Word of Life Series: Be Gamely

 The key is to identify what motivates us, and then focus on setting goals and priorities. So for those in need of a personal brand or business marketing makeover, here are a few savvy tips to keep us two steps ahead.

Identify our ‘tribe’. If we want people around us to sit up and notice how committed we are to success, we need to have supportive people in our corner. We can do this by establishing an Advisory Committee that can help review and evaluate our websites. They can also ask the crucial questions every entrepreneur should be able to answer such as the following: Does our Facebook page reflect who we truly are? Is our business visible? Do our business cards have presence? Make sure to be receptive to all feedback because this can help let us know what we need to improve.

Create a ‘vision board’. Once we have committed to our dream idea, the next step is to keep it alive. The vision board is a purposeful tool we can use to stay on course. By including several personal touches like momentos, keepsakes, photos, and other special items, we can really make it our own. Don’t forget to hang the board in a place where you will see it often since this will motivate you to dream big.

Practice ‘solitude’. Meditation produces a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. During meditation we focus our intentions and eliminate the stream of disorganized thoughts that might crowd our mind. Quiet alone time is essential for any aspiring entrepreneur because we stay focused on our vision. Tai Chi and Yoga are great mind-body practices to do. Or simply sitting in our gardens and finding the time to contemplate.  But any activity resembling a mini-retreat is crucial for detoxing the mind, body and soul. And if we’re in a good place than we are ready for anything.




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