Word of Life Series: Adventurous

First on our Word of Life series is “Adventurous”. Now we know how easy it is to get bored of our everyday routine. And the lack of time or energy doesn’t help at all. But it’s important to add some excitement in our lives, whether it’s finding a fun club to join, sampling some foreign cuisines or simply taking a weekend trip. Here’s a few quick tips to add a bit more adventure to our routine.

Ever wanted to feel a rush?

Learn to surf.  It can be fun and character-building, as you gain a new respect for the vast ocean.  Connecting with nature is a spiritual way of nourishing your internal world and your external world.  Now grab that adorable bikini and start paddling!

Dreamed of sitting in a cockpit?

Freedom from worldly worries?Try flying a plane!  You’ll find yourself developing more courage and empowerment that you ever thought possible.  Open yourself to challenges.  Buck fear.  Find a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), ask lots of questions, and begin the adventure of a lifetime.  Aviator sunglasses? Check.  Sexy flight bag?  Check. Fierceness? Triple check.

Are you curious about your heritage?

Try genealogy.  Interview relatives to start building your own tree back in time.  Explore branches of family members.  Visit your library or pop online.  Be willing to travel.  Gather records in primary sources like birth certificates and marriage licenses.  Create a scrapbook to share with your family.  And if your journey leads you to Scotland, don’t forget to pack your cute tartan plaid skirt!

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