the way to go as you won’t generally need to over accessorize. On the other hand, if you use darker tones, these will often require some simple detail in a more vivid color. For example, a red purse or a bold red lipstick, a royal blue jacket or a mustard yellow sash – the choice is yours. We recommend playing around with color – you will be surprised on how they can transform a look.

The Power of Accessories

Accessories have the power to improve and add a personal touch to any look. Here are a few accessories you can consider when picking out your outfit.

Image Accessories

  • If you’re planning to go for the classic blouse and a skirt or pants look, here’s a suggestion:

Opt for a nice necklace, an unusual pair of earrings, hat or a belt in an elegant, print motif. These awesome accessory pieces which can dress up a relatively tame outfit and make it look trendy and chic.

  • A handbag is not only a functional piece to accommodate all those little things you need, but it’s also a fashion statement. While we know this will differ between each employment, we do still suggest a larger, structured bag as more suitable for a business look than a small, trendy one.  It tends to lend a more polished look to an outfit that works great for any work event or scenario.

The Magic of Prints & Retro 

Make an impression by choosing an unusual piece of clothing. And we’re not just talking about the colors.

Image make an impressionCombine a simple skirt with a blouse which has some unexpected patterns. Floral or abstract motives are good choices to pick for creating a focal point. However, if you do go with this combination, try to minimize the use of big accessories. They might be too distracting.

Image patterns Fashion is always evolving from old trends. So don’t be afraid to refresh the retro dress you have in your closet that is just a smidgen oversize with a belt, which can help synch the waist nicely. If you’re feeling a little bit more daring, why not try the ‘60s dress style (like Joan Holloway Harris from the show Mad man) – probably the easiest way to achieve a classic vintage look. Feeling a little self-conscious about wearing something like this, here are plenty of elegant body shapers that can be worn underneath it. So definitely go retro.

Spice Up Casual Wear

outfit fashion, fashion, clothing, trends, work outfits, monochromatic combination, heels, jeans, styling tips, fashion advice, fashion tips, lifestyle, fblogger, trends, stylist, pinterest fashion Jeans can pass as a work outfit, but they should be combined with dressier shoes like heels or booties to dress up the casual outfit. If your workplace doesn’t have a strict dress code, go for the occasionl casual blouse. Just remember to keep an elegance cardigan or blazer on hand in case you need to meet clients.

The Simplicity of Heels

outfit fashion, fashion, clothing, trends, work outfits, monochromatic combination, heels, jeans, styling tips, fashion advice, fashion tips, lifestyle, fblogger, trends, stylist, pinterest fashion Now you don’t have to share Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe obsession, but you should have few pairs you love. In fact, high heels are one of the easiest ways to dress up any work outfit and give that boost of confidence.

Here is what to look for in a work heel:

  • Pick a heel with a bold color or print. And let them peek out from your trousers or put on a nice dress or a skirt and walk with them proudly.
  • If you prefer flats, avoid the loafer style, and go for a pointed toe flat. They still give that touch of elegance on the feet without jeopardizing on comfort in a business environment.

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Candy Kage

You have covered all the basic needs here and how to use them and change them up. I am looking at my clothes in a different light


Such great tips! I’m always looking for ways to dress a little nicer at work without being too out of the box!


Your tips are on point! Accessories are a definitely a classic go-to of mine to glam up my traditional work attire!
xx, Lauren {www.rosesandrainboots.com}

Julie Bonner

Really great tips! I love dressing up an outfit with unique accessories.

Rachel Golden

I love mixing monochrome colors with the pop of an accessory! The monochrome keeps things simple and profession, but the accessory keeps things interesting. Awesome tips 🙂


I like monochrome colors too and I love how many combinations you can make using them. I like to accessorize and add a colorful necklace to a white blouse for example. And what a difference do boots make at a normal pair of jeans.


Great ideas! I love the accessories idea, I think that’s so true!

Mom Jonz

Yes! Yes! Yes! First impressions are very important and you don’t have to go broke to look presentable.


Great tips! I feel like heels at least in our country have this weird stigma.. People look at you weirdly if you wear heels, and it’s rarely seen

Samantha Milligan

Love these tips! It can get easy to fall into a rut sometimes with work wear but I feel more inspired than ever with this post!
Samantha | http://chicserendipityblog.com

Ivan Jose

Wonderful tips for corporate women. I have colleagues who are also moms, I’m sure they’ll appreciate these tips.

Mai C.

I always pick simple work outfits because I tend to be lazy when it comes to dressing up for work. These are lovely suggestions though and I always love wearing heels every once in a while.

Tania Potter

Accessories and shoes can make such a difference to almost any outfit, but especially to joosh it up for work.


I like all these ideas. It will help me to lessen the line, ‘I don’t have something to wear anymore.’ Lol. With just a bit of creativity and these tips, I am ready to go! I agree that handbag speaks a lot with your fashion. 🙂

caroline | thecarodiaries

I recently graduated college and plan to start working full-time in September, so this couldn’t have come at a better time! I definitely need to revamp my work wardrobe!

Bella B @ xoxoBella

Accessories are a great way to re-invent any wardrobe and keep it on trend at a low cost. Great tips!

Laura Hartley

Heels are definitely the easiest way to vamp up any outfit. They instantly make me feel more professional and give me a confidence boost!

Ana Ojha

Some great tips shared! I totally believe with you that first impression is the last impression. Therefore its always necessary to create a signature style statement through your fashion!

Ana De Jesus

Your right, heels could make anything even pajamas look dressy. I might try that one day lol.

Bella B @ xoxoBella

I totally agree with you, Heels can make anything look 100 times better!!! So many great tips and such a great read.

Ruthie Ridley

These are awesome tips! I get stuck picking out clothes for work all the time!

Miss Angie

I reentry got a part time job in a fashion store, and now I’m learning how to accessorize and wear fashion to work.

Eloise Maoudj Riley

accessories are awesome, they can change a look in such a great way! great tips!


I totally agree with your point of view! Wonderful tips for ‘corporate’ women. Have a nice new week!

Liz Mays

Your tips are so great! I like the idea of snazzing up a pair of jeans with a great shoe or boot.

Rebecca @ Happily the Hicks

Great tips! I love wearing statement necklaces to spice up an outfit.

Lily Travella

Great tips. I work in pharmacy so can’t do any of this to my uniform but it’s great for those in office jobs and or retail.


I have to wear a uniform for work so I hve very little room for personalizing .

So far so Sabine

Great tips and since I’m working in an office I’m going to use them!


Great post. I love to wear my jeans, heels and a T-shirt. Then my leggings with a pair of boots. Clothes are fun. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda @ A Good Hue

These are great tips, especially since I work in an office. Thank you!

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