Word of Life Series: Be Courageous

What sparks us to motion, despite our fears? While we can’t always pin point the singular thing that gets us going, one thing is for sure, bravery is definitely a must. We have to be courageous to get to where we are today.  A bravery that encourages us to take the first steps towards our goals and dreams. We should never get behind the soft velvet curtain.  Nor allow negative input to stop us from bringing out our inner edge.  Instead, we need to Ignite it.  Here are a few motivational tips to get us feeling like the confident women we are!

Hit the ground running, literally

Train for a marathon. Yes, a marathon can be a bit intimating. But we should use this opportunity to make it a fun activity. Forming a team with our besties can help us stay motivated.  Also, we should consider running or walking for a cause. A great charity or cause can give us the can-do attitude to jump start any project, no matter how daunting it can be. Remember our legwork should include unearthing effective tips and getting sound advice so we stay healthy and safe for the marathon.

Make an impact!

When the massive earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, the country suffered unimaginable devastation. Since the tragedy, many have gone to aid the struggling country.  Why not join other volunteers to help revitalize and rebuild Haiti or other third world countries?  Now this calls for us to step outside our comfort zone to give aid to those in need. But while we leave some of the comforts back at home,  the satisfaction we get by making the lives of others better is priceless. So size up your grit, pack your carry-on and be a person of purposefulness.

Accept Yourself

For many of us, accepting ourselves entirely is an extremely hard thing to do. There’s several things we’d like to change or improve, whether it’s the size of our nose, our weight or even the sound of our voice. But the reality is that what we call our “flaws” are usually what sets us apart from others. Often times, it takes positive thinking to shift away the negative view we have of ourselves. A simple way to stimulate a positive mind frame is to start each day (preferably when we wake up) by giving ourselves a compliment. Gradually, we’ll begin to rewire how we think about ourselves. This takes a lot of effort in our part to say to ourselves and to the world: This is me! But we all have the power to do so, it just takes a bit of bravery.


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