The Ultimate Swimwear Trends Ruling Summer 2017

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It’s safe to say we’ve been fully enjoying summer and the hot weather in Southern California. In fact, we have been so bananas over the summer, we already had our swimwear game planned and ready to go back in January. Yes, we are that hardcore!  But let’s face it. Summer swimwear is by far one of our favorite fashion staples during this time every year. And this year is no exception, which is why we’re taking a look at some of our favorite and hottest swimwear trends this season. 

Crochet Bikinis

Image Crochet bikinis
image source: 1, 2, 3

If you love that romantic, bohemian vibe like we do than you’re probably loving all the crochet bikinis (and one pieces) making a splash on the beach.

The trend has been popping all over Instagram so you definitely want to keep an eye out on a good bikini. It’s easy to style, and while it essentially gives you a very soft kind of look, you can definitely glam it up to suit your taste.

How to Rock the Look: Pair a crochet bikini with a light cover-up, some wooden bangles and sandals in a nude color, along with a cute parasol for a soft, feminine flare. Finish the look with one of these amazing summer hairstyles and you’re set.

Going Nude

Image nude swimsuitimage source: 1, 2, 3

The perfect shade of nude lipstick isn’t the only “nude” making waves this season. The nude trend is coming on strong in the swimwear department , and the best thing is that it’s pretty versatile.

How to Rock the Look: For a sweet and delicate look,  pick up a nude piece and pair it with a lacy cover-up. Want to go full on fashion bombshell? Find a one-piece with a plunging neckline and put on a pair of shades and a big, floppy hat. Hello Summer Goddess.

One-piece Galore

Image one-piece swimsuit
image source: 1, 2, 3

Absolutely one of the best trends of this year is the one-piece, simply because it’s so practical and it’s hard to go wrong with it.

If bikinis are not your thing than one-pieces are fantastic go-to pieces to rock all summer. And depending on the cut of the suit can accentuate the figure in the best possible way.

How to Rock the Look: Spice up your look by reaching for a color-blocking theme or a bold print to your suit. No bland one-piece in your horizon.

Prints, Oh My!
Image prints
image source: 1, 2, 3

There is a plethora of amazing, fun prints this year with florals, gingham, and chevron stripes appearing all over.

Some of favorite pieces include Animal prints in the Camilla Clothing collection but frankly, there is a ton of eye-catching and bold pieces we’ve been seeing gals rock all summer, including two piece palm-print pieces.

How to Rock the Look: Pick something with a geometrical pattern or an ombre effect, especially in pastel colors such as teal, pink and coral. 

  • That`s eye catching! If someone is going to swim then these ultimate swimwear trends are worth sharing. Thanks for sharing it here.

  • Chandni Patel

    There’s so many options to choose from nowadays… how are you suppose to but just one? Thanks for sharing these trends

  • kathy

    So many beautiful options. I would have to opt for the one piece:-)

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    I am all about the one pieces and prints this year. The crochet look is so pretty, but doesn’t work for me.

  • Anvita – TheBellyRulesTheMind

    They are all so good. I haven’t gone swimming a whole lots this year. You post makes me think that I should enjoy the last few days of summer

  • Those crochet ones are so cute, but I’m not sure I could pull them off. That cute green and white one with the high waist could do the trick though, it’s so darn cute.

  • slynch223

    I like the crochet bikinis. I recently got a bottom pieces that has some stitching like that on it. I also notice a lot of high-waist two-pieces this year too.

  • I’ve seen some really cute one pieces lately! Also loving the nude look. I’m not so sure about crochet! I don’t know if I could get used to the feel lol

  • I love the one piece and prints, makes everyone looks so good.

  • Amanda K

    Is it sad that I haven’t bought any new swimsuits at all this summer?! I love the one pieces!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  • Alicia Taylor

    I haven’t bought any new swimwear, but am about to. We are heading to Orlando for the first week of September. I like that white strappy one-piece!

