Word of Life Series: Be Daring

Our words and actions can often give us the chance to become anyone we dare to be. So ready your engines and test-drive your innermost spitfire. Need a few power boosts? Here are a few tips to get you on the right track.

Bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits topped with maple butter? Salty pretzels with nuclear horseradish mustard? Roasted brussels sprouts and hazelnut? Sounds insane, right? Well how about stepping outside the norm? Be food daring! You never know what incomparable flavor may just be a spoonful away.  Don’t forget to entertain your taste buds. Your mission is to step up your cooking style with new delectable recipes, aromas, and yummy flavors. Top it off with an amazing table setting. Bon Appetit!

Missing some Sizzling? Want to look absolutely stunning? Tweak your wardrobe. Be style daring. Summer is the perfect time to try a new look. Banish Baggy tees. Amp up an easy white dress with strappy heels and a vibrant mani. Pair a breezy sheer top with notice-me sophisticated shorts. Complete a sleek all-navy ensemble with a pearl crushed mirrored metallic leather tote. Dress to impress like Hollywood’s glamerati!

Are you flirty, refined or plain shy? It’s time to find out. Be date daring. That cute friend you’ve been crushing on, hello? Ask him out. Debut your playful vibe. Make it effortless. Find something you both already love to do. Strive for honesty and lightness. Now if you finding it a bit difficult to ask him out, a little humor can add some levity to an uncomfortable situation.  Maintain your true sense of self, keep it real, and thoroughly enjoy yourself. Plus it takes two to tango!



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