Word of Life Series: Be Bold

It should be easy to step out of the norm and be the bold heroines we’ve always wanted to be. The problem is that it’s scary as hell to pop our comfortable bubbles, especially if those bubbles come wrapped in extra styrofoam.  How many times have we at some point, chosen to buy the same pair of khaki pants instead of the bright neons capris? Or ordered the same dish from our usual place instead of sampling the new Gastropub down the block? Don’t get us wrong, comfort can be a great thing. But sometimes being daring can help us shake it up a bit.  Here’s a few helpful tips to get us going.


Are you following your heart?  

Ignite your dreams!  Pursue the career you’ve always longed for, but were too afraid to take the plunge. Recognize and renew your own passion, whether it’s in fashion design, interior decorating, photography or even fossil hunting. It’s important to open your mind to all the endless possibilities out so you can find whatever else really captures your “on top of the world” glow. So take inspired action. Put on your uber confident smile and chase down that attainable dream!

Emulate power.  Frontier the future.  

In this election year, get involved in politics.  Volunteer in your candidate’s local office.  Become an agent of change.  Don’t underestimate your contribution whether it be stuffing envelopes or making phone calls.  Dust off your prairie boots and scoot on over to your political party. Be under the influence of leadership.

Be the hostess with the mostess.  

Host a movie- themed breakfast brunch with your BFFs at your favorite restaurant.   A great one to do is The Great Gatsby (the 1974 version). The film is rich in roaring ’20s era cool-girl-chic. So channel your inner Daisy Buchanan and use the aisles to showcase your magnetic appeal. Don’t forget to don a stunning biased cut champagne rose beaded gown. You’re sure to light up the place in no time. Now who has the X factor!

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