Top 4 Spring Trends


One of the hottest trends this spring is color-blocking. It’s all about using bright solid colors that contrast, but are still complimentary to one another. Sounds a bit confusing, right? Let’s take a look at the color wheel. Say we have a violet skirt, a great way to pair it is with a bright yellow blouse. The yellow really mixes well with the violet, but still give the outfit some contrast.

How to wear it: The key is to work with no more than two to three solid colors at a time, so we don’t feel overwhelmed We’re aiming for boldness, not rainbow queen.

Bold Prints

Nothing makes a statement quite like bold prints. Rich colors and bold graphics are the perfect way to take our fashion style to the next level. They even cut down on the number accessories we need. Now these eye catching patterns look intimating to wear, but they don’t have to be.

How to wear it: The easiest way to get comfortable with the style is to start with one bold print at a time. Go for loose fits since they’re generally more flattering.

Oranges and Tangerines

Predicted by Pantone Institute as the hottest color of the season, orange hues are making a big splash this season. It’s everywhere, from shoes, bags, dresses to belts. Orange is a bold color, no doubt. But the options are endless.

How to wear it: We can wear it full on with a total orange outfit or add a few orange-inspired accessories to spice up our overall look.

Pastel Shades

Pastels are not exactly a new trend, but they’re definitely the rave this spring. And this season, pastels are more soft and delicate, almost muted. Great colors to look at are baby pinks, mint greens, light lavenders, and pale yellows.

How to wear it: In general, pastels are easy to work with because they go beautifully with all skin tones. One of the fun ways to work the sorbet colors is colored denim (also in this season). Accessories are also one of the best ways to work the trend, whether it’s a pretty pastel handbag or mint green pumps.

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