Top 3 Summer Destinations for 2015

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Although Christmastime is just around the corner, summer will be here before you know it. Blame it on global warming, greenhouse gases or the multiplying vices of the modern society which are leading us straight to the fiery pits of hell – whatever you chose– there’s no denying that seasons are shifting and summers are getting warmer by the year. And what better way to celebrate these warmer months than letting loose and going off to an exciting vacation. However, where should you go? We may have the answer with our top travel spots. These bustling, beautiful destinations are the perfect way to brush off the winter blues, sip a glass vino rosso, sunbathe along turquoise waters, or simply savor sweet and spicy delicacies.

Fall in Love with Italy: Wine, Art and Romance

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If you’ve never been to Italy, perhaps this year you should try and book yourself a ticket to the cradle of Mediterranean culture and fine arts. Have a glass of world-famous red wine in the Eternal City and light a candle in some of the Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome, stroll across the romantic bridges of Venice and take a gondola ride down the canal, visit Juliet’s house in Verona and leave a forever-after message on the famous lovers’ wall. If you’re after some beach fun, try Lido di Jesolo, Italian Riviera, the Tremiti Islands or Capri: we guarantee you’ll love the crystal clear sea, sun-kissed coastline, delicious cuisine and friendly locals always willing to show you some beautiful tourists sites.

Go Sightseeing along the Dalmatian Coast and Islands

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Another jewel in the Mediterranean, the Dalmatian coastline and nearby islands offer a unique blend of traditional culture and modern style. Take a tour of Dubrovnik streets and see some of the filming locations from the latest season of Game of Thrones; or take a boat ride to Hvar and sunbathe at one of the marvelous pebble beaches of the Pakleni otoci archipelago. Visit the nearby islands of Brac and Korcula, enjoy cocktails on the local beaches, go sightseeing and shop for souvenirs – with a sea of possibilities in the palm of your hand, your summer on the Croatian shores will certainly be an experience to cherish and remember for the rest of your life.

Taste the Oriental Delights and Embrace Cultural Differences in Turkey

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If you’ve already bought your stylish tankini swimwear online, don’t let it go to waste this summer: we suggest you take a trip to some of the famous Turkish summer resorts and try out some cultural variety to refresh your summer retreat diet. Visit the colorful local market in Istanbul and bargain with the vendors for a while; take a dip at the Mermerli beach or Kabak Bay or take a day trip to the famous mineral water spa Pamukkale. And, oh, yes – try some pilaf, kebabs, yoghurt and round it off with a slice of Turkish delight or baklavas. Turkey has it all- between delicious food, hospitable people, vivid flee markets and stunning sites of natural beauty, you’ll forget what have-tos, urban frenzy and city life-related stress mean.

Summer is the perfect time of year to take a break from the mundane routine and get away from the big city for a while. Don’t miss the change to take in some sun in 2015 – because who knows, with the rising pollution, hectic pace of the modern world and those nasty greenhouse effects, the end of the world may in fact be approaching fast.

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