What Are the Benefits of Mineral Makeup?

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Now if you’re like us then you love trying out the latest makeup products you spotted at Sephora or on your favorite beauty blogger’s Instagram feed. However, this can often wreak havoc on our skin, especially if we’re not careful with what type of ingredients are in these products we are using on our face and body. With spring and summer approaching, we have begun to take a closer look at the benefits of mineral makeup on our skin.

Mineral makeup continues to grow in popularity as many have leaned towards more natural, wellness ingredients in their products. Not only does mineral makeup offer coverage ranging from light to full coverage, but also gives your complexion a more natural look while offering consumers a healthier alternative to traditional makeup products. To help you decide on whether or not mineral makeup is right for you, we are sharing a few of the benefits of using mineral makeup.

[large_title title=”Talc Free”]

One of the negatives on using traditional makeup is the fact that many products contain talc, a naturally formally mineral that has many uses in cosmetics such as preventing caking and improving the texture of a product. However, talc in its natural form can sometimes contain asbestos, a substance known to cause cancer in the lungs and other asbestos-related illnesses.

Talc can also cause skin irritations due to how it absorbs moisture, which can often lead to dryness and clogged pores.

This is one of the reasons why talc-free mineral makeup is a great alternative to traditional makeup, especially for those with sensitive and/or acne prone skin because there is no chemicals or unnecessary additives that could irritate the skin or cause breakouts.

[large_title title=”Rejuvenating SPF Protection”]

In combination with an SPF product you use on a daily basis, mineral makeup foundation provides you with an added sun protection, bouncing harmful UV rays off your skin. For this reason, many opt for primers containing minerals, like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, both containing sun protection qualities.

In addition, mineral makeup also has anti-aging properties, in particular the mineral mica which helps reflect light off the skin, reducing the appearance of pores and wrinkles.

[large_title title=”Natural & Glowy Skin”]

When you wish to achieve that spring, all-natural look, but still want to achieve the glowing effect of an even skin tone, mineral Youngblood cosmetics can help you create a smooth and even complexion. It fuses with the skin and is literally weightless, allowing your skin to function normally and breathe naturally.

While some with severe dry skin may be concerned about any dry patches that might arise from using mineral makeup, a solution to this is to mix a bit of the mineral makeup with their favorite moisturizer and to apply it to the face like you would a liquid or creme foundation. This will help avoid those patchy spots and make it apply more smoothly.

[large_title title=”All Skin Types Approved”]

Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, mineral makeup can work well with any skin type. However, it does depends on the quality of the mineral makeup and how you apply it. Like we mentioned before, moisturization is absolutely key. A good exfoliation and moisturizer routine can create that smooth canvas that will allow the mineral makeup to be applied effortlessly.  

For those with oily and combination skin: Choose a powder with a Mattifying effect for your t-zone, one preferably containing kaolin clay, which absorbs excess oil, refines pores and clears breakouts.

For those with dry skin: Be sure to take advantage of a hydrating base/primer and even a hydrating facial mist to keep the face looking fresh.

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Mary Anne

I have a very dry skin, and it is hard sometimes to find a really good product because of that, thanks for sharing!


I used to wonder about Mineral make up but it just really doesn’t do the job for what I want in make up especially the powder. I am not a fan of Mineral make up but everyone has there own opinion.

Helene Bludman

I haven’t used mineral makeup but now I think I will try it. I’m always looking for new products for my skin.

Stacey Peters

Are you kidding me they can put asbestos in our makeup. Thats crazy, guess I’ll be reading more labels and asking more questions.

Jessica Bradshaw

Ewwww. I need to read more labels for sure. I love the dewy look from mineral makeup.

The Haunted Housewife

Mineral powder foundation is awesome, it pretty much melts into my skin! I only have a couple mineral makeup items currently but I need to shop around for some more. So much healthier than regular makeup!

Monika || Violet Roots

I’m glad that most industries are releasing more and more products with higher grade ingredients. After all, what’s the point in looks great if in the end it’s bad for you? Also, I’m a fan of the natural look so this has my attention.


Violet Roots || Instagram

Sarah Jean

Talc is definitely an ingredient I am looking for and avoiding in my beauty products nowadays.

Gina Ritchie

This is the only type of make up I like. It is natural and looks great!


Didn’t even know this existed but it sounds really good! I can’t believe there’s make-up out there that’s good for your skin and looks natural at the same time!