  • i LOVE the crochets swimsuits! SO cute! And I’m loving all the cute one pieces!

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    I always preferred a one piece, even when I was thinner and younger! Those crochet suits are pretty great!

  • For some time now, I have favored the one piece. Lots of lovely choices you have highlighted here! Always love summer, that’s for sure.

  • Lee Anne Benjamin

    Love the nude styles! Great list!

    Lee Anne

  • Cassie Liz

    It’s winter here in Australia at the moment but we are heading to Fiji in september and I need a new swimsuit! Definitely some great inspiration here

  • Jiselle Jones

    loving the one piece look esp the white, I’m not sure if that’s a sign that I’m getting older! I didn’t know crochet was making a comeback. My cousin had some when we were young was never a fan though I always wondered about the fabric getting wet.

  • Jeenu Pillai

    These are some really amazing swimwear options. I don’t swim neither does my wife, but they do look great.

  • Annette Yedlin

    I love that white one piece! And that blue flower one piece as well. Very attractive and doesn’t show off a lot!

  • I love the one piece suits. I also love the retro looks. I have a two piece maternity suit with a long sleeve swim top.

  • Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    I love the look of the nude bathing suit! The crochet style is cute, too, and all of those one pieces you showed are adorable. Great round up! 🙂

  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    I love a strappy one piece and I won’t ever get enough of prints! Prints are always the best!

  • I bought a beautiful one piece crochet suit for my daughter. It is just beautiful.

  • Ania Ewelina

    I love all of these suits. I’ve gained a bit of weight and have been so self caution with my body so I’m so happy that the one piece is in this year. Also I’m getting old and this is the perfect combination of sexy and family.

  • Ruth I.

    I am not into swimsuits but your picks are really great. I hope I could get that confidence to wear one someday.

  • I like the nude trend because it always makes me give a double-look because I think they’re naked. I really love the palm print two piece!

  • I’m wondering if the crochet ones won’t stretch and lose its shape once the fabric is wet? But these are all pretty. The white one-piece is probably my favorite.

  • Hal Yusuf

    its all about the one piece! i think i will stick to the shorts myself…but you write well if i may say so

  • Ang

    The ultimate trends…… be super skinny……don’t eat food. I’ll pass.

  • Lauren

    I love how you categorized this! So cute 😍

  • Yessss. I’m all about crochet and nude bikinis this summer. <3

  • jillconyers

    The crochet swimsuits are awesome. The nude is a very classy look.

  • In one-piece-swimsuit-mood all day, every day! I think they look more put together and they can be very versatile!

  • Ashley Garza

    This is a great round up!! I’m loving the crochet trend!

  • Kristal Xavier

    I only wear a one piece high wasted suit. They are the best on most flattering.

  • David Elliott

    As a guy with a daughter I am very appreciative of the one piece trends with bathing suits that are happening. I do think the crochet bikinis are very beautiful but curious as to how they stay on in water. Although maybe they aren’t meant to. I don’t know.

  • i love the one-piece trend, its so chic!

  • I am loving the crochet swimsuits at the moment, especially the multi coloured ones. But I do love a good two piece.

  • Lana Chunnar

    Loved the crochet swimsuits, they look stunning!!

  • Marceline Dementori

    I am so happy that one piece swimsuits are back in the trend! I think these are all lovely but that’s definitely my fave! I also like the high waist bikinis!

  • All those inspirations are gorgeous! Your choices are really great! <3 So super chic and cool!

  • I like the look of all of them. Do you think the crochet one keep their shape though?

  • I like the look of crocheted swim wear but don’t quite understand the practicility of it.
    ~ http://viabella-thebeautifullife.blogspot.com/

  • Rhewi Montemayor

    These are all looks a great selection of one piece and I love the black and white one piece.

  • Wow so many amazing swimsuits. This makes it so hard because now I want them all lol!

  • Christine Ann Dela Cruz

    So attractive! This suits inspired me for what to wear this coming summer. Awesome!

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