Word of Life Series: Be Fashionable

Fashion is more than simply matching the right bag with the right pair of shoes. Or spending a fortune on a killer outfit. There are great ways we can look and feel like a million. The key is to groom the way we approach our lives, whether it’s thinking outside the box or finding inspiration in ourselves and the environment around us. Here are a few ways to get us from okay to ultra chic. Who says we can’t have a front-cover worthy life?

Want an accessory with the ultimate staying power? Adopt a pet. Visit a shelter and connect with a pooch. Puggles, labradoodles, pomapoos, and other designer dogs might have ornamental names, but they can really change our lives for the better. Medical research has shown that pets can bring us a sense of comfort, happiness, and unconditional love to our household. And how can we resist those happy faces everytime they greet us at the door? Just dress them up in a smart little outfit and watch out world! Who’s got the poshest pup in town? We do!

Adorn ourselves with ‘family’.  A gorgeous Louis Vutton bag can only take our style so far. We need to live a fulfilled life, which often comes from the deep ties we have with our family. Spending time with our dotting grandmother or  younger sister is a great way to make lasting memories. Remember these timeless moments, whether it’s a picnic outing or a girl’s night out, can get us one step closer to feeling more complete.  And if we feel more confident and powerful than we look so too!  Creating new memories is always in vogue!

In the mood for some ‘foreign’ intrigue, but resources or time are a problem. Don’t fret! Exploring the hidden gems in our cities is an excellent way to avoid the costly plane ticket. Just in Los Angeles there is a wealth of global arts and cultures totally hip and trendy. Some of these places include Little Ethiopia, exotic Little Ethiopia, and enchanting Little Ethiopia. Unique worldly fashions, diverse people, and delectable foods are but a few of the things that await us. There’s no layovers, no lost luggage, and no vaccinations to worry about. Best part, there’s tons of fashion inspiration all around.

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