Top 5 Overall Diets For 2014

top overall diets 2014 u.s news One of the resolutions on most people’s list this year is losing weight and staying fit. But before we start embarking on any weight loss plan, let’s take a look at the Top 6 Overall Diets the U.S News just released for 2014.


1. The Dash Diet

Designed to fight high blood pressure, this diet is considered an all-star as it received high marks on safety, ability to prevent and control diabetes, heart health and a well-rounded nutritional balance.


2. TLC

The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, or better known as TLC, is a plan created by the National Institutes of Health, which effectively promotes good cardiovascular health and aims to cut high cholesterol. Unlike many of the other diet plans out there, TLC follows a very “do it yourself” approach.


3. Mayo Clinic Diet

A long-term weight loss plan, the Mayo Clinic diet focuses on healthy living as a lifestyle. It scored high ratings on safety, nutrition, and preventing and controlling diabetes.


4. Mediterranean Diet

A popular one for sure, the Mediterranean diet relies heavily on fruits and vegetables, olive oil, and other healthy foods. It’s also said to be nutritionally sound in helping people lose weight safely and preventing a host of diseases.


5. Weight Watchers

Saying goodbye to calorie count, Weight Watchers relies on a points value system to help determine a custom  health plan for each individual. Experts have found this commercial diet plan to be nutritionally sound in terms of short-term and long-term weight loss.



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