Chiara Lisbeth de Lisi
Chiara Lisbeth de Lisi

I’m really more into skincare than makeup,plus I have sensitive skin,so I love mineral products!

Jessi Joachim

I have been getting more into mineral makeup lately. I have been trying a few different ones but haven’t found one I love yet.

Rachel Lee

I recently got back into mineral powders and love it all over again! I’ve also heard really great things about Youngblood – gonna have to check it out!

So far so Sabine

Sometimes I feel a bit more sensitive when I use mineral makeup but it depends on the brand name too!

Shane Prather

I prefer mineral products much more than thick liquid foundations! Great rundown on the benefits.

Nazy Nazy

i love mineral products than liquid foundations 🙂

whitney ford

I wear make up very rarely but it is nice to know that when I do I can be doing my skin a favor.

Ali Rost

I loved your post. I’ve been using mineral makeup for years .. but hadn’t realized or researched all of the benefits. I was especially glad to read about SPF protection. Now that I’m in my 40s it seems all that more important!

Stacey Lynn Wells

Talc-free is a big deal in my opinion. It’s good to know these options are available.


I love using my mineral makeup. never has my skin looked so good!

| diaryofasouthernmillennial.com

Cindy Nicoletti

I love Mineral Makeup. I use it all the time. I had spotty skin on one side and it covers it where you can not see it at all.

Mai C.

I think mineral make-up is awesome especially for people with sensitive skin like me! It’s definitely my make-up of choice if I wear make-up everyday.

Marceline Dementori

I don’t wear make-up often and although I am not familiar with mineral make-up or the brands that carry it, it would be a great choice! I love that it’s perfect for all skin types!

Caption Da Fashion

I have to try mineral makeup products. I have dry skin so I’ll definitely look into the hydrating base primer and the facial mist.

Belle Bermudez-Tubel

I love mineral makeup! I’ve been using it for 6 years now and I never went back!

Belle | One Awesome Momma

Glenda, Fashion Phases
Glenda, Fashion Phases

I never knew mineral makeup had these many benefits. It being Talc Free is a plus in my book.

Rachel G

I’ve never tried a mineral foundation, but I’d be interested in trying one in the future. I’ll have to try to remember kaolin clay and that it ought to be one of the ingredients for my skin type…


I love mineral foundation! I’ve been using bare minerals for almost a decade and couldn’t imagine changing brands.


I’m thinking of getting back into wearing cosmetics after a 20 year break, so this is a very informative post for me, thanks. I’ll definitely be checking out mineral makeup soon!

sajad ahmad

I was not aware about mineral makeup can bounce back up rays. This is the thing by which we can make our skin look shiney thanks

Alisha Overstreet

This is quite an informative post. I’m not much into cosmetics. I mean, I get excited when I’m able to throw some mascara on in the morning. But I think this is information I can definitely use.

David E

Thank you for the education about foundation. I know my daughter is growing up fast and I feel woefully behind about anything to do with makeup and understanding what would be good for my daughter.

Cassidy Slockett

I live in Italy so I have actually never heard of this but I am going to check it out now! Thanks for sharing.


theres a lot of benefit of a cosmetic with natural minerals! but its hard to find a good product!

Dixya Bhattarai RD

i used to do mineral makeup long time ago..but lately i need more coverage so it doesnt give me the coverage i need. i will have to revisit mineral makeup hopefully in 2-3 months again

Mary Welby

Mineral make up is the only kind I wear. There’s something simple but beautiful about it that I love it.


I love using mineral makeup whenever possible. I haven’t quite pinned it down for sure, but I think I’m allergic to talc, so talc-free is awesome! 🙂

Lois C-Shabazz

Like that it is natural.

Nicole Lee

I used to use that when I was younger and I had acne. It didn’t aggravate my face. Now, I”m 30 and don’t wear anything but mascara.

Samantha Broyles

When I use make up I only do mineral!

Karate and Caviar

I use mineral make up too. It feels so light on the skin and you can entirely adjust how much coverage you want. Love it!

Daisha Williams

I’ve been trying out mineral make up for a bit now and I love it!

Basim Tells

i didn’t know about the depth of makeup. this post provided me with new information about makeup products


this was very brief and informative post, thanks for sharing, i was not aware of mineral makeups benefits, will check out for some products soon and try them,cheers

Dr. LoreBay

While I may not be a fan of mineral make ups, I definitely believe such a make up would be perfect for people with sensitive skin. Their absorbency and soothing properties are just amazing

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