Top 4 Fall Fashion Trends

[W]ith summer ending soon, it’s time to get ready for the new collections. Fall fashion trends never seize to amaze us and this season is no exception. Here’s four top trends that are sure to make a statement this coming fall.


It’s a big year for capes, as they’re gracing the runways more and more this season.

In order to avoid looking bulky with the cape, wear skinny jeans or leggings. The key is to create a balance from head to toe.

Bright Colored Pants

Step away from the plain old pants in your closet, and make room for a pop of color. It doesn’t matter the style or cut, bright colored pants are all the rave this season.

For an edgy, modern look, try pairing bright colored jeans with a front cropped blouse (in a solid color) and a military blazer. Just add some black booties or flats to finish off the look.


Who said tuxedos were just for men? Several top designers like Ralph Lauren and Yves Saint Laurent have designed crisp, tailored tuxs–quickly making them a high demand this season.

A well tailored tuxedo jacket with shoulder pads is key. The shoulder pads will give the jacket a bit more chicness while the tight fit will create more form. This will keep the outfit elegant and feminine.

The Yves Klein Blue Effect 

Inspired by post-WWII artist Yves Klein, top fashion houses are bringing out gorgeous collections in deep, rich blue hues.

If you’re looking to create a bold statement, electric blue coats and playful skirts are right up your alley. But for those of us on the more subtle side, a sexy pair of platform heels are just the thing to turn our outfit from great to fabulous!



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NEED all these NOW!!


I could never pull off capes…I’d feel like I was a superhero and not the sexy kind.

